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Credit One Bank Bill

What To Do When You Can’t Pay Your Credit One Bank Bill

Credit One Bank issues credit cards. When economic times get tough, it can be really easy to rely on your credit card to take care of your expenses, but it can be difficult to repay the debt back to the bank on time. If you are having trouble making your Credit One Bank payment for the month, you are not alone. This information will help you understand your options and what may happen as a result.

How To Pay The Bill

Credit One Bank offers several different ways to pay your bill. You can opt for a standard payment or an express payment. You can pay your bill online. You can pay your bill by phone and you can pay your bill by mail. It is also possible to pay your bill using MoneyGram or Western Union.

Pay online: To make your Credit One Bank online payment, please visit to register for an account. If you already have an online account, log in from the home page at: standard payment allows you to make the payment from your bank account, and will release the funds from your credit limit within five business days. The Express payment, charges a $9.95 fee, but allows you to use your bank account, or another Visa or MasterCard to make the payment and releases the funds back to your credit line usually by the next business day.

Pay by phone: To make your payment by phone call 1-877-825-3242 and either follow the necessary prompts to use the automated system or speak to a customer service agent.

Pay by mail: To make your payment by mail, please send payment to:

Credit One Bank Payments
Payment Services
P.O. Box 60500
City of Industry, CA 91716-0500

Pay at MoneyGram: Visit a retailer offering MoneyGram bill pay services, and provide your account number and the receive code “1430.” To make your payment using Western Union, visit a retailer and provide your account number and the code city “CREDITONEBANK” and the code state “NV”. Remember, both MoneyGram and Western Union will charge a fee for using this service.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

If you see charges on your billing statement or account such as late payment fees, returned check charges and membership fees that you do not understand, you should visit the Credit One Bank FAQs. In the event you need additional explanation, you should call customer service at 1-866-515-5721.

How The Penalty Fees Work

Credit One Bank charges several fees, depending on the type of credit card you contain. The charges include late payment fees, returned payment fees, membership fees and an annual fee.

  • Late payment – Credit One Bank charges a late payment fee of $35.
  • Returned check – Credit One Bank charges a $35 fee for returned payments.
  • Membership – members are charged a fee of $75 for the first year and $99 each additional year.
  • Annual fee – The annual fee charged to Credit One Bank customers is $19.

I Can’t Make A Payment

If you cannot make a payment, it is best to call customer service and discuss your options. They may be able to work something out with you or refer you to consumer credit counseling to ensure you do not get sent to collections and charged off for non-payment. Making a payment arrangement does not mean your credit will not suffer. It is best to attempt to make the minimum payment to avoid negative affects to your credit rating. You can at the very least pay $1, but if you pay less than the minimum due, you will incur a late fee.

Will They Work With Me To Pay My Bill?

Credit One Bank will work with you to make sure you are in good standing with them, but cannot promise your credit rating will not be affected. Those of you who have experience dealing with this company and past due bills, please share your story below so other readers can learn from it.

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  1. I have sent you a letter re: my minimum payment which I made on the wrong account instead of mine. I spoke with a supervisor on Nov. 14th who confirmed my payment was made on time and would correct it to reflect back the payment on my account. I was obviously lied to since I received my Dec. bill today with late fee plus more for an exhorbitant minimum amount. Why was I deliberately lied to? Why can’t this be corrected to show minimum amount paid back to my account? Why am I being deceived when I was specifically told that this would be corrected and that there would not be a problem? A response to my query would be appreciated. My payment was made for $67.00 and on time, but on the wrong account. This was confirmed and I was told by a supervisor that it would not be a problem, but NOTHING has been done. Why Not????

    • A Mira Genio (h359) placed me on hold for 2 hours then hung up. She would not transfer me to her boss Ryan Andres. What kind of company does not let you talk to a employee. She told me he did not have a phone, also told me that she could not deny me his professional office number but refused to give it to me. Talked with her on 2/13/2013 between 7pm and 8pm. Totally illegal and this company is horrible!!! Telling everyone I know!

