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LIHEAP Louisiana

LIHEAP in Louisiana

There is help for low-income families and individuals in Louisiana when it comes to paying off past due energy bills. If you use electric or gas as the primary heating or cooling source, you may qualify for LIHEAP. LIHEAP, low-income home energy assistance program, is a federal program that gives money to each state to support residential heating and cooling costs. The program pays money directly to utility companies. Utility companies in Louisiana include:

  • Atmos Energy
  • Beauregard Electric Cooperative
  • Centerpoint Energy
  • Dixie Electric Membership Corporation
  • Entergy
  • Lafayette Utility System
  • Southwest Louisiana EMC
  • Southwestern Electric Power Company
  • Terrebonne Parish

Louisiana LIHEAP Assistance

Assistance from LIHEAP helped more than 50,000 households meet heating and cooling costs. Crisis applications and weatherization to reduce energy bills were also covered by the money disbursed. In 2012, the federal government has given Louisiana more than $32 million for residential heating and cooling support. The minimum LIHEAP payment for heating and cooling assistance is $150, but households can qualify for up to $600. The total amount received by each applicant is determined by total household size, income, type of home and average heating and cooling bills.

LIHEAP Application & How to Apply

Applications for LIHEAP are not available online. Residents need to contact Louisiana’s Housing Finance Agency at 1-888-454-2001 for more information. Local community action agencies are also available in each Louisiana parish to help local residents apply for LIHEAP.

LIHEAP in Louisiana accepts applications between October 1 and March 31 for heating funds and April 1 and September 30 for cooling funds. Crisis applications are accepted year-round. There is a limited amount of money in the LIHEAP fund, so not all applications will be accepted.

When you apply for LIHEAP, you need to meet income guidelines. For the 2012 year, income guidelines are set at 60% of the state median income. The state median income is changed each year so applicants denied one year may be eligible the next. You must reapply for the program each year.

LIHEAP Eligibility – Am I Eligible?

Before applying for LIHEAP you must meet the following income guidelines. Income is reported as gross income before deductions.

Family Size

60% of State Median Income













If there are more than 6 persons living in your home, you will need to adjust the maximum allowed income to reflect the total number of people living in the home. The state median income for the 2012 LIHEAP season was $66,109. 60% of $66,109 is $39,665. If there are six persons in your household, you can earn 132% of $39,665 or $52,358. For each additional family member you are allowed a 3% increase. For instance, a family of seven can earn 135% of $39,665 or $53,548.

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  1. Im a single mother and i need help with paying my light bill.please i didn’t know my family had lights in mu name and they ran it up to a 1000.00.Now i have a son and can’t get lights.please help


  3. i worked my whole life and now i can;t work.Nedd asst. but they say funds are depleted. Does anybody know where to get the help i need?

  4. i worked my whole life,paid taxes,social security medicare state taxes county taxes etc i broke 2 vertebras in my spine can not work Anybody knows where my taxes and benefits goes,I NEED HELP i have 3 little children

  5. I am on Social Security and I can’t afford to pay my electric bill. I have a Disconnect notice for Tomorrow morning. Please can someone help me. I am a Heart patient and I need my electricity to run my oxygen machine. Please God, let me find someone to help me before tomorrow morning. Amen

  6. My name is Lisa Guillot and I owe a past due bill with Cleco and I have $160.00 but I still owe $210.00 of a past due balance. They had gave me a extension and I asked for a second extension because I’m having difficult times and they told me no that I couldn’t get one that they didn’t do that anymore. They are scheduled to cut off my utilities this Friday 14th of November 2019 first thing in the morning if I don’t come up with the rest of the money which is $210.00 and it’s cold and I’m really in a bind I don’t want to get my utilities cut could you please help me if you have funds I would really appreciate it. I never hardly ask unless I really need.

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