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Delmarva Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Delmarva Power Bill

Delmarva Power is a power company that operates under the Pepco Holdings umbrella. The company provides both electric and natural gas services to customers. There are currently more than 450,000 customers receiving electric and gas from Delmarva Power. Customers covered in the service area live in Delaware and the Delmarva Peninsula.

How to Pay the Bill

Pay by mail: Bills are sent with an envelope for returning payments. If the customer loses that envelope, bill payments by check or money order can be addressed to:

Delmarva Power
PO Box 13609
Philadelphia, PA 19101-3609

Pay by credit card: Credit card payments are accepted by phone through a third-party processor. Customers can call 1-800-375-7117 to make payment. A service charge of $6.25 is charged per transaction. The transaction limit is $600.

Pay by direct debit: Customers can log into their online account and sign up for direct debit payments. Direct debit payments are made automatically each month from the payment account authorized during sign-up.

Pay in-person: Customers can make in-person payments are multiple locations. To find a payment location near you, search using your current address.

Pay online: You can pay your Delmarva Power bill online via You must register for online access to your account or log in if you already have an account, before making payment. Your account number is needed to register.

Pay by phone: Phone payments are processed at 1-800-375-7117.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

The Master Tariff Document lists reconnect fees (during normal hours and after hours) and late payment charges. Additional information on fees and electric rates is available on the FAQs page. A representative from the customer service department is available during normal business hours to answer more detailed questions at 1-800-375-7117.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Delmarva Power does not reveal penalty fees clearly on the official website. We did find reference to some penalty fees in the tariff document available online.

  • Late payment fee: Payments are due when the bill is presented. If payments are not received by the time your meter is read again, you will be charged a late payment fee of 1.5%. One late payment fee will be waived every 12 months.
  • Deposit: Delmarva Power will run a credit check before establishing service. If the customer is considered a credit risk, a deposit of up to 2/12 (equal to about two average monthly bills) may be charged. If a deposit is not required, but the customer misses payments or has service disconnected for non-payment, Delmarva Power may require a deposit to continue to reestablish service.

I Can’t Make a Payment

Customer service may have additional options for dealing with temporary inability to make Delmarva Power payments. Customer service can be reached at 1-800-642-3780.

  • Extended payment: Customers having trouble making payment by the due date (or next meter reading) because disability payments, social security benefits, AFDC payments or other government income received on a monthly basis conflicts with the due date should call customer service to extend payment or fill out the online form.
  • Payment arrangements: If you cannot make your Delmarva Power payment on-time, fill out the payment arrangement form through the official Delmarva Power website or contact customer service.
  • LIHEAP home energy assistance program: Customers that meet certain income guidelines can receive assistance from this federally-funded program. The funds are used to pay heating and cooling costs during November to March. We suggest you apply for LIHEAP early due to limited funding.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Delmarva Power appears to have several options if you cannot pay your Delmarva Power bill on-time. Do you have experience with this company? Let us know how they worked for you.

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  1. we are in need of HELP with paying our bills.LiHEAP would not help.I called some churchies can’t get NO help.PLEASE HELP don’t want to lose my HOME………..

  2. Delmarva is terrible. They know there is no help and still continue to take advantage of people. I can’t wait for the day they receive some competition. Guarantee their rates will suddenly drop.

  3. Del Mar Va sucks ass, I have begged and pleaded with them asked them to do something, and they just sit there behind their damn computer screens, They absolutely know they can help they make millions everyday the least they could do is forgive a debt once in a while or pay people’s bills who can prove they are honestly looking for a job. they have no heart, no soul, and everyone who works there is going to hell because of the way they all act.

  4. I am in need of some kind of assistance with my bill. I have no clue as to why it was able to get so high. I have no way at all to pay. I have 2 kids and I need some kind of assistance. I can pay some but don’t have the full amount being asked. If anyone knows something could you please help. Thanks so much

  5. Terrible company. No help for customers on fixed incomes in Delaware. It’s a farce. They add on more money the longer you take to pay your balance.

  6. my power is off now how long do I have to make a payment.or what is the next step will I be put out of my home because of no power in the home?

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