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Kroger Bill

What To Do When You Can’t Pay Your Kroger Bill

The Kroger Co. is one of the oldest grocery store chains still in operation. It also is the largest grocery store chain, and second in retailing—right behind Walmart. Kroger offers credit card applicants some great benefits when it comes to getting a 1-2-3 REWARDS Visa Card. The focal point of this article will be on paying your Kroger store card. With every grocery store purchase you make with your Kroger 1-2-3 Visa Card, points adds up for free groceries.

With the 1-2-3 REWARDS Visa card you can earn unlimited rewards. Following is an example of how your points can quickly add up in one month:

  • Outside Kroger Stores-you earn 1 point per $1 spent
    ex. You spend $25 for new tires for your car
    You earn 250 rewards points

At Kroger stores-you earn 2 points per $1 spent
ex. You spend $300 for groceries and other purchases (Kroger has a family of 33 stores)
You earn 600 rewards points

  • On Kroger family brands-you earn 3 points per $1 spent
    ex. You spend $75 for Kroger brand products
    You earn 225 rewards points


Total points earned in one month: 1,07 rewards points = $5 rewards certificate (Every 1,000 points = $5 in FREE groceries just for using the 1-2-3 REWARDS Visa card.)

Your Kroger’s card entitles you to:

  • Earn FREE groceries with every purchase
  • Earn Rewards that sent automatically every quarter
  • No annual fee
  • 3-n1 card—Rewards Card, Shopper’s Card, and Visa Card

How To Pay The Bill

The Kroger credit card is backed by U.S. Bank. Here are the options for paying your Kroger credit card:

Pay Online:
You can go here to pay Kroger bill online via the company’s online pill pay service:

Pay By Mail:

You can send a check or money order to:

U.S. Bank Cardmember Services
P.O. Box 790408
St. Louis, MO 63179-0408

You can contact customer service by calling: (877) 373-6192

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

The 1-2-3 Rewards Visa FAQs page lists information on annual percentage rate and annual membership fee. Customers can contact the customer service department with more detailed questions about their billing statement at 1-877-373-6192.

How The Penalty Fees Work

The Kroger 1-2-3 REWARDS Visa card charges an APR of 11.24%-19.24%

Following are the penalties:
The first-time penalty will not exceed $25; after that

  • Late Payment = up to $35
  • Over-the-Credit-Limit = up to $35
  • Return Payment = up to $35
  • Return Check = up to $35

I Can’t Make A Payment

When calling Kroger Personal Finance, the automated menu directed me to Card Services, where the representative was not able to answer any questions, but directed us to their Public Relations department. After a short hold time, once again the representative was unable to answer any questions and directed us this time to their Personal Finance department, which again was unable to answer any questions, and dumped the call into a voicemail box. We also could not find any forum postings that indicate Kroger’s policy for people who get behind on their credit card bill.

Will They Work With Me To Pay My Bill?

If you have experience paying off a Kroger 1-2-3 REWARDS Visa card, we would love to hear from you! Currently we have no reader accounts of how easy or difficult Kroger and US Bank makes it for you to get out of debt with the Kroger credit card.

8 Comments on “Kroger Bill
  1. Do not use the 123 rewards Visa for direct deposit. I normally get my drug deposit through my bank on Thursday. I decided to switch to this card because of the rewards points but on Thursday my direct deposit did not go through it is now Saturday and Kroger customer service has not been helpful at all as to where my funds are. They are now telling me it could take 3 to 5 business days for an average direct deposit. My bills are now late and I had to cancel my plans this weekend as it is Saturday and still no funds on my card. I have reported this to the Better Business Bureau and I’m not reporting it to the FDIC. My employer has double verify the routing and account number were correct but Kroger still cannot tell if there is a pending direct deposit.

    • I am sorry I was using the talk text app. It is my direct deposit not drug deposit and I am reporting it to the FDIC.

  2. I set up my account online and it absolutely will not let me pay my account online. I really loved having a Kroger card, but I will not use it anymore due to the difficulty using this system. Kroger should find a new carrier for their accouns.

  3. Seems that I only see negative comments on the Kroger Rewards Card. I find that my card is not always approved even if I have not received my invoice. What gives with that?

  4. how can I pay my bill online. I try every month w/trouble. please give me the most simpliest easiest way to go online to pay my Kroger statement.

  5. i’m having trouble paying my bill on line,i have no statement.when I call it’s a hassle.please send me a statement so I can pay this

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