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LiHEAP Tennessee

LIHEAP in Tennessee

When residents need assistance with heating or cooling costs, the state provides assistance in the form of LIHEAP. This program is designed to assist qualified low-income residents pay for heating and cooling expenses during specific months out of the year. LIHEAP in Tennessee is funded by the federal government. Residents that qualify and subsequently receive Tennessee LIHEAP funds must apply for funding on a yearly basis. As of 2011, Tennessee LIHEAP assisted 112,368 residents with heating expenses and 2,677 residents with cooling expenses. The program is funded by the state as well as utility companies throughout Tennessee. The participating utility companies include:

  • Appalachian Power
  • Athens Utility Board
  • Atmos Energy
  • Clarksville Department of Electricity
  • Cumberland Electric
  • Duck River Electric
  • Holston Electric Co-op
  • Jackson Energy Authority
  • Knoxville Utilities Board
  • Meriwether Lewis Electric Co-op
  • Middle Tennessee Electric
  • Memphis Gas, Light and Water
  • Mountain Electric Co-op
  • Morrisville Utility Service
  • Newport Utilities
  • Piedmont Natural Gas
  • Sequachee valley Electric Co-op
  • Southwest Tennessee Electric
  • Trenton Light and Power
  • Upper Cumberland Electric

Tennessee LIHEAP Assistance

The Tennessee Department of Human Services and Tennessee Community Action Agencies assist in the dispersing of Tennessee LIHEAP payments. The agencies are run on limited budgets, so individuals and families that need Tennessee LIHEAP assistance are advised to seek funding early. Residents are required to submit an application with the required financial information. Upon approval, you will receive funds through the Tennessee Department of Human Services, Tennessee Community Action Agencies or your local utility provider. The benefits provided by Tennessee LIHEAP were $300 (minimum) and $600 (maximum), as of 2011.

Utility companies throughout the state also provide Tennessee LIHEAP assistance. Contact your utility provider to see if the companies support the assistance program.

LIHEAP Application & How to Apply

LIHEAP in Tennessee accepts applications throughout the year. The funds are distributed on a need basis throughout the calendar year. Since Tennessee LIHEAP funds are allocated on a yearly basis, you will need to apply each year. You can contact the Tennessee Department of Human Services and Tennessee Community Action Agencies in order to submit your application in a timely basis at 1-615-313-4766.

LIHEAP Eligibility – Am I Eligible?

In order to qualify for Tennessee LIHEAP, individuals and families must meet federally-based income guidelines. Families and individuals must be at or below 150% of the federal poverty level. As of 2011, the federal poverty levels established by the Department of Health and Human Services were:

Family Size 150% of Poverty
1 $16,335
2 $22,065
3 $27,795
4 $33,525
5 $39,255
6 $44,985
7 $50,715
8 $56,445

If you are in a household with more than eight members, you must add an additional $5,730 for each member.

Contact the Tennessee Department of Human Services, your utility company or Tennessee Community Action Agencies to see if your qualify for Tennessee LIHEAP assistance.

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  1. To whom it my concerns. I am in need of help i am a senion citzens my unitly is off have been off from october 2011 i am on a fix income i am not able to work i am living in my house in this condisions if i could work i would senion need from time to time thank you

  2. To whom this may concern, My name is Angela Douglas and I am about to get my utilities turned off. I need some help immediately. I have been laid off from work. Can you help assist me?

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  4. I am trying to find some options for my mother who is very low income and is unable to pay her bills, she is 60 years old and a widow, since my father passed away 3 years ago she has been unable to pay any of her bills and most things have gotten shut off I do my best to help her where I can but I am not able to help her pay her bills because I have my own I help buy her some groceries when I can or give her gas money when she may need it I have looked and called about low income housing for her and looked for ways that she could be able to afford the things she needs and also pay her bills so that she isnt having to struggle as much.

  5. Need help to pay my light bill. I have been sick and missed some work days. And my lights r to be turn off on Oct 19,2015. Please help

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