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LiHEAP South Dakota

LIHEAP in South Dakota

The low-income home energy assistance program, LIHEAP, is a federally-funded assistance program that provides funding to states. The state agencies in-turn provides funds to utility companies and residents so you can pay for heating and cooling expenses. You can also use LIHEAP funding to pay for expenses in the event a crisis situation arises. Each year residents are required to apply for benefits. LIHEAP is not a recurring program. In 2010, South Dakota LIHEAP assisted 19,536 individuals and families. Aside from state agencies, residents can apply for South Dakota LIHEAP through utility companies, including:

  • Mid American Energy
  • Sioux Valley Electric Association
  • West River Electric Association

South Dakota LIHEAP Assistance

The South Dakota Department of Social Services and South Dakota Community Action Agencies are two of the resources that provide South Dakota LIHEAP assistance to residents and families that have difficulty paying your heating expenses. Since the state operates on limited LIHEAP funding, you will need to apply for funding as early as possible in order to secure payments. Individuals and families must submit an application and await approval prior to receiving funding. When your application is approved, you will receive assistance. As of 2008, the South Dakota LIHEAP heating benefits were $235 (minimum) and $865 (maximum).

LIHEAP Application & How to Apply

Throughout the year, South Dakota LIHEAP accepts applications, but the payments are distributed during select times during the year. Individuals and families that qualify for assistance will receive South Dakota LIHEAP payments October 1 to March 15 to cover heating expenses. Crisis payments arrive between October 1 and March 15.

Families and individuals can apply for LIHEAP in South Dakota through the state Department of Social Service, Community Action Agencies and supporting utility companies. To receive income requirements and additional information regarding South Dakota LIHEAP applications, contact your local administering agency at 1-800-233-8503.

LIHEAP Eligibility – Am I Eligible?

In order to qualify for South Dakota LIHEAP assistance, individuals and families must meet federal income guidelines. The income level is 160% of the federal poverty level, set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, as of 2011.

Family Size

160% of Poverty

















With each additional family member, you add $6,112 to the total household income, at the current 160% of poverty.

When individuals and families fall within the 160% of poverty level, you can apply for South Dakota LIHEAP assistance. Contact your utility company or the state Department of Social Services.

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