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Fairpoint Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Fairpoint Communications Bill

Fairpoint Communications offers television, phone and Internet service to residential and business customers. The cable company started as MJD Communications in 1991 serving rural areas. Today, Fairpoint Communications serves 32 areas in 18 states. The company emerged from bankruptcy in January, 2011, but consumer complaints about bad service and incorrect billing remain.

How to Pay the Bill

Pay by phone: Fairpoint customers can call 1-877-212-7445 to make a payment by phone. Payments may be assessed a convenience fee.

Pay automatically: Fairpoint supports automatic withdrawals from your bank account. Customers must contact customer service to register a bank account. This service is not available from the online account maintenance page.

Pay online: You can pay your Fairpoint Communications bill online via https://crmext.fairpoint.com/elogin/Home.aspx. You must register for an account before making payment. This same account can be used to view bills, adjust service and contact customer service.

Pay by mail: Customers must send Fairpoint bills to the address on the return envelope included with the bill. There is no mailing address for payments listed on the official website.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Your Fairpoint bill may contain service charges, taxes and fees you don’t understand. For more information on Fairpoint you can read through the General FAQs section. Detailed questions should be addressed by customer service at the number listed on your bill. Fairpoint does not list a customer service phone number on the website.

How Penalty Fees Work

There is no mention of penalty fees on the Fairpoint website. The company just emerged from bankruptcy in January, 2011, so there could be some restricting to fit the new business model. We did find two separate websites for Fairpoint, but links from the older website simply lead to a new website.

Typical fees associated with utility bills include:

  • Late payment fee
  • Security deposit
  • Disconnection fee
  • Reconnection fee
  • Returned check fee

I Can’t Make a Payment

The customer service agent at Fairpoint was reluctant to tell us any information about residential or business services. When we mentioned we were from a consumer advocacy agency, she immediately put us on hold. We waited on hold for three to four minutes before she returned only to be referred back to the website. She confirmed that customers have options when they cannot make a Fairpoint payment on-time, but the details of those options could only be given to a Fairpoint customer.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

We have no idea if Fairpoint will work with customers to resolve past due payments. The company is just starting out after a bankruptcy and the complaints online do not paint a positive picture. Let us know how Fairpoint treats you!

7 Comments on “Fairpoint Bill
  1. have tried the last three months to pay my bill.
    not able to set up an account on line that works.
    paid on the phone, but seems whom ever takes my cc info
    can not apply it to any other months


  2. I live about 3/4 of mile from fairpionts office in China when they first opened thier office, I could pay my bill at thier window. then they did away with that , then I put my payment in thier box outside untill they removed the box ,and was told that I could pay it at Hannaford store but they want $2.50 to handle the bill, so now I have to mail it in and it takes a good week for them to post it ( not good not good at all)

  3. I have been trying to pay my bill online but the service keeps saying need password. Have tried to input several different paswords and none seem to be working Please reset my account so that I don’t have a problem in the near future. Thanks Terrie L. Duncan

  4. My bill is past due, I get paid 07-15-16, I will pay the $139.61, in full on July 15,2016 , I had called and explained this and was asking for them to avoid disconnecting my new service and to confirm I’d pay my bill on this day, the person I talked with could not tell me or confirm that I wouldn’t be disconnected, and I’m asking to please give me to the end of this day to pay ,the $139.61 in full and to not disconnect my service but I was not told anything but that it will be noted on my account, so please help me with this and it will be paid on July 15th 2016 in the morning pacific time ,

  5. I talked to Fairpoint over a week ago and was told that my internet speed would be increased from 3mbps to 7mbps by Friday 5/19 I was wondering why my TV was still buffering, why I had a hard time getting online and I also had to call them two days in a row to get them to realize that they were trying to charge me a $6.00 late fee on a bill that I paid 3/9 & it wasn’t due until 3/28 so it doesn’t matter even if you pay your bill early they will try to screw you with late fees! They seem to be just agreeing with you when they have you on the phone and then nothing changes it is all the same and they even had the nerve to tell me that I had a past due charge of $1.07 & that is because they were charging me a bogus $6.00 late fee!! I have called them and asked them to change my billing date since I am on SOCIAL SECURITY & I get one check a month which I get on the 3rd of every month and once the bills are paid I don’t have money to pay bills on the 30th of the month or the 31st their due date changes every month and I don’t think anyone should have to pay a service charge to be able to pay their bill that is due to Fairpoint!! MAYBE WE SHOULD ALL WAKE UP AND REALIZE IT IS TIME THAT THESE COMPANIES TREAT US LIKE THEY WANT OUR BUSINESS….THERE IS NO MORE CUSTOMER SERVICE, NO COMPANIES THAT WILL GO ABOVE AND BEYOND TO KEEP YOU AS A CUSTOMER!! IT’S RIDICULOUS!! I WAS CHARGED $182 LAST SUMMER BECAUSE THEY HAD A DIAL-TONE AT THE POLE BY MY HOME, THEY NEVER TOLD ME I WOULD RECEIVE A $91 CHARGE TO COME TO MY HOME, THEY CLAIMED MY JACKS WERE BAD AND I KNEW IT WAS THE WIRING BECAUSE THE PROBLEM STARTED AFTER IT RAINED….THE SECOND TECH THAT CAME TO MY HOME @ 9:00 AM SCREAMED IN MY FACE THAT IT WAS THE JACKS WHEN I TOLD HIM I KNEW IT WAS THE WIRING…..THEN WHEN MY BROTHER IN LAW WENT TO FIX THE WIRING HE SAID EVERY WIRE WAS DOWN UNDER MY HOME, NO WIRES WERE HOOKED TO THE JACKS….I FIGURED OUT WHY….THE TECH WAS SO ANGRY HE WENT BACK OUT TO THE POLE AND YANKED UP ON ALL THE WIRING TO PULL THEM OUT OF THE JACKS UNDER MY HOME….GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THEN THEY CHARGED ME $182!!

  6. this phone company sucks and they are a bunch of crooks i am severly handicapped and i need the phone service if anything happens to me i will sue this lousy company i was late paying my bill but they should send out a disconnect notice before they disconnect you.

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