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Horizon Gold Card Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Horizon Gold credit card Bill

The Horizon Gold credit card is an unsecured credit card that provides customers a means to improve your credit history. Upon approval, customers can benefit from the $500 credit limit as well as roadside assistance, access to your credit report as well as legal assistance. Customers should realize that the Horizon Gold credit card is not a MasterCard or a Visa, but simply a shopping card designed to be used at The Horizon Outlet (dot) com.

How to Pay the Bill

The available ways to pay your Horizon Gold credit card bill include:

Pay online: Customers can pay your Horizon Gold credit card bill online by visiting https://www.horizoncardservices.com/memindex.php?sess=456r2006qth.

Pay by phone: Call customer service at 1-800-251-6144 to make a payment by phone.

Automatic draft: Sign-up for automatic draft from your bank account in order to eliminate late payment charges.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Do you understand all of the terminology used to explain service charges and fees? If you don’t, visit the Horizon Gold Credit Card Terms and Conditions. Customers can also contact customer service representative at 1-800-251-6144.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Although the Horizon Gold Credit Card offers instant approval, you still may notice service charges and fees added to your monthly bill. The fees and charges include:

  • Application fee – $29.95
  • Late payment – $20
  • Benefits plan – $24.95
  • Maintenance fee – $6
  • Delivery fee (online store) – $2.95
  • Delivery fee (residential) – $2
  • Returned check – $25
  • Card issuance – $5

I Can’t Make a Payment

If you are facing a financial hardship and can’t make a timely bill payment, you should contact customer service at 1-800-251-6144 immediately. The representative will discuss applicable options that will help you pay your past due balance or your current charges. Additional options include:

  • Payment plan – Customers can benefit from payment plans. The company allows customers to place your past due balance on a payment plan in which you pay your past due balance over the course of a predetermined amount of time. You will still incur finance charges.
  • Extended due date – Customers can change your due date, allowing your payment time to arrive on time and reduce late payment charges.
  • Credit counseling – The Horizon Gold Credit Card offers credit counseling to customers that have considered bankruptcy as an option, versus paying your bill.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Typically credit card companies provide services to customers that can’t pay your bill. As a customer of the Horizon Gold Credit Card, did the company provide assistance? We want to hear from you.

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  1. I have called once about when how long to wait for my card. It’s been well over 14 days, and still as of today, I still have not received my card. Can someone please assist me in handling this matter? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated

  2. I talked to a customer representative I have paid my membership fee with isa netspend still haven’t received my card she told me she would send me my horizion number to my email I told her that I was unhappy with how this was starting still haven’t received number if I don’t receive it today refund my membership fee to my netspend card

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