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Florida Hospital Bill

What You Should Do When You Can’t Pay Your Florida Hospital Bill

Florida Hospital operates 18 hospitals throughout Florida. Among the campuses is the Florida Hospital for Children, Winter Park Memorial Hospital and various Advent Health System offices. Unexpected medical bills can leave a family destitute with nowhere to turn. Most hospitals have a billing office where patients can sort out medical expenses and place bills on a payment plan. If you don’t pay your Florida Hospital bill, they hospital billing office will send your bill to collection.

How to Pay the Bill

Florida Hospital offers a Patient Financial Services department that works with patients and patient families during pre-registration, registration, financial assistance and billing help.

Pay your bill online: You can pay your Florida Hospital bill online at https://billpay.floridahospital.org/billpaylogin.aspx. You need the account number or guarantor number, guarantor name and the last four digits of the social security number for the person billed to access online account information. Once logged in, you can make a payment.

Pay by mail: Patients have the opportunity to make payment by mail with a personal check or money order. The account number should be written on the payment before it is sent or the stub from the Florida Hospital bill can be included in the envelope. The mailing address for Florida Hospital is:

Florida Hospital
Attn: Patient Billing
601 E Rollins St
Orlando, FL

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

If your Florida Hospital bill has charges such as collection fees, late payment fees or additional fee you do not understand, we recommend you visit the Florida Hospital FAQ page. You can also call Florida Hospital customer service at 1-407-303-2800 for more information.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Florida Hospital will charge late payment fees to your account if you don’t make your payment by the due date on the bill, but the personal finance department will work with you to arrange a payment plan. Collection fees will apply if you don’t make payments according to the payment plan.

I Can’t Make a Payment

Florida Hospital clearly notes all payment options available for patients having trouble paying medical bills.

  • Financial Assistance: Contact 1-407-303-0500 for more information on financial assistance for non-elective procedures.
  • Financial Arrangements: If you have insurance, Florida Hospital will bill your insurance before billing you the remaining balance on the account. According to the FAQs section of the website, Florida Hospital has the right to charge you any fee in excess of estimated insurance coverage at the time services are provided.

Customers without insurance must pay a down payment and the remaining balance at discharge. Though this policy is in effect, most hospitals will bill customers after discharge and offer a payment plan for the unpaid balance.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

We’d love to hear from patients of Florida Hospital about the customer service and financial departments. Did they work with you to setup a payment plan with affordable payments?

5 Comments on “Florida Hospital Bill
  1. Had to take my wife to the emergency room late at night due to a pain that had her on the floor. As we arrived our first statement to them was that we were unemployed and uninsured. My wife was told not to worry about it, that there were ways of handling that and the only concern was how she felt.

    After a short wait she was wheeled in and given morphine. While she was on this drug, she was asked to sign a paper. She did not remember signing anything that night. But she got a copy along with other papers after she was discharged from the hospital five days later.

    On the day of her discharge she was told that her bill was lowered from around $90k to $38k. After a couple of days she returned to seek help. The only offer of help was to pay $17k cash or make payments of $3k per month. Again she informed them that she was not working and was unable to find employment.

    She has been in the dental assistant field for over twenty years, but after loosing her job, has not been able to find a full or part time job. After the hospital stay she found a job with a very old doctor. But after working with him for only three weeks, the doctor had to retire due to his aging.

    Can someone please give me an idea on how she can take care of this. I was also laid off after 24 years from a very large company, which had a reduction in force. I believe about 40,000 people were laid off.

  2. My husband was admitted to Florida Hospital Altamonte in June of 2012. I received my bill and called to make payment arrangements they told me I had to pay $114.00 a month for 12 months. That was the only payment option available to me. I told them I could pay something every month but could not commit to the $114.00 because I was not working FT and sometimes we would have that but other months we would might have to pay less. They told me that was not expectable. I paid every month and today I received a letter from Florida Hospital from Bank of Neveda telling me they have taken over my account and I am now being charged interest on my bill. I did not authorize them to do this and I have made payments every month from $20 all the ay to $100.00 I think Florida Hospital is run very poorly and I think they try and take peoples money. They can’t wait on payments from me but my husband was allowed to wait for 3 hours in the ER before he was seen by a DR or even a nurse at that matter.

  3. I was admitted to the hospital with a very severe case of pancreatis for 11 days. My insurance paid them nearly $79,000, my deductible was due along with items that were not covered. I have a balance of nearly $3000 to pay, I called to set up a payment plan and was told the only option was to pay $235 per month. I cannot pay that and told them I would pay a much smaller amount and some months may be able to pay more, I was told that was my only option. You already got nearly $80K from my insurance surely you could work with me with the payments, no reason it has to be paid in 12 months. I work but with mortgages, car payments, etc there is no way I can pay this amount. I loved the hospital and have told everyone about it, but since this, I will not be recommending this hospital. I have been told that a certain hospital in Tampa is very good and they work really well with payments plans. This was an emergency situation not an elective, and believe me with this the pain goes on. Thanks for all your help.

  4. For over 16 years, M-Lend Financial has been providing consumer financing to medical and commercial markets nationwide. We can help you offer your early out/pre-collection accounts 0% financing for up to 18 months at no cost.

    Your account is paid in full. The patient has interest free payments over time.

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    If you feel there is merit in continuing this conversation, please contact me for additional information and/or a demonstration of how this would work.

    I’ll look forward to receiving your email or call.

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