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Friendly Finance Auto Loan Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Friendly Finance Auto Loans Bill

If you’re new to Canada or you have less than perfect credit, you need a subprime lender. Friendly Finance Auto Loans is a auto finance lender that loans money to customers with less than perfect credit so they can purchase a reliable vehicle. Subprime loans are not going to come with the best interest rates, so over the life of the loan, the customer will pay back more than they would with a premium credit loan.

Customers curious about paying their Friendly Finance Auto Loan will need to contact customer service at the phone number on their billing statement. There is an email Contact Us form, but no phone number or mailing address to contact the finance company. We did find a website for another credit company offering to buy out or refinance loans from Friendly Finance Corporation.

How to Pay the Bill

There is no contact information for customers who want to pay their Friendly Finance Auto Loan bill. We did find a Login page that could lead the customer to their personal auto loan account, but there is no link to register for account access. You may wish to look over your billing statement to see if there is Log In information provided on your bill.

Pay online: You can pay your Family Finance Auto Loan bill online at There is no means of registering for an account. You may have to contact the customer service department for more information on registration.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Friendly Finance Auto Loan company does not offer any information on billing or account services. We notice the company is connected with a Canadian car dealership. The dealership may have more information on Friendly Finance Auto Loans. You can contact the car dealership at 1-866-776-9446.

How the Penalty Fees Work

No penalty fees are listed on the Friendly Finance Auto Loan website, just an application for an auto loan. We believe, as is the case with most auto loan companies, that this financer will charge late payment fees and returned payment fees.

I Can’t Make a Payment

There are times when finances don’t meet financial need and that is when car payments and other bills go unpaid. Contact Friendly Finance Auto Loan for more information on programs the company may offer for past due accounts to protect your auto and your credit.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

We would love to hear from Friendly Finance Auto Loan customers. Tell us how this company works with past due accounts.

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  2. Friendly Finance has established a wage garnishment on me and every months they come back to activate it.I purchased a auto through them back in 2001 and they still claim it’s not paid off.I no longer have the auto and yet I still owe according to them, when I only had one payment go on the back end of my loan. Where’s the justice, how many times can you pay for a car….#Irritated

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