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LIHEAP in Idaho

When heating and cooling costs are too high to afford, residents in Idaho have an option. Low-income families and individuals can apply for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). LIHEAP in Idaho provides families with heating and cooling support paid directly to local utility companies. While the fund may not pay off all past due balances, it does provide residents of Idaho with some financial support. LIHEAP works with utility companies in Idaho, including:

  • Avista Utilities
  • Clearwater Power Company
  • Idaho Power
  • Intermountain Gas Company
  • Kootenai Electric Cooperative
  • Rocky Mountain Power

Idaho LIHEAP Assistance

Financial support provided by Idaho LIHEAP assistance touched more than 52,000 households in 2011. The fund pays utility companies a minimum of $40 and maximum of $532 for heating bills. Funding for 2012 is estimated at more than $15 million. Residents must apply for the heating program between November 1 and March 1 each year. Crisis support is available year round. Each calendar year, applicants must reapply for LIHEAP to continue receiving support. In order to qualify, your yearly income must fall at or below 60% of the state median income; adjusted for household size. The state median income changes every calendar year.

LIHEAP Application & How to Apply

LIHEAP applications are available from the Community Action Agencies located throughout Idaho. The Community Action Agencies are part of the Community Action Partnership. If you wish to learn more about LIHEAP in Idaho or apply for the program, you can call 1-208-442-9991 or 1-208-442-9987. Local agencies are available in most parts of Idaho. If you meet the income guidelines for LIHEAP you may also qualify for other state or federal support programs or programs offered by state utility companies.

LIHEAP Eligibility – Am I Eligible?

If you wish to apply for LIHEAP in Idaho, you must first meet the income guidelines for the program. Residents of Idaho must earn at or below 60% of the state median income, adjusted for family size, to apply for LIHEAP. Income must be verified and family members proven to be accepted by the program.

Family Size

60% of State Median Income













If your household consists of more than six persons, you’ll need to calculate the maximum allowed earned income. The estimated state median income for 2011/2012 was $62,079. 60% of $62,079 is $37,247. A family of six is allowed to earn 132% of $37,247 or $49,167. For each additional family member, you can add another 3%. For instance, a family of seven is allowed to earn 135% of $37,247 or $50,283.

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