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LIHEAP Maryland

LIHEAP in Maryland

Maryland residents can earn up to 175% of the federal poverty income level and still qualify for LIHEAP. LIHEAP is the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program regulated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Most states have an income level of 60% of the state median income or 150% of poverty, but the cost of living in Maryland is higher than other states, thus the increase. LIHEAP works by paying utility companies providing electric and natural gas money to help approved applicants during the coldest months of the year. Utility companies working with LIHEAP include:

  • Allegheny Power
  • Baltimore Gas and Electric
  • Berlin Electric
  • Citizens Energy
  • Columbia Gas
  • Delmarva Power (Conectiv)
  • Southern Maryland electric Co-Op
  • Washington Gas Light Co.

Maryland LIHEAP Assistance

Maryland LIHEAP Assistance helped more than 120,000 households in 2011 with benefits ranging from $96 to $975. The average benefit received by residents of Maryland was $451. While this payment may not be enough to relieve all heating bills during the winter, it is enough to keep the heat on for many residents. The federal LIHEAP money granted to Maryland for 2012 amounts to more than $52 million. This money is used for heating and crisis assistance. Applications for the heating program must be received between July 1 and March 21 for the winter season to follow. Crisis applications are accepted during the winter months between November 16 and March 31.

LIHEAP Application & How to Apply

If you need to apply for LIHEAP you can do so through the Maryland Department of Human Resources. Contact the department at 1-800-352-1446 or visit one of the community action agencies. There are agencies available in nearly every county in the state.

When applying for LIHEAP, remember to bring your latest heating bill and proof of income. You’ll also be asked to prove all family members living in the home are your responsibility and the size of the home so the total benefit can be calculated. All income coming into the home must be declared. Income is calculated as gross income before deductions.

LIHEAP Eligibility – Am I Eligible?

Do you want to apply for LIHEAP – you’ll need to meet these income guidelines first. The income guidelines are used to prove financial need, but crisis situations can occur, which is why there are crisis applications to prevent the heat from being disconnected in the winter months. You will still need to prove income and need when applying for crisis benefits.

Family Size

175% of Poverty

















If more than eight persons live in your household you’ll need to add $7,067 for each additional family member.

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  1. Extenuating circumstances led to the utility bill ballooning to $3800. The home owner was not aware the bill was not being paid. Is there any assistance that can be given to this homeowner. She is also a single parent.

  2. NOT working been looking for jobs for over a year now and my pepco bill is almost 2,000 cutoff notice is coming up within the week and need help ASAP, have 3 kids living in houe 9,6,3. please help us we need it been dealing with pepco and inaccurate bills for years now with no resolution, NEEED HELP ASAP!!!

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