  2. Apparently the Supervisor may have thought that he could resolve the issue because of the circumstance, but his or her Manager says thst the window was open for the bank to make money off of you, and anybody else that makes that unfortunate error, which gives that perticular Manager big bonuses. Instead of using Moral resolve they used Greed. In that I would like them to always remember this Inevitable fact. There will be no Armed Bank Truck following before or after the funeral or burial for those people. They will leave as they came. The only difference is WHERE THEIR GOING.


  4. why cant I find a site to see my account and statement please email me this address.
    Thank You

  5. your tel. customer service was poor im waiting for20 min.the reason why i leave amessage because iwant to make a stop payment

    • The same thing has happened to me when I had told CR one bank to take the phone payment from savings and tried to do this from a closed checking acct. This is so wrong and now they have closed my Credit One account due to a technical error on their end.

  6. I signed up on line put my bank info made a payment then I got a text and email saying payment was posted this was on 4/20 come to find out that on 4/23 my payment was not applied to my account because payment was returned for non payment I called my bank because I do have the funds,there was never an attempt to charge my account and I refuse to pay an extra ten dollars for payment tried to call all the freaken numbers to see if I can speak to a human no luck yet has anyone had this problem?

  7. I tried reaching somebody on the phone, but all you have is those darn machines to talk too. I need an explanation on my account, this is outrages. I opened up this account in May 2011 ( biggest mistake) my credit line was $400.00, i have been paying $25.00 per month starting June 2011. for a total of $250.00 and my balance is $404.25. I have not used my card since June of 2011. I want a very good explanation of this ridiculous statement. I would like to know what the purchase of $18.83 is for. Please send me an expanation in writing, I deserve a good explanation after this outrages statement.

  8. how can i access my account and im asking for more money how can i do that or can my wife do it im a truck driver

  9. I can’t believe any bank would charge you a fee to make your
    monthly payment, buy phone or computer. Everyone else, I have
    has paperless transactions with no fees. This bank is
    beyond greety. Customer Service is a joke, with nothing but
    recording which are helpless to customers. I wouldn’t recommend
    this bank to anyone and as soon as I can payoff this account
    it over for me. Very inconsiderate of good Customers.

  10. I have been out of work forover a year because of and injury and it states on my statement that a payment was made for 448 dollars in june of this year and i have not even used the card and now i have a bill of over 750 dollars and i had reported the card taken back in july and just now got the replacement card if i did not have a card how would i have such a balance.i have been disabled for over a year and have not been able to work to this day and had applied for the lost of work coverage when I signed up for the card and now I am out of work and need to figure out why when I call on the phone i just get the run around.Is anyone even quailified to handle these problems that a rise with in credit one? I think not!

  11. I.m a new card holder and I’m trying to make a payment, you’d think payments would be easy and welcomed, why am I having sooooo much trouble, someBODY please help me.

  12. i would not use this bank either i was late on a payment cuz my wife forgot to pay them 2 months in a row when i found out i quickly made payments to get caught up and got current made some extra payments….and was waiting for my new card in the mail as mine expired. tried to desighn my card and it would not let me, called them and told them i needed a new card and they said my acct was clossed nice of them to tell me that……..never heard once from them about that matter…….so beware…….customer service sucks….. and you cant email them and what credit card co charges you to make a payment on your act……..thats bullshi####

