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What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Harvard Bill

Harvard University is an Ivy League university known as one of the best schools in the United States. With a first rate education comes a huge education bill, so students are constantly trying to control expenses and make payments quickly and easily. Harvard supports online payments, in-person payments and provides a payment plan for students and parents.

How to Pay the Bill

When it comes to making a payment with Harvard bill pay, the online service is one of the fastest, but online payments still take time to process. If payment is past due, contact the financial aid office or cashier’s office for faster payment options. Harvard will accept in-person payments and credit your account in real time.

Harvard does not accept credit card payments. Students may be able to purchase items from the book store or cafeteria with a credit card, but Harvard education payments must be made by electronic check, personal check, cash or money order.

Pay online: You can pay your Harvard bill online at https://www.pin1.harvard.edu/pin/authenticate?__authen_application=OFS_EBPP. Students can add authorized payers to their account if payments are made by someone other than then student. Typically authorized payers are parents.

Pay by check: Personal checks are accepted by the cashier’s office. The check must be made out to Harvard University and the student ID number must be printed on the check. Checks must be dated with today’s date; not post-dated.

Pay by mail: Mail payments should be sent to:

Student Receivables
953 Holyoke Ctr
1350 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138

Pay by wire transfer: Wire transfers are accepted for all student accounts. Payments should include the name of the student and the Harvard Student ID number in the sender box. The following information should be included on the wire transfer. Fees may apply for wire transfers.

Name of Bank: Bank of America

ABA#: 026009593

Address: 100 Federal St in Boston, MA 02110

Account Name: President & Fellows of Harvard College SRO

Account #: 942926-3103

Swift Code: BOFAUS3N

Memo Box: Student Receivables Office 1-617-495-4187

Identifier: Include the name of the student, student ID number assigned by Harvard University and the name and address of the person sending the payment.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

The FAQs section in the Student Receivables section of the Harvard website offers information on bill charges, negative balances and credits. Additional information is available from the financial services department at 1-617-495-2739. You’ll need your Harvard ID to obtain information.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Returned payment fee: Harvard charges $50 for the first and second returned payment. The third returned payment and future returned payments are assessed a $75 fee.

I Can’t Make a Payment

Harvard bill pay offers a monthly payment plan for mandatory fees. To place your fees on a payment plan, contact the billing department. There is a $35 fee per semester added to your account when the monthly payment plan is setup.

Sponsored billing: If your education is being sponsored by someone other than a family member, you may qualify for the sponsored billing program. The sponsor must send payments directly to Harvard and cover all (or a great portion) of mandatory fees.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

The cost of a Harvard education is greater than most other universities in the United States. The school will work with students and parents to make the Harvard education more affordable. Do you have first-hand experience with Harvard bill pay?

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