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Kaiser Permanente Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Kaiser Permanente Bill

Kaiser Permanente offer health insurance and medical services. Health insurance is typically billed through an employer or from the Kaiser Permanente company directly. When patients are faced with Kaiser Permanente medical bills, they have several options for making payment, but there are reports of difficult customer service and payments not being credited to patient accounts.

How to Pay the Bill

Kaiser Permanente offers various medical services. Bills can be paid at the medical office or through several other optional payment services.

Pay online: You can pay your Kaiser Permanente bill online at http://paykaiser.com/. When making payment online, customers will need the medical record number associated with the account. Online payment methods accepted by Kaiser Permanente include Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Pay by phone: Customers can call 1-800-348-0264 for the customer billing department. Payments are accepted by phone using credit and debit cards.

Pay by mail: Customers can send mail payments to the address listed on the medical bill. Bills may come directly from the provider, so mailing addresses will differ from one provider to another. Customers should send payments by money order or personal check. Cash should not be sent through the mail.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Have you noticed fees, including late payment fees, returned payment fees or collection fees, on your billing statement or account that you do not understand? We suggest you visit the Kaiser Permanente FAQs. You can also contact customer service at 1-800-348-0264 for further details.

How the Penalty Fees Work

There are no penalties or late fees listed on the Kaiser Permanente website. We are certain the company charges fees if payments are not made on-time, but those fees may differ from one provider to another. Your Kaiser Permanente bill should list all potential penalty fees include:

  • Late payment fee
  • Returned payment fee
  • Collection fee

I Can’t Pay My Bill

Medical bills are commonly pushed to the back burner when financial trouble strikes. Patients should never avoid customer service during these times. It is best to contact Kaiser Permanente directly at the billing department for payment plan options. One customer received a $4,000 bill and a payment plan was established for $200 a month to pay off the balance. Customer service for the billing department can be reached at 1-800-348-0264.

It is best to keep concise records of all contact and bill payments made to Kaiser Permanente. The same customer who placed the $4,000 medical bill on a payment plan was accused of not making monthly payments despite having a physical record of payments made. In this case, it is best to contact Kaiser Permanente and offer to fax all payment verifications to the billing department. If late payment charges are assessed on payments already made, patients may have a legal case and should contact a lawyer for legal advice.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Yes, we’ve discovered several customers who’ve placed past due balances on a payment plan, but there is no information on payment plans offered on the official website.

21 Comments on “Kaiser Permanente Bill
  1. If you get a payment plan, you can only call in your monthly payments. They will not send you a new notice with the payment plan and you cannot have them debit an account or pay your lower amount per month online. The phone line takes a long time to get through. I’ve been on hold and cut off several times. Today my payment is due and I am getting transferred to a voice mailbox. In my case they told me my bill is due on the 5th of the month. If I don’t pay by the 5th, I will be listed as delinquent.

  2. I started coverage in December and received 1 bill in January. Then for Feb and March no bill. I paid Feb. late after 2 hours trying to get thru on the 800 help line. This month its the same thing. I can’t pay online because I don’t have the invoice number for March, I can’t pay by fone because no one will help me. How do I get all this straightened out????

  3. I like to make my bill by automatic payment thru my wife
    ‘s work. pls let me know how to .
    There is info for individual checking acct. autopay. BUT my wife’s work pay for family premium thru automatic payment.

  4. I wrote a check for $20 to pay at the pharrmacy two years ago. Unknownst to me these were new checks, they had the wrong acct # at the bottom. I got a bill later asking for $40 to oay for bounced check. An unfair amount I didn’t have. I subsequently lost the bill and forgot about it. Until recently I started receiving ohone calls from some attorneys office demanding payment on a stupid $20 check! I need to get this resolved, the attorney’s office isn’t helping. I need a live person to speak with. Please help me if you can. Nowhere on Kaiser’s website is there any info or a phone numbervI can call. Tried member services, they were no help. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  5. I logged in at 11:15a.m. to pay the premium due for my first payment based on the invoice that I received and the due date indicated on the bill received. However, I was unable to log into the site it kept directing me to a member log in site and would not allow me to register. This is for a plan secured thru the healthcare market place.gov

    Assistance is needed as the due date indicated on my invoice is the 24th and it is currently 11:33p.m. on the 24th and for KP to be based out of California it is currently 8:30p.m. on the 24th of May for your organization.

