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LIHEAP in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the two states (the other is Alaska) with special income guidelines for LIHEAP. The state has a high income level than the other 48 contiguous states, but residents in Hawaii must still meet the 150% of poverty income level to qualify for LIHEAP. Due to the smaller size of the state, there are fewer utility companies working with LIHEAP to relieve energy costs. The utility companies accepting LIHEAP assistance funds include:

  • Hawaii Electric Company – Oahu, MECO, Hilo, Kona and Waimea
  • Kauai Island Utility Cooperative

Hawaii LIHEAP Assistance

Despite the moderate temperatures in Hawaii, more than 10,000 households received LIHEAP support in 2011. For the 2012 year more than $4.5 million is available for applicants who qualify for LIHEAP. The program dates for LIHEAP Hawaii range from June 1 to June 30. Applicants must submit their applications between these dates to be considered for LIHEAP funding. The average amount approved for heating costs is $552, though the maximum is $882. To continue receiving money from LIHEAP, residents of Hawaii must reapply each year and meet the current year’s income guidelines.

LIHEAP Application & How to Apply

Residents in Hawaii must apply for LIHEAP through the Department of Health or one of the approved Community Action Agencies. Community Action Agencies are named by the State of Hawaii in conjunction with the LIHEAP program to make applications and information about LIHEAP more accessible. The application for LIHEAP is not available online. All applicants must fill out an application in person and prove income and family size. You can call The Hawaii State Department at 1-808-586-5740 for more information and an application.

In addition to the LIHEAP program, Hawaiian utility companies also provide support for low-income residents. The Hawaiian Electric Company offers a low-tier rate system for qualifying account holders and Kauai Island Utility Cooperative helps low-income residents replace appliances with energy efficient alternatives.

LIHEAP Eligibility – Am I Eligible?

In order to apply for LIHEAP in Hawaii, you must meet the income guidelines established by the state and federal government. The income guidelines are set at 150% of the federal poverty level and adjusted for the cost of living in Hawaii.

Family Size

150% of Poverty

















If there are more than eight persons in your household you can add $6,585 for each additional household member to the total allowed income. Each member of the household must be proven a part of the household with approved documentation.

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  1. I am thankful to have received help with my electric bill recently. Is it possible to get additional help? My allotment is about used up. Do I need to re-apply? My income is 14,868 (Social Security) per year and I am 76 years old. I have had an inordinate amount of medical bills of late and am having trouble keeping up with my recurring expenses.

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