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Cricket Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Cricket Bill

Cricket Mobile is a pay-as-you-go cell phone company that eliminates the monthly bill. With Cricket Mobile, you have to purchase a phone and activate the phone online. Once activated, you can Top Up your phone when minutes get low.

How to Pay the Bill

Cricket Mobile is not a traditional cell phone company. When your minutes get low, you Top-Up the card online, in-person or via mobile phone.

Pay online: You can pay your Cricket bill online at Simple enter credit card information and the amount of money you wish to place on your Cricket Mobile phone.

Pay automatically: You can add a credit card to your Cricket Mobile account to automatically top-up your phone each month. You can cancel automatic top-up at any time.

Pay with a card: Top-up cards are available at Cricket retailers in all coverage areas. Cards are available in denominations from $10 to $65.

Pay in-person: Cricket Mobile stores offer top-up services from $1 to $300. You can pay with cash or credit card at these locations.

Pay via mobile phone: Simply dial *729 to top-up your account. You must follow the instructions and enter a credit or debit card to top-up.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Cricket Mobile offers pay-as-you-go cell phone service, but E911 fees, Federal Universal Service Fund fees and Regulatory Recovery and Administration Fees are included on some Cricket Mobile bills. Information on these fees and other charges that may appear on your bill are explained on the Billing Support page. If your question remains unanswered, contact the customer service department at 1-800-922-5159.

How the Penalty Fees Work

There are no penalty fees associated with your Cricket Mobile account because the service is pay-as-you-go. If you don’t pay your bill, you will lose service. There are, however, fees associated with the account. If your account is disconnected, you simply have to top-up the account to restart service. There is no reconnection fee.

  • Automated payment by phone: $2
  • Customer serviced aided payment: $5
  • Authorized store payment: $3
  • Phone number change: $15

I Can’t Pay My Bill

If you can’t pay your Cricket bill you will lose Cricket service. Traditional cell phone companies often provide low-income phone services through the Department of Health and Human Services. Cricket Mobile does not participate in low-income cell phone service. Once your bill is paid, your service will be reconnected free of charge.

Often, data charges are higher than call charges so some customers may benefit from downgrading from a smartphone to a traditional phone that does not require data services.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Cricket Mobile is a non-traditional cell phone company. There are no credit checks or contracts associated with Cricket Mobile services. Customers pay as they go and if they are unable to top-up, Cricket Mobile does not charge late payment, disconnect or reconnect fees. How did you continue Cricket Mobile service when you faced financial trouble?

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  1. I want to make a payment for a fried in the closest Cricket store, I know one is along I-10 near either Chimney Rock or Antoine Road, but do not recall exactly. Or is one on Long Point and Wirt Road closer. Are any of them open on Sunday?

  2. ummm i thought this site was suppose to help pay ur bills this is not helping with anything and it is giving me incorrect information. cricket is not only pa as u go….they have monthly plans as well….this site is false advertisment…

  3. How/Where do I pay a cell phone bill when all stores are closed.i everytime I try to go to “pay your bill sight”…. It say I dont gave credentials????

  4. I called to set up auto pay and the lady I was trying to talk to I could not under stand her at all I do not under stand the money they make why cant they give me some one that least talks the same as I do .my god I was very hard understand her and after being on the phone for ten minutes’ still was unable to do so.all I tried to do is pay my bill

  5. We decided to go with pay as you go for my teenage son and Cricket seemed to have a great $30.00 plan. However, my son asked me to pay $45.00, just for one month, so he could have more “gigs” for videos for a hockey trip. When we tried to go back to the $30 plan Cricket took the $30.00 but REFUSED TO TURN THE SERVICE BACK ON UNTIL WE PAY THEM $45.00!!! 🙁

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