    • I closed my account with this company that I had since 2007 because of the way they do business. They say your late even when your not and charge a late fee of $35.00, they charge a monthly membership fee of $8.95 each and every month, which they did not do when I first got this card, It was a yearly annual fee! Then to top it all off when I called complaining about the late fee that I knew was not correct and the monthly fee that I did not like paying every month, I was told that since I was such a great customer and they did not want to lose my business they would waive the monthly fee for six months if I would give them another chance and not close my account so I said OK. So since I am trying to pay all our cards down to a .25 of what the limit is and even pay some off completely I have been paying 2-4 times the amount due. Then they call me again a week later and say they need a pmt. and that I am pass due. I said no I’m not I always pay my bill online and I keep a budget and when I pay a bill I check it off and then once it posts to my bank acct. I go back and check it off again showing that it has cleared my back. But to no avail I got charged the late fee $35.00 and then was told that the gentleman that told me I had six months no membership fee could not do that because he does not have the authority. That was it I was sick of this business and the way they did things. So I closed my account, then I was told that I could no longer go online and pay my bill that I would either have to mail it or pay by phone which would have a processing fee. Then I spoke to again another person yesterday that I asked why I could not pay online and he tells me that I can. What? One person tells you one thing and another tells you another thing. This company is in dare need of some customer service training. To the person that is trying to pay their bill, you can go online, call, or mail your payment in. All the information is on your statement of different ways to pay. Good luck to everybody else that is still using this company maybe you will be happier with their service. I was happy with this company until about 1/2 to a year ago. It seemed like when I started paying more on my bill which was like I said 2-4 times the amount due I started having more late fees. Good Luck guys!

  13. Im new to card holder and YES trying to make my first payment, with NO LUCK! now im LATE because there’s no HUMANS talking to you… and when im trying to find a click that says PAYMENT there’s none . Can someone help me out and give me the right # to talk to! Biggest mistake!

    • You never send my statment on time. Lots of times I do not receive it. I think you do that on purpose so you can collect 25 dollars in penalty. YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE THE ONLY BANK PEOPLE NEED TO PAY BACK AND WORRY ABOUT PAYING. YOU ARE THIVES AND CROOKS. I talk to an Indian from India??? What daes he care?? Thye simply are unprofessional.

  14. As soon as I pay off my balance, I will cancel this card. I will tell everyone about this credit card/Bank. They are stealthy and thieves. My minimum payment is 25 dollars and want to charge 9 dollars to do it when I call it in early. God forbid they do not send the satement on time and every month charging 25 USD in Penalty. Credit ine bank needs to do bussiness in India only since they employ Indians .

  15. Looks like I am not the only one trying to make a payment. I am really getting angry. I have called 3 times, talked with a machine for 15 minutes, then finally talked to a human that doesn’t talk English. They want to charge out of your BUTT to pay your bill .Then it isn’t really a bill. It is something they decided to charge you $75.00 I imagine incase you don’t use your card. I am guessing so you don’t fill left out not having to pay a bill or arguing with someone over the phone. My advise to anyone reading this. If you get anything from Credit One Bank either throw it away or wipe your ass with it. It is up to you.

  16. I make a payment and before my next one is due they are blowing up my phone 5 days before it is due. Just plan uncalled for.

  17. Can I make a payment on the phone do to I cant remember my sign in/on information witout having to pay the $9.95?

  18. I am new credit card holder, didn’t have any trouble making payment but I hope not to have any issues about on biliing.

  19. Just a little heads up for those having problems making payments the easiest way to do it is to go to Money Gram pay $7.00 and send the payment. If you do it before 2pm the payment post @ midnight. if after 2pm it will post the next day @ midnight. You save a couple of dollars and a lot of hassels. I have always done it this way and never had any problems so far.

  20. I paid my bill off in full before receiving the statement. Now they want .66 interest. Everything is automatated and you can’t talk to anyone. Why should I pay interest? I will pay what little I own for next month and cancel this card. Service is very poor.

  21. I”am anew card holder.I didn’t pay last month.SO they charge 50.00 Dollar’s and a $25.00 fee charge. I called to talk one of your Customer Service Rep.To try them change my pay date from 2/06/2004 to2/13/2004.I get my check on the 3rd.Once a month s/s But your rep.could not help me.She put me threw a number.And I only got a recording.And did not get any help.Now I have to go threw western union to pay my bill.So it will get to you by the 6th.Very unhappy customer.

  22. My advise to anyone would be to not open an account with this bank. I needed to make a payment plan. They offer no such thing. The collection department reps are beyond rude. I hung up on them. One told me I should get a friend on three-way calling t pay my bill and the other told me to pay off my entire balance now instead of helping me with a payment plan. They are crooks.

