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LIHEAP Alabama

LIHEAP in Alabama

LIHEAP is a low-income energy program funded by the United States federal government. The federal program funds state programs, which then distribute money to needy individuals and families. Income benefits are based upon financial need so applicants must reapply each year to continue receiving LIHEAP support. In Alabama, residents can apply through utility companies participating in the LIHEAP program, including Alabama Power Company, Alagasco, Central Alabama Electric Cooperative, Mobile Gas, Decatur Utilities and Hartselle Utilities. It is estimated that about 110,000 households received support for heating costs from LIHEAP in Alabama for 2010.

Alabama LIHEAP Assistance

The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs and the Community Action Association of Alabama are two resources for residents who wish to apply for LIHEAP assistance. The program is not designed to reach out to needy individuals and families; rather those in need must seek funding from the program by filling out a LIHEAP application and submitting that application to local government. If the application is approved, funding is provided for heating and cooling costs. Benefit levels for Alabama LIHEAP in 2011 ranged from $270 (minimum) to $400 (maximum).

Some utility companies provide additional support for low-income customers after being approved for the LIHEAP program. If you’ve been approved for LIHEAP in Alabama, contact your utility company to find out if you qualify for additional heating and cooling support or discounts.

LIHEAP Application & How to Apply

LIHEAP in Alabama accepts applications for heating and cooling assistance year-round. Funds are distributed for heating costs between October 1 and May 31 each year. Funds for cooling costs are distributed between June 1 and September 30 each year. Individuals and families in crisis situations may be eligible for immediate emergency funding at any time.

There are multiple ways to apply for LIHEAP in Alabama, but the two fastest are through the local office of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or your utility company. For more help finding a local agency that accepts LIHEAP applications, contact the Community Action Association of Alabama at 1-205-320-5271.

LIHEAP Eligibility – Am I Eligible?

Eligibility for LIHEAP in Alabama is based on federal income guidelines. Customers must fall at or below 150% of the federal poverty level. In 2011, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services set federal poverty guidelines to:

Family Size

Income Limits

















If there are more than 8 family members in your home, add $5,730 for each additional family member.

If you fall within these income guidelines, contact your utility company or one of the organizations accepting applications for LIHEAP in Alabama.

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  1. really need help, this site has given me much info about getting help paying te power bill. my wife and i are full time students so we wont have to get help with this. my wife daughter and i live on $900 a month. we do what ever we can to make ends meet. we have each other for one thing and that keeps our head u, but the lord is the real reason we are making it. my little girl prays every night and thatmy friends is something special.

  2. my family really need help paying our power bill however we know that we have to call to schedule an appointment first, but everytime we call the phone lines stays busy all day on the set date to call. so since i couldnt get an answer i actually stop by a local liheap site and was told that i have to call in an appointment but while i was waiting on someone to tell me that i was calling the location that i was in and noticed that no one was calling in but learned the phones was off the hook so i left and sat in the parking area and continued to call yet after the 4 o’clock hour the phone began to ring. How do someone like is suppose to get help when no one in my area will answer the phone to help us

    • We are going to follow up on the above numbers and the actual funding for the citizens of Birmingham, Alabama. To see if the phones are answered and that the service is ligit. or not. If not we will then follow up with the proper supervisory boards and the companies involved will know the truth thanks sincerely, K

  3. I do not live in Alabama. I live in Florida. I have tried to work with Gulf Power. They say I did not follow instructions before and defaulted on a LIHEAP agreement so they can’t help me anymore. I was told to contact Interfaith Ministries. Keep getting voice mail over the past 10 days and no one returns calls. I have until tomorrow at 5 p.m. to pay or they will disconnect. So, what do I do?

  4. I need help in paying my heating cost of bill. I am on Disability and social security. I live off of $ 736.00 a month and my bill was 343.00 I had a credit and now I have nothing more in my savings to keep paying it. I had to pay $178.12 this month. I am 61 years old and I don’t want to freeze to death. But I can’t pay this high of bill. Can you please help me with this. Thank you so much.

  5. Hello I need help paying the Gas bill at my house and I have been laid off and have no way to pay the bill I have done everything to manage to pay it and I just can’t do it. I have let everything go so I can pay it including letting my auto insurance go to the basic needed,let my phone go, no internet, no T.V. or anything extra Please help.

    • I need help paying my electric I am on disability $736 with 2 young kids I own electric $680 electric will shutt off my electric soon the note on October 19

  6. when i was 18 i got my first apartment long story short i was illegally evicted and the landlord use my info for the new serveries with peco. ran the bill to 3000
    fast forward to present got my new apartment went through Freud and they took off most the bill due to the landlord verifying i was only there one month but peco still tagged on a past due balance of 800. I’ve been trying to trying to apply for the cap program i don’t have anyone im only 22 with no support system cap keep giving me the run around long story short yesterday was my last day i was safe from being shut off. I’ve been crying and praying i can get this paperwork done before they shut me off i dnt have 900-1000 to give peco. im alone lost and have nowhere to turn

  7. My grandmother died last saturday and we dont have the money for her sceg bill her name is susie oliver her acct can someone please give me a call. thank you.

