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LIHEAP Oklahoma

LIHEAP in Oklahoma

Oklahoma LIHEAP provides low-income energy assistance to families and individuals in need. Heating benefits are paid to utility companies to help reduce the risk of disconnection when heating bills are highest. LIHEAP is not the same as utility company programs that provide monetary assistance for customers. Residents must apply for LIHEAP and supply the name of a local utility company providing heat for the home. Utility companies in Oklahoma include:

  • American Electric Power
  • Canadian Valley Electric
  • Indian Electric Cooperative
  • Northeast Oklahoma Electric Co-Op
  • Oklahoma Electric Co-Op
  • Oklahoma Gas and Electric
  • Oklahoma Natural Gas
  • Public Service Company

Oklahoma LIHEAP Assistance

More than 95,000 homes received LIHEAP assistance in 2011. During the 2012 LIHEAP application season, utility customers can apply for more than $26 million given to the state for the program. Applicants earn a benefit between $100 and $300, depending on family size and need. When the funding for LIHEAP dries up, no further applications will be processed until the next calendar year.

LIHEAP assistance is just one of the programs available for low-income families. Contact your utility company to find out more about local programs for low-income energy assistance. Some of the available programs for residents of Oklahoma include:

  • Hand-N-Hand
  • Light A Life
  • Operation RoundUp

LIHEAP Applications & How to Apply

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services accepts applications for LIHEAP. The main office is available to answer questions at 1-866-411-1877, but residents must visit local offices to submit an application. There is no application available online, so you must contact your local office for an application and details about documents needed during your appointment. Applying for LIHEAP could mean you will qualify for other state and federal assistance programs. Some of the documents you will be required to submit with your application include:

  • Proof of Income
  • Proof of Family Size (Social Security Cards)
  • Proof of Utility Bills

Other documentation may be required, which is why it is best to call your local office before showing up for a LIHEAP application.

LIHEAP Eligibility – Am I Eligible?

If you live in Oklahoma, you can earn no more than 130% of the federal poverty income line to qualify for LIHEAP. There is no limit to the amount of people living in your household, but you will be required to prove family size.

Family Size

130% of Poverty

















If your family has more than eight members, add $4,966 for each additional member. For instance, if your family has 10 members, you can earn up to $58,851.

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  1. need help, dhs isn’t offering liheap right now and none of the charities have the funding. I have 2 small boys and I work but my electric is off. it is cold. please help

  2. I am a single man with only about 400.00 per month. I cannot pay my utilities (electric especially) until I can scrape up the money to pay or have to borrow from family.They are unable to help anymore. Please advise.

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