  23. how come it cost 9.95 to make an payment by phone and you always get some guy with a foreign accent to talk to? Some guy calls me and keeps harrassing me and i cant understand him. do all the bill collectors do this? also they either call early in the morning or worse yet on sunday. i thought this was illegal to call n sundays. I am trying my best to pay on my card and keep it up . I keephoping that by doing so will help my credt. i am sorry i cannot understand these guys. cant you get someone on these calls that a person can understand? Does anyone else have this problem. I am really tring i am on a fixed income pleae give me break. thank ou.

  24. maybe some of us customers should contact the show undercover boss and let one of the big shots go undercover in their credit places or banks or whatever and see if things are running like they should and make some of these complaints known.

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  26. everytime I go to pay on line it takes me forever to get to the right site. when I call payment in they charge extra $$ FOR CALL not worth it. they are making it hard to pay bills on time with extra fees people just don’t have money to pay anymore and they wonder why people stop paying bills

  27. I signed up to make a payment online only to find out their “billpay” is a farce!I signed up & all I could get was the initial “signup form” over & over.NOT a satisfied customer!

  28. Well for me was different than everybody else I guess I was almost on my due date I call to make a payment did it went through No problem at all hope stay that way so far so good good luck everyone

  29. Have not received a statement in 3 months. We keep paying and do not know even how much we owe. Very poor service, Cannot reach customer service by phone. MOney goes one place and I guess all letters go to somewhere else, probably file 13!!!!

  30. What I found is as long as your payment is on time every month and you pay at least the minimum payment, which will have you paying the balance for 2 years, you will not be hassled, but if you ever go over your minimum balance and/or are late with your payment, you will be hounded with phone calls day and night. Take it from experience, close the card once it is paid off. If you can transfer your balance to a different card, do so. This company is fine for people that remember everything every day or every minute, but not for people that work, go to school, raising children, working second job and trying to make ends meet while trying maintain a home as well. But credit is credit. it must be paid on time and balance must not be exceeded. Once I was approved for another card, I transferred my balance and closed the card.

  31. Horrible card!!! Awful, awful, awful in all ways. They take advantage of you by charging such outrageous amounts for having their card… which makes no sense in todays day and age. I had the card for quite awhile then decided to close it because they will not ever work with you on removing that annual fee. When I closed the card, which was like pulling teeth… they told me the annual fee never goes until the balance is paid in full!! I asked to speak to a supervisor she told me there was nothing a supervisor would do but give me the same info she just did. I told her I want to speak with someone other than her and she hung up on me. Rude, unprofessional in every way… Now I haven’t been able to pay my bill for months because they pulled my online account access since my account is closed and they do not have my new billing address I suppose since I’m not getting paper bills either. I refuse to call them as well since they have such horid customer service. I will be reporting them to BBB, attorney general’s office, facebook and everywhere else I can get the word out about what a rip off this company actually is to do business with. And I am a business owner myself for 7 years… I wonder how they remain in business??

  32. I try to get them to help me make arrangement they refused unless I caught up the behind amount if I got it caught up why would I make arrangement. I have dealt with many creditors who I would go hungry to make sure they were paid .That’s not saying much for credit one think twice before applying

  33. I have tried to reach someone to talk with about my account. I paid it off & I am being charged interest for a 0 balance. Someone need to contact me ASAP! I have tried everything possible to reach someone to talk with but keep getting your automated crap. I want someone to call me today.

  34. I am a truck driver and sometimes when my bill is due, I do not have enough on hand to pay the minimum due, so when I get charged a $35 late fee, I just get deeper in debt. Just wish I could call customer service and get a few days more to pay my minimum due. Some of my other accounts let me do that, so I will be a loyal customer of theirs forever. If I ever get a big chunk of money, I will pay off Credit One and never apply again. Credit One needs to be more understanding that some families are struggling and that feeding their families and paying utilities comes first, so then sometimes there is no money left to pay a credit card when it is due.

  35. very hard to pay online but easy to pay the extra pymt way.also the ppl.answering your customer service hard to understand.cant speak english. im going to call to pay bill early,without the early 9.95.

