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Kohls Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Kohl’s Bill

Kohl’s is a department store based in Menomonee Falls, WI. The company currently operates 1,127 locations in 49 states. Aside from the retail business, Kohl’s offers its store brand credit card. The Kohl’s credit card offers benefits and rewards for making purchases. We found that Kohl’s maintains a strong commitment to communities by giving back through Kohl’s cares as well as assisting customers in the local area. Benefits of the Kohl’s credit card include:

  • Extra discounts that save customers up to $120 annually
  • Bill payment protection
  • Eligibility for the Most Valuable Customer (MVC) program
  • Personalized shopping days
  • Additional 10% discount for signing up
  • No annual fee

How to Pay the Bill

Kohl’s provides several methods for customers to pay your bill. The available options include online payments, mail payments, phone payments and automatic deductions.

Pay online: Customers can pay your Kohl’s bill online by visiting http://credit.kohls.com/. Upon registering your account, you simply enter your user identification, password and payment. The service is free.

Pay by mail: Customers can pay your Kohl’s bill by mailing payments to:

Milwaukee Payment Center
P.O. Box 2983
Milwaukee, WI 53201-2983

Pay by phone: Customers can pay your Kohl’s bill by calling customers service at 1-800-564-5740. There is a convenience fee added to your payment.

Automatic deduction: Customers can pay your Kohl’s bill by having the funds removed automatically from your checking or saving account. You can schedule payments for the established due date or up to 45 days earlier.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Credit card companies can add charges to your Kohl’s billing statement or account, such as late payment fees, returned check fees and finance charges that you might not understand. If this has happened to you, we recommend you visit the Kohl’s customer resource page. In the event the FAQs do not answer your question, you should contact customer service at 1-800-564-5740.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Kohl’s charges fees on a monthly basis as well as a non-recurring basis. The fees include finance charges, late payment fees and returned check fees.

  • Finance charge – Kohl’s charges a minimum finance charge of $0.50.
  • Late payment – in the event payments are received past the due date, Kohl’s charges a late payment fee ranging from $15 to $29.
  • Returned check – When payments return from your financial institution for insufficient funds, Kohl’s charges $25 per instance.

I Can’t Make a Payment

Customers that can’t pay your Kohl’s are provided options. When we spoke to customer service, they explained Kohl’s offers two options to assist customers. Customers can change your payment due date or apply for a payment arrangement.

  • Payment arrangements – Prior to a default notice, customers should call customers service at 1-800-564-5740 and discuss payment arrangements. Upon approval, customers must follow the conditions of the payment arrangement. The late fees do not apply, but finance charges apply.
  • Change payment date – Kohl’s gives the customers the option of changing the due date of your payment. Customers must call 1-800-564-5740 and speak to a customer service representative. You must provide your account information as well as your personal information.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Did Kohl’s help you pay your bill? Leave us a comment below explaining your positive or negative experiences.

18 Comments on “Kohls Bill
  1. I am trying to pay my bill on line but you are making it impossible. I have been going round and round w2ith the internet for the last half an hour!! I have no trouble4 accessing your ads. I don’t have time to run to the store to pay all of the time and I cannot mail the payment since I no longer receive statement in the mail.

  2. In order to pay your bill online you have to create an online account that is separate from your online shopping account. They only offer you to pay by electronic check so if you are using a prepaid debit card you would have to set-up payment through the debit card’s website. Poses a problem if you need to pay your bill that day because this way takes 3-5 business days to process. I usually pay mine in the store on the due date. If you do this be careful to check each month’s statements because sometimes they ding me with a $35 late fee but every time I’ve called customer service they have always reversed it with no problems. Another thing to note is that in the store they’ll only accept cash or a bank check as payment. They won’t take debit cards as payment for their credit card but will accept them as payment for their goods. Don’t know why this is, it’s just their policy I’ve been told.

  3. NO…they would not.
    They increased my amt due, even though, I pleaded with them and begged, as of my income at present.

    The ONLY program they have out there is to help the people who have gone deliquent on their payments.


    I am SOOO over them.

  4. Many of you on this site complain.. Once you agreed with their policy and their giving you the chance to pay what amount you could afford to pay to KOhl’s.. I am more grateful to be able to pay as the amount that I agreed to pay to Kohl’s even it takes longer to pay off the balance.. Thank you Kohl’s for bring patience with me as I’m paying off and work with me..

  5. I have always paid my bill off as it came in. Last month I made a mistake and paid my bill and it was late, and I was charged $25.00 fee. I was in hope that you could forgo the late fee and forgive the mistake and credit that amount of late fee and credit the $25.00 back. Forgive the mistake and make me a really happy customer.
    Thank you for your consideration
    A loyal customer
    Mary K. VETCH

  6. For the past six months, I can no longer pay my Kohl’s bill online..it keeps says that my browser is out of date and I need to select several ones to choose from. I just got this new laptop so it cannot be out of date in the browser.

    What is wrong with your online payment process?

  7. I can’t log in so I can pay on my account. The same thing happens every time. All the information is correct but it wont let me in. EVERY TIME. Why?

    • As a long time Kohls customer, there are TWO separate websites, one for Shopping and other is for Paying your bill online. You need to register for each website; Kohls.com (Shopping) and credit.kohls.com/ecustservice (Paying your bill)

  8. Included in my latest billing was a late charge of $27.00. However, I work at an assisted living facility and was quaranteed at the facility until March 18th. When I was able to go home I found the bill and tried to pay online but was not able. I then went to pay the bill at the store but the store is all locked down due to covid-19 and had to mail it in. As a result, the payment was received a few days late. I am asking that you please waive the late few due to the covid-19.

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