  8. PHS usually helps me with my summer bill. I am disabled with Parkinsons Disease and is difficult to get around.. I have tried to call phs and their number has been disconnected. Help, my electricity is going to get cut off, I am a month late. Can you help me?
    Patricia Mead

  9. I do not reside in Alabama. I live in Texas, and currently are unable to work due to a high risk pregnancy. I have 2 other children that live in the home with me. I was recently enrolled in Light Up Texas; a program that helps pay utilities for the months of April, thru September.(For those who qualify) Starting in October, I will not be able to pay my electricity bill due to the condition stated above. Can you help me? Please respond quickly… October is next week. Thank You

  10. i live in los angeles . im a struggling mother of 5 barely getting by and n in need of help now with mu dwp bill it is $1400 and due now i have been lookingb for work and trying to find anything i can to pay my bills but the devil is in my way if anyone can please help me i would really be greatful i feel like i failed my kids its not there fault to be without power and water please if anyone can lead me to help with this matter please do so thanks and God Bless You

  11. I’m 62, retired and low income and I don’t have any heating in my house and it’s getting awfully cold. I need help with a propane heater and a tank of propane for the winter.

  12. I am on disability and I spend alot of money traveling back and forth to my drs.Please please help me with my electric bill

  13. I couldn’t afford to pay the gas company in two months me and daughter been with gas and taking cold baths and cooking our food on a portable stove. I work a prn job just to the bill amount that i know of in January was 234.and some change. Now ill probably own another deposit which i dont have. Please help me

  14. I am disabled and I can’t pay my utility bill I would like to fill out the heap application online, however I cannot find the web page.

  15. I’m going through a divorce and trying to support my 3 kids just off my income which is only about 700-800 monthly

  16. I live in Pasadena Tx. I need to make payment arrangements to Reliant Energy. I am interested to know what atr qualifications for LIHRAP for TX.

  17. I need help with my og&e bill. I fell and fractured my wrist. And had to have surgery. And a disable child in the home and one. Under 5. Now they saying I owe 800.00 for like two months. They’d no way. I’ve tried talking to them. I feel so bad I don’t feel like a argument. And they want. To turn it off. The only other thing is get the news involved. I’m a senior citizen. Help please

  18. I have 3 kids a 3year old a one year old and an 8 month old i need help paying for my stream energy bill also i am disabled and recieve medicare and i am currently sick in and out the hospital i wanted to know how can i apply for heap i live in a low income apartment also i have 2 puppies my bill is due march 17 2015 my bill is 148.97 can someone please find it in their heart to help me out anything is good till my next check from social security i dont want them to turn off my lights my children will suffer

  19. My electric bill is so high every month $672.00. I keep paying it but it seems like I can never get a head. I have central heating and air but I don’t use those any more. I purchased a space heater and was given an air conditioner. I use those instead, but it does not help. I’m have the clock office to see if they were misreading the meter, but they tell me that I am using too power. Thank you for your attention regarding this issue. I am on social security disability. I receive $1600.00 from them. Cordially, Hattie Perry

  20. I live in Indiana and am in desperate need. My bill is 388.00 and is up for disconnect tomorrow. I am a single mother of 1. I just started working my new job, I was laid off from last job. My income is low, within guidelines please help

  21. Hello my name is Jasmyn and I’m not sire6if this is what i can do to receive help but i currently just lost my job and my husband is working to jobs full time we have a family of 5 and we desperately need assistance. Our bill is now 900.00 and that is mostly late fees and another payment that we couldn’t pay because we were in the process of moving. How do i find assistance? Please help.! Thank you and God Bless.

  22. I have a family of 5 and I have been going trough cancer treatments, I really need help to pay my light bill. My lights are going to be shut off tomorrow. I have tried every place I can thinkof and not able to get any help. Please help me and my family

  23. we just lost our house in a fire we owe over 1,000 dollars in electric bills and have been out of work, we just recently got a apartment and need help getting our previous bill paid in order to get in our apartment. we have 5 small children and are currently spread out and my wife and I are staying in a tent. we need our family back together can anyone help

  24. Hi my name is Linda dick I have a special need daughter we get her income and I get unemployment but I had surgery and can’t work right now my light bill is due today don’t know what to do. They will turn us off in the morning.