    I need assistance and I’m not sure how to proceed.

  6. I pay my niece’s insurance each month, the statement for 5-12-14 shows 4-10-14 & 5-09-14 as dishonored payment. Check #2250 dated 3-25-14 and check #2263 dated 4-28-14 cleared my bank (BofA). so what is the problem?

  7. Kaiser sent me a letter saying my wife and I were delinquemt in paying our premiums and threatening to disenroll us if they didn’t receive payment by a certain date. Trouble is, I paid those bills well in advance of the due date and just confirmed this with my bank where the payment was made from electronically. I am new to Kaiser but think I am noticing a pattern of sloppy bookkeeping and a quickness to blame the member for any problems they themselves create. They also seem to be very poorly organized, which showed during our enrollment which took three months and many unsatisfactory phone calls.

  8. I would like for you to take the amount of the insurance on the 25th of each month not on the 10th. It will cause me big financial problems if you do take it on July 10.

  9. Please write me back as soon as possible if this request can be done, I need to know ahead of time, and be prepared.

    Thank you very much

  10. I went to kp bill pay. It asked me for my medical record # which I have never seen or heard of. I went to help tab and no info there and it said click next button which is not there. Also, your site is not https:/. I am very frustrated in trying to just pay my bill.

  11. I have been trying to pay my bill and it won’t let me do it online as much as information I put nothing and the help button does no help!

  12. I tried to pay online but there is no billing unit id in the statement that you sent. I tried calling your customer service but I was just being transferred to about 4 numbers and got no results. So, I just sent the payment by mail last March 25,, 2015. My due date was last March 31 and when I checked my bank account today, the payment has not been reflected yet. So, does it mean, you willl charge me more?

  13. KP billing is a mess I cant get a correct bill still getting billed for canceled accounts website sucks has wrong info will not allow web payments because its always saying late and to call so you call and then they say have to mail in so then I mail in a payment it disappears and then I don’t know were it went.

    There billing is a total failure since Obama care started.

  14. Medical #07494583

    ER Bill 7/20/16

    How could one day in the Emergency Room be $4,462.00

    How could I still owe $1935.00?

    I have never had a co payment this large???

  15. I think this service is not working properly because I am waiting same one answering for me to pay my bill

    They not answering phone calls Iam waything more than 2 hours

  16. I’m on SS with KAISER as my supplement insurance. I normally make co-payments at each visit but now I have received a “Professional Bill” in the US mail. I am signed up on the Kaiser website but going to kp.org/paymedicalbills.com shows $0.00 due and it would not accept by “guarantor account” # for payment.
    CONCLUSION: The instructions on the KP “Professional Bill” doesn’t work. Will call them tomorrow.

  17. I have called Kaiser to cancel my membership, but was told I cannot cancel until Oct. I cannot afford this insurance and I have filled out 2 forms of cancelation. I am not going to pay for this any longer.

  18. Trying to add Kaiser to my banks bill.com service. I find Kaiser Health Plan prepopulated. I select it, but it defaults to pay with a check. This can take up to 2 weeks to get paid and posted. All my utility bills and other vendors are set up for electronic funds transfer.

    When I call Kaiser, they are extremely unresponsive to correcting the omitted items ( Bill.com wants an email and correct physical address to associate any issues with electronic payments ) Kaiser can not under stand… I escalate the call 3 times, same script…. it is how it is because that is how it is.

    I will not use THEIR electronic payment service, because they can take as much as they like from my bank, without my consent, and they once refused to refund the over funding from a double payment I made…. Told me it could take up to 5 months to get my money approved for refund.

    This is par for the course…. all I wanted was someone in their IT dept, to discuss this with, and find the solution to the glitch. Easy-Peasy, no ? NOPE ! They tend to stonewall anything that disrupts their system, right or wrong.

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