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LIHEAP in Kansas

Low-income families living in Kansas can apply for LIHEAP to receive money for heating costs and crisis intervention. LIHEAP or Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program provides money to each state and that money is disbursed to qualified residents. Applications are taken each calendar year and income guidelines for acceptance may be changed based on the state median income. All money disbursed by LIHEAP is sent directly to one of the utility companies providing energy or gas to customers. Utility companies in Kansas include:

  • Westar Energy
  • Pioneer Electric Cooperative
  • Kansas Gas Service
  • Kansas City Power and Light
  • Atmos Energy

Kansas LIHEAP Assistance

More than $24 million have been allotted for LIHEAP in Kansas for 2012. In 2011, more than 62,000 households received funding from LIHEAP to pay heating costs through the heating and crisis program. The heating and crisis programs accept applications from January 18 to March 30 each calendar year. The dates may change slightly year to year. Residents in Kansas can submit applications during this time for general LIHEAP assistance or crisis intervention. Crisis applications require a disconnect notice from your utility company. Crisis applications are processed more quickly than general applications and funds are available sooner. Residents in Kansas receive an average payment of $263, but higher payments are authorized based on income and need.

LIHEAP Application & How to Apply

If you wish to apply for Kansas LIHEAP, contact the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services at 1-800-432-0043. Applicants must meet the income guidelines to be eligible for the program. Income guidelines for 2012 are set at 130% of the federal poverty line. LIHEAP requires income verification for the previous 30 days. That documentation is used to calculate monthly or yearly income for program qualification.

LIHEAP Eligibility – Am I Eligible?

There are two ways to calculate eligibility for LIHEAP assistance in Kansas – monthly or yearly. When applying for LIHEAP you’ll need to provide proof of income and proof of family size. Current heating bills are required for both standard and crisis applications. The total amount you receive will be based on a variety of factors.

Monthly Income Standards

Family Size

Monthly Gross Income

























If there are more than 12 persons in your household, add $414 for each additional family member.

Yearly Income Guidelines

Family Size

130% of Poverty

















If there are more than eight persons in your household, add $4,966 for each additional family member.

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  1. There is supposed to be a link to apply for LIEAP on the government website today. It is NOT there. Who is responsible for maintaining this website and why does this person still have a job? I don’t have a job. Why can’t the government handle a simple website???

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