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LIHEAP in Alaska

Alaska is known for long, cold winters so heating bills can skyrocket in just one month. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, also known as LIHEAP, provides support for qualifying individuals and families to help pay down heating costs. It is estimated that just more than 11,000 applicants qualified for assistance in 2010.

Alaska LIHEAP Assistance

In Alaska, LIHEAP assistance is provided to individuals meeting set income criteria, but it is not the only program available for those struggling to pay heating costs. The Power Cost Equalization Program and Low-Income Energy Assistance program are also available. You can learn more about the Power Equalization Program on the government website for Alaska Commerce. To qualify for the Low-Income Energy Assistance program you must call 1-907-465-3347. Each program has different guidelines for acceptance that differ from the LIHEAP assistance guidelines.

If you currently live in subsidized housing you may qualify for the Subsidized Rental Housing Utility Deposit (SHRUD). SHRUD pays deposits associated with new utility service. To apply for SHRUD, fill out the LIHEAP application.

LIHEAP Application & How to Apply

Applications for the LIHEAP program are accepted from October 1 to April 30. Residents who qualified for the heating assistance program during the previous year will be sent a new application to re-apply for the program. Acceptance accounts for one year of heating and cooling assistance. There are general and emergency programs currently delivering payments for heating and cooling costs. Alaskans typically apply for heating assistance due to the cold winters. If you miss the deadline for application but find you need help paying heating bills or you want to receive a LIHEAP application, contact the Heating Assistance Program (HAP) at 1-888-804-6330 if you live in the Anchorage area and 1-800-470-3058 from all other areas in Alaska.

If you feel you qualify for the program, download the application for the Heating Assistance Program (LIHEAP). It takes up to 45 days to process an application.

LIHEAP Eligibility – Am I Eligible?

Before submitting your application for LIHEAP in Alaska, state government suggests reviewing the income guidelines to ensure you MAY qualify for the program. The income guidelines for LIHEAP in Alaska are different than those in other states due to the increased need for financial assistance. The maximum benefit for a calendar year is $4,900.

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Some utility companies have programs to further assist individuals and families pay heating and cooling costs. Contact your utility company for more information on in-house programs.

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