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LIHEAP in Ohio

For low-income residents of Ohio, meeting heating bills can be a struggle during peak heating seasons. With cold winters, Ohio has a need for energy assistance provided by LIHEAP. LIHEAP, Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, is a federal fund that gives money to state governments for low-income residents. Each state has a different set of income guidelines based on the state median income and unique seasonal situations. In Ohio, heating assistance is provided by LIHEAP through funds disbursed to local utility companies. Some of the utility companies working with LIHEAP to help customers pay utility bills include:

  • Allegheny Power
  • American Electric Power
  • Columbia Gas
  • Columbus Southern Power
  • Consolidated Electric Co-Op
  • Dayton Power and Light
  • Dominion East Ohio
  • Duke Energy
  • Firelands Electric
  • Guernsey-Muskingum Electric Co-Op
  • Illuminating Company
  • Logan County Co-Op
  • Lorain-Medina Electric Co-Op
  • Midwest Electric
  • North Central Electric Co-Op
  • Ohio Edison
  • Ohio Power
  • Toledo Edison
  • Vectren

Ohio LIHEAP Assistance

Residents of Ohio receiving payments from LIHEAP, typically receive $125 per year. The maximum amount for heating assistance is $175. Crisis assistance may be more than heating assistance depending on the amount of the disconnect bill.

Applications for heating assistance are accepted between August 1 and May 31 each year. If you have a crisis need, you can apply between November 3 and March 31 with a copy of your disconnect notice.

LIHEAP funding for Ohio in 2012 is just more than $124 million. Last year more than 450,000 homes were kept warm with the help of LIHEAP.

LIHEAP Applications & How to Apply

LIHEAP applications involve meeting income qualifications and proving family size. Applicants are asked to bring a copy of a current utility bill for the company providing electric or natural gas used to heat the home. This is the company where funds from LIHEAP will be sent.

The Ohio Department of Development takes applications for LIHEAP. You can contact the department at 1-800-282-0880. If you are calling from Franklin County, call 1-612-752-8808. Local offices are available in nearly every county of the state so residents can find a convenient location to submit their LIHEAP application.

LIHEAP Eligibility – Am I Eligible?

Eligibility is determined based on 200% of the federal poverty line. This is one of the highest income limits allowed by LIHEAP.

Family Size

200% of Poverty

















If your family has more than eight members, add $7,640 for each additional family member to the amount listed for a family of eight. For instance, a family of 10 can earn up to $90,540 to qualify for LIHEAP.

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  1. i had heart attack on 11-9-2012 and i have heart cardiac on 12-12-2012 i cant work and i don’t have any income to pay my bills i have four kids please call me if you could help me thank you

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  2. I am disabled, on a fixed income and in need of utility assistance for my electric & gas. Please call me if you can help me. Thank you,

  3. I am a disabled individual and I have a past due gas bill with dominion east ohio gas company the bill is over $4,000 and I ca’nt pay that. I would like to know if you can heeelp me.

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