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Hyundai Finance Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Hyundai Motor Finance Auto Lease Bill

Hyundai Finance is an auto finance company working with customers who want to purchase or lease Hyundai vehicles. Lease payments are made similarly to loan payments, but the customer is paying for usage and not ownership. At the end of the lease term, some customers choose to purchase the automobile for an additional final payment or trade in the leased vehicle for a newer model. Leases come with stringent guidelines for usage, mileage and upkeep.

How to Pay the Bill

Customers with a leased vehicle from the Hyundai Motor Finance Auto Lease program can make payments online, by phone and by mail. Some third-party companies also accept lease payments.

Pay online: If you are a Hyundai Motor Finance lease customer, you can pay your Hyundai Motor Finance Auto Lease bill online at https://www.hyundaimotorfinance.com/Home.aspx. Simply log in to your account and process your lease payment. If you have more than one vehicle financed through the company, make sure to choose the correct account before posting payment.

Pay by mail: Lease payments are processed at a different location than loan payments. Customers with a car lease should send personal checks or money orders to:

Hyundai Motor Finance – Lease
PO Box 660891
Dallas, TX 75266-0891

Pay by phone: The customer service department for Hyundai Motor Finance is available to take payments via checking account at 1-866-498-4455. You will need your account number to make your lease payment.

Pay at a third-party location: Western Union and MoneyGram both accept lease payments for the Hyundai Motor Finance company. For Western Union use the City Code – Hyundai and the State Code – CA. For MoneyGram, provide the Receive Code – 3814.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

The Hyundai Motor Finance Auto Lease program comes with unique terms and conditions. If you have questions about those terms and conditions or your billing statement, you can learn more on the FAQs page. The customer service department is also available at 1-866-498-4455 to answer your questions.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Lease terms are laden with fees, but the monthly payments are typically lower than those made to purchase a vehicle. Hyundai Motor Finance will charge several fees at the start of a lease, including a security deposit and title and registration fees and environmental fees. However, late payment and returned payment fees are not listed on the lease page. These fees will be charged to your account if you don’t make payment by the due date on your lease agreement. Contact customer service for more detailed information on these fees or refer to your loan terms and conditions.

I Can’t Make a Payment

Contact Hyundai Motor Finance as soon as you know you’ll be unable to make your lease payment. There is an early termination fee associated with breaking your lease and if you don’t make payments, the finance company will seize the vehicle and charge that termination fee. Customer service can be reached at 1-866-498-4455.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

If you have a lease through the Hyundai Motor Finance Auto Lease program, tell us how the company helped you out of that overdue account balance.

7 Comments on “Hyundai Finance Bill
  1. I am a new customer in the Hyundai lease program. I just mailed my 1st payment. My problem is I am trying to set up automatic payments through my bank. I went to your website and tried and I was told the page did not exist. How do I go about setting my account for automatic payments?

  2. I leased a vehicle from Hyundai in NYS where I resided at the time in May of 2012. In NYS it is mandatory to pay the sales tax in full up front when taking delivery of the vehicle. I paid almost $1200. In May 0f 2013 I moved to Florida. I suddenly began getting bills with additional fees and late fees. I’ve never been late as I do auto pay through my bank. I called to question. It turns out Hyundai is trying to collect sales tax on my vehicle. I explained to the Hyundai rep that it was paid in full. The rep told me I had to pay it again and if I didn’t it would hurt my credit. They started harassing me with anywhere from 5-10 calls a day including Sunday. They refused to listen, help or escalate the calls. I called and then wrote the Florida Dept of Revenue and rec’d an email response that if I could prove that I paid it, I would receive a credit from Florida. Problem was that my copy of the lease was a yellow copy (customer copy) and he “conveniently” was unable to read it. I called the dealer and asked them to send a copy, I also had my Sister take a clear copy with her camera and email it. She also researched the laws in NYS confirming the taxes must be paid up front. She sent that to him as well. It’s still not resolved. I rec’d a long ambiguous answer from the State of Florida Revenue Dept. Am I the first person from NYS to move to Florida and experience this? Do others from NY just pay it even though they don’t owe it? I’d love to see Hyundai get audited. It would be interesting to see. I have to check and see what damage they’ve done to my credit now. I’ll keep you posted.

  3. I would like to pay off the balance of my lease which matures 10/23/15 and turn it in now. Is that possible, I need to change
    my transportation


  5. need to have account number to pay my bill. Finance group continued to ask for more verification from myself *given had car since thanksgiving…..how can I make my December payment./ Call prior stated I would receive a welcome package still done
    what can I do ????????????

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