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LIHEAP Arizona

LIHEAP in Arizona

While some parts of the United States utilize LIHEAP assistance for heating costs, other parts of the country have a greater need for cooling assistance. LIHEAP supports both heating and cooling assistance for qualified residents in Arizona. LIHEAP is the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program; a federal program administered by states. Arizona utility companies working with the LIHEAP program include:

  • Arizona Public Service
  • Mohave Electric Cooperative
  • Navaho Tribal Utility Authority
  • Salt River Project
  • Southwest Gas
  • Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative
  • Trico Electric Cooperative
  • Tucson Electric Power
  • Unisource Energy Services

Arizona LIHEAP Assistance

The Arizona LIHEAP program provides year-round heating and cooling assistance. The Arizona Department of Economic Security for detailed information on the Arizona LIHEAP program. Arizona government contracts smaller community organizations to accept applications for LIHEAP, so residents can also choose to visit a local community office for a personalized look at income and potential eligibility. Look for a Community Action Program in your area or visit the local Department of Health and Human Services.

In 2010, Arizona received more than $17 million in funding and distributed support to more than 38,000 households. LIHEAP is not the only home energy support program. After applying for LIHEAP, contact your utility company to find out more about programs other than LIHEAP.

LIHEAP Application & How to Apply

The Arizona LIHEAP application is not available online. Residents who want to apply for the program must visit a local agency, the Department of Health and Human Service or the Arizona Department of Economic Security. Phone applications may be accepted at 1-800-582-5706.

There is strict income guidelines associated with Arizona LIHEAP eligibility. The income guidelines are based on the median state income. Residents must earn no more than 60% of the state median income if your family consists of one to six persons. Families with more than six persons must fall below 150% of the federal poverty guidelines. The minimum benefit in Arizona for 2011 was $75 with a maximum benefit of $640.

LIHEAP Eligibility – Am I Eligible?

Eligibility for LIHEAP in Arizona depends on income. Applicants will be required to proven income when submitting an application. If one to seven persons live in the home, income must fall below 60% of the state median income of $69,119.

Family Size

60% of State Median Income















If more than seven persons live in the home, LIHEAP applications are compared to the federal poverty guidelines. The maximum a home can earn is 150% of the federal poverty guidelines.

Family Size

150% of Poverty









For each additional family member add $5,730 to the total maximum income.

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  1. Inquiring about the Arizona LIHEAP program for Rose Niccum. Due to her annual income of $8,616 she would qualify for LIHEAP program. Will either the Department of Health and Human Service or the Arizona Department of Economic Security take an application over the phone?

    Theresa Pate

  2. I am a disabled individual who receives social security and am on section 8 housing assistance. I only receive $753.00 from soc. sec. a month. However, I have found myself in a crisis financially do to unexpected problems and now my monthly bills are greater than my benefit amount I am not late or past due yet on my APS electricity bill but I know when my next utility bill comes I will not be able to pay it not even a little bit. Because I am already aware that i wont have the money I am worried that it will eventually get shut off from non payment and so I am looking for advice and assistance now in hopes not to receive a dissconnect notice here in the near future Id like to know if I would be able to turn to the (LIHEAP) program for help?

  3. I am having trouble paying my electric bill during the summer months just not enough income. and my air conditioning is set at 77 please help.

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