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Home Depot Bill

What To Do When You Can’t Pay Your Home Depot Bill

The Home Depot is a very popular hardware store for materials and equipment relating to home maintenance and improvement projects. Many home projects involve considerable expense, and a Home Depot credit card provides a convenient payment method. As with any credit card however, the customer has a responsibility to research the card’s late- and non-payment policies in order to prepare for unforeseen circumstances leading to payment trouble. In addition, stories from real customers who have dealt with customer service can help you get an idea of how you may be treated if you are forced to seek alternative payment methods.

How To Pay the Bill

You can pay Home Depot credit card balances using the following methods:

Over the phone:1-866-875-5488

Online: You pay your Home Depot bill online with the Credit Center feature at: https://www.accountonline.com/cards/svc/Login.do?siteId=HOMEDEPOT” rel=nofollow

By mail:

Home Depot Credit Services
PO Box 6405
Dallas, TX 75265-3000

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

If the fees listed on your Home Depot credit card bill have you scratching your head, look at the Terms and Conditions page for the Home Depot credit card from Citi cards. Customer service can answer any other questions about billing at 1-866-875-5488.

How the Penalty Fees Work:

Although there is no annual fee charged for owning a Home Depot credit card, the following penalty fees apply:

  • Late payment: first missed payment incurs a fee of $25.00. If no payment is received by the next due date, a fee of $35.00 is charged in addition to the original late fee. This process repeats for a maximum of six billing cycles, although the total accumulated late fee will not exceed the national legal limit.
  • Returned payment: Same fees and schedule as late payments.

I Can’t Make a Payment

As long as payments are made on time, customers report smooth functioning of the Home Depot card’s payment processing system. There are reports of missed and late payments quickly resulting in phone calls from agents inquiring about payment, in one case every two hours. Many customers interpret these aggressive and immediate collection techniques as an abuse of the credit card’s late payment policy and feel mistreated as Home Depot customers. In any case, knowing what treatment you may face if you miss a payment certainly has an effect on your choice whether to enter into a contract with the company.
While The Home Depot does have a reputation of working with delinquent borrowers to set up a payment plan, apparently this process often suffers from confusion and miscommunication, necessitating further explanation between the customer and the customer service department.

Home Depot credit card accounts are managed by Citibank, which includes an arbitration agreement in the card’s terms and conditions. This means that any dispute or legal disagreement with the credit card holder must be settled in independent arbitration instead of a court of law.

Will They Work With Me To Pay My Bill?

We are interested in hearing about real credit card users’ experiences. If you have a story, good or bad, about your Home Depot credit card, please leave us a message so we can share it with others.

5 Comments on “Home Depot Bill
  1. I have used several websites and links in order to pay my bill, but I am unable to do so. I always get an error message, ‘sorry this page is unavailable, we are sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience’. I have contacted the home depot online support dept many times, but still no solution. I am using my samsung galaxy 10.1. Do you have any suggestions. Thank you.

  2. I work with Window Rock Unified School District and a purchase order (# 1018) was issued for items purchased from Home Depot in Gallup, NM in October. I have not receive an invoice for the purchase that was done against PO 1018.

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