  36. I set up automatic monthly payments of $500 each for my Credit One Bank VISA account while I was on working overseas. Each month, the $500 was paid out of my primary checking account to Credit One Bank. Each payment transaction was in exact accordance with Credit One Bank’s payment instructions, clearly indicating it was to my Credit One account number. During this time, I did not use my Credit One Bank VISA card at all; I left it at home locked away in my safe where it remains now.

    Fast Forward nine months and $4,500 in payments later to now and I am not able to login to my Credit One account. Calling Credit One Bank to inquire resulted in a very disturbing conversation. I was told that my account had been shut down DUE TO NON-PAYMENT and that Credit One Bank was no longer servicing my account! Additionally, instead of the zero balance that I expected (since my balance was less than $4,500 before I left and no new charges had been made during this time), I was told my balance was almost $500 higher than it was when I left. The representative talked down to me as if I were a deadbeat, chastising me for supposedly skipping out and refusing to pay!

    So, not only is my $4,500 in payments gone, but now Credit One Bank has reported my account as a charge-off, severely dropping my credit score and claiming I still owe over $5,000 on that account!

    Does Credit One Bank care at all that they screwed me? No! Currently, despite providing proof of payments from my checking account to Credit One Bank, the a-holes at Credit One Bank tell me it is not their fault and not their problem!

    They have another thing coming!

  37. Website has been down for two months. I don’t get a paper statement so I have to pay online. Does anyone know how to cancel this card? I have 0 balance (but have to pay the stupid monthly fee and it keeps going up) and I don’t need or want this card anymore. Don’t know how to pay my “bill” either. It’s due on the 14th and I’m tired of paying the service fee on a 0 balance. Help! Good luck talking to someone from C-one – what a rip. I’m calling BBB and file a complaint. Suggest you do too. Take them down.


    Poor Customer Service. They call you 5 hundred times for the same incident, you think it’s been taken care of and yet they call again and say no notations on your account. I hadnt even used my card and they were billing me and giving late3 fees.. Good luck getting anything cleared up. And then they say everything is fine your ok to use your card and I go to use it and get humiliated by being declined and then noone to contact because they are closed. Not once, but this has happened 3x I still am yet to use this card. Bad Idea, no credit card is better then this… Try capital one for a card

  39. I have a credit card and have tried to make payments found out i was scammed and my payment was never made` on top if thatvmy home was burglerized and all my personal informa
    Ation and bank info and credit cards were taken. So now obecmy accounts is negatuve 500 and my credit cards got maxed out` im having to contact every business . May i please get information on hiw to resolve this.

  40. Hello , my name is Peter Rivera, I have a credit 1 card visa. I’m having major financial difficulties I’m having a major problem paying all my bills! I lost my job, & am now on disability which doesn’t pay much @ all. I am finding it extremely hard to keep my head above water. I’ve been paying the minimum each month until now. The interest is building up! @ this rate I won’t be able to pay the full amount of my card unfortunately! I just settled with indigo credit card company. After falling behind they knew that I wouldn’t be able to pay off the card. What they did was charge me half the amount, & gave me 2 month to pay. I was able to do that even though I can never use that card again. I’m on an extremely fixed income hardly anything left to rue at bills. Do you offer a deal like that? Something is better than nothing! 1 can’t get $ from a stone, & right now I’m that stone.

  41. You can’t pay your bill online period. The system does not work!
    My established code doesn’t work. I can’t be on old long enough to get help. I have never had to deal with these problems….bad news!

  42. Don’t get this card ,they are not nice ,best thing is pay it off ,somehow ,and close it ,as soon as you can,otherwise you will owe a lot

  43. What is going on? I have not been able to log on and make my credit card
    payments for two months.

  44. My mother has been dead for years now and I just got a letter in the mail in her name ( 1st time ever since she passed away)…saying they are raising all fees and minimum payments…………….these people dont understand what will happen if I get one more letter from their scamming, fraudulent asses. Kiss your love ones goodbye..DONT F**K WITH THE DEAD

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