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Harley Davidson Financing Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Harley Davidson Bill

Harley Davidson is the premier name in motorcycles. Customers who want in-house financing to purchase a Harley Davidson can choose auto financing from the financial services department. Customers can also apply for a Visa card from Harley Davidson.

How to Pay the Bill

When customers apply for Harley Davidson financing, the dealer will run your application through the finance company. Financing may come from a third-party bank associated with Harley Davidson – Eaglemark Savings Bank. Terms and conditions of payment will differ if financing is secured through this bank.

Pay online: You can pay your Harley Davidson bill online at https://www.myhdfs.com/?locale=en_US&bmLocale=en_US. You must register for an online account to make payments directly through the Harley Davidson website.

Pay via DirectPay: The DirectPay option is offered by JP Morgan. Customers must have the account number and the last four digits of the social security number associated with the account to make a payment.

Pay by phone: Harley Davidson Credit will process payments by phone at 1-888-691-4337. This is also the number customers should call before making the final payment on the account. Due to interest charges, the final pay-off may be less than the amount shown on your bill.

Pay your Harley Davidson Visa: If you wish to make a payment on your Harley Davidson Visa account, contact 1-888-699-2281. This number is only for Visa card holders.

Pay by mail: Customers wishing to make payment by mail with a personal check or money order can send payments to:

Harley Davidson Credit
Dept 15129
Palatine, IL 60055-5129

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

If you have seen charges on your billing statement or account that do not make sense to you, we suggest you visit the Harley Davidson Financing FAQs. For additional information regarding your billing statement or account, you should contact customer service at 1-888-699-2281.

How the Penalty Fees Work

There are no penalty fees listed for Harley Davidson direct financing, but there are charges associated with late payments on the Harley Davidson Visa.

  • Late payment fee: Up to $35 per instance.
  • Returned payment: Up to $35 per instance.
  • Over the limit fee: Up to $35 per instance.
  • APR: You APR will vary based on credit score. 13.99% to 22.99%

I Can’t Make a Payment

If you have financing through Eaglemark Savings Bank, it is best to contact the customer service center for that bank if you are unable to make a payment. The contact number is 1-888-691-4337. The bank may work with customers to extend the payment date or skip a payment, in some cases. Depending on the condition surrounding your financial troubles, you may be able to:

  • Refinance your Harley Davidson to lower payments

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

This question is up in the air. Harley Davidson runs financing through a third-party bank. This bank may allow the customer to skip a payment once during the life of the loan or extend the due date if the customer is having temporary financial difficulties. Did Harley Davidson work with you to pay off your overdue bill?

21 Comments on “Harley Davidson Financing Bill
  1. I have paid off my bike and lost my Title. The State of Maine needs proof that EagleMark Savings Bank does not have a lien on it. Please contact me.

  2. Due to my health I will no longer be able to pay on my bike as of two months ago I called and asked to pick up the bike can’t drive it been sitting there for six month not being used.

  3. I changed banks and can’t find my account number to put into my new bank to make my payment. What information do you need to send me my account number? Bob Miller

  4. I’m writing you in regards to my husband Tracy Tolan he has gotten behind in his payments due to medical condition. I’m emailing you to see if there is a way we can work out his past due payments? I’m trying to see if we can work this out so it is not in repressen if you could please email me back on this I would Realy appreciate it. I would Realy like to work this out with you if anyway possible. Thank you Debbie Tolan

  5. I received a late payment today. I made that payment on June 10th by a cell phone web site. The payment never was received by HD. I have missed a payment. Will this cause any problems toward my credit? Payment send today. Thank you.

  6. My father was buying a bike it 25,000 he paid it down to 13,000 and he past away two days later his bike was pick up and the guy that pick it up said it was valued st 32,000. What I want to know why was his bike pick up he wasn’t behind in his payment and it was insured. Everything was supposed to be in probate so why was it takin

  7. I purchased a Harley-Davidson in May of 2014. I had a wreck on Nov.8 2014. My insurance company, Ceico claims it is totaled & I know the damage is superficial. I have pictures to prove it. Do I have any options? I don’t want to just give up my bike because some insurance adjuster says it totally demolished when I can prove it’s not.

  8. I purchased a bike in 2004 and had a loan with your bank. I paid the loan off in 2008 however your bank is still shown as a lien holder on the title. Please contact me as soon as possible

  9. I have locked myself out of my hdfs online account…. Ive tried calling the service number but i always stay on hold for EVER! I need help badly…


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  11. PEOPLE, HARLEY DAVIDSON AND THEIR BILL PAY DOES NOT GAVE A CRAP IF YOU ARE HOLDING YOUR HEAD ON YOUR NECK ,OUR 2014 HAS 175 MILES , HUSBAND SICK BUT SORRY ABOUT YOUR LUCK , THEY SAY WE WILL SELL FOR YOU BUT YOU PAY THE DIFFERENCE , LIKE WE WILL KNOW HOW THAT WENT ,THEN BE ASK TO PAY THOUSANDS !!!!!!!if your are rich ride a harley . that was how it was, you waited for a year to get one ,now they finance for high interest if we fall behind or lose ,it works for them .Now that is the american way!


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