  25. my name is mary woodson i’m on kidney machine three time a week and I need help of paying my electric bill and been our of work sence January 2015 I get ssi and it not enough after I pay my house note

  26. I have a unique situation, I was diagnosed with a condition that led me in the Hospital, that was life-threatening for 5 months, before my electric bill $750.00 that I was negotiating with Pepco, but they requested about $200.00 a month to catch up plus the actual monthly bill to be paid together. I could only do it about twice, then my health declined and I was hospitalized. I lost the ability to eat, walk and move. I had to learn how do all of these things again. I went through rehabilitation for 5 months, my bill reach 2500.00 I went to originations, churches,I went to Loan Stores would pay a few hundred off, then I wined up repaying several hundred more to get out of that, but over again no help, I final got to 4900.00 bill, then it was cut-off in 3 yrs ago, I paid what could, here and there, the DOE, social services helped me pay 1000.00, which they (******)me out for why this and that! I now owe $3900.00. I bought 4 lanterns for 4 rooms, which lights up room,2 nightstands fans that battery operated, and a radio, I only buy food that can be eaten right then, alot of canned meats, pastas, sandwiches, perishable foods I use a cooler to put 1 bag of ice to cool drinks, or sometimes lunch meats for 1-2 days to eat. Luckly we only got light food lements about 3-5 times, not enough to go ER. It really hard I only make $12hr and 30hrs or less a week, I only break even to pay the rent, insurance, phone, food and alot of batteries, about 3 months for 4 rooms to be lit as for my family, we appreciate the daylight we do everything needed, like sweeping, cleaning, paperwork, bill writing etc, before the darkness sets, we turn on radio, take showers, then go to bed, waiting for another better day, we’ve been struggling for 3 years, and we’ve made the better of a horrible mess. Now if anyone can help donate to Pepco on our behalf, $5,$10,$20,$50,$100.00 we would appreciate acct no.will directly Pepco. If someone can find anyone who could help me

  27. I recently and got laid off from my job I’m currently working as a temp job but its not enough to pay my bill I only received $60 in the last week all has gone to gas because I am enrolled in college taking night classes I really need help paying my bill if anybody has it in their heart to help thank you.

  28. Hi.I’m needing help with my light bill.I havnt asked for help in yrs.but I’ve had some very bad luck here lately.I was approved for energy assistance on may6.but I had to get a affidavit from my landlord saying I only lived in my house.but before i cud take the affidavit home was broke into.I was assulted.raped and beaten.I have a police report and the center of hope report.ive been un under so much stress.I forgot about paying my bill.I’m talking with a lady tmrw from energy assistance.cud you plz not cut my lightsv off until I talk to her.I have copd.asthma emphazima. And bronchitis. Thank you

  29. retired and has part-time job unable to do required lifting had to quit need help with power bill will be evicted if not paid in 30 days look other places bill is $264.41 I have Asthma and need my machine day and night. I pray that other needing assistance can get help also God Bless.

  30. I am a single mother with two kids I need help bad my power is off I paid 300 on 12 5 16 but they want 330 more to turn it back on I made arrangements for my kids stay with friends til back on but don’t no when that will be I am on as SSI the father gave me 200 off it but not enough to get it back on I just got out off Baptist hospital a 7 day stay please help

  31. I need help paying all of the bills every bill is way past due the water is off I don’t know How to fix this.My father paid the bills I took care of him;He passed away I used his bank account to pay,That’s gone Insurance is gone.Please help me I have applied to work for temp agency. To get bills paid after this but I can’t pay mg father bills.their to big.I need to get them paid off and start over for me go handle them.His death took me do a loop. Please Help me.

  32. I was on a South Carolina site and clicked on link to find out how to apply for Lineal and got the site for Alabama, go figure! HOW DO PEOPLE IN SC GET ANY HELP? OH I forgot, this is a Republican State!

  33. I live in Richlands NC, our social services office is closed due to hurricane Florence, salvation army , red cross churchs etc…NOBODY is available or not helping with electric bills whatsoever.. I been with Jones Onslow over 20yrs. I need help my cut off was sept 20, we have lost our car, all our inside belongings due to hurricane Florence. I can’t get out of Richlands 22miles out of town FEMA font help w utilities. My kids and I need help? I’ve called 211 as suggested by electric co… No help for our country although disaster area. ANY suggestions? Thank u, god bless all Margie Deering

  34. I live on a disability check me & my 3 grandchildren iam raising. My wife passed away few months ago.One is 9yrs old &one is 14 the other is 15.Idont get any food assistanc.From the father or mother live in the same. City as us but want lift a finger to help us. Out of 9yrs of loving& caring & rasingthem we never had lights shut off.This month we could’t make it .194.00 dollars please help us. The favor will be repayed if it takes me a year to do it. Thanks &God bless y’all

  35. I am on said and can’t pay my electric bill. Can u help me or guide me to someone that VB may help me pay the ambit bill. It’s 109.00. I would appreciate your help.


  36. Hi my name is Diamond Jackson and my power been off for three weeks i called oppd i ask can i put 250 down to get my power and heat on they said no the lowest they can go is 850

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