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LiHEAP Texas

LIHEAP in Texas

LIHEAP is available to qualified low-income residents throughout the state of Texas. The program is funded solely by the federal government with the funds dispersed to state level governments. Texas LIHEAP then allocates funds to the Department of Housing and Consumer Affairs as well as local utility companies. The funds allocated from LIHEAP in Texas assisted 23,863 residents with their heating expenses and 125,846 residents with their cooling expenses in 2010.

The utility companies that assist with Texas LIHEAP payments include:

  • Atmos Energy
  • Austin Energy
  • Central Power and Light
  • Central Texas Electric Co-op
  • CPS Energy
  • Denton Municipal
  • El Paso Electric
  • Entergy
  • First Choice Power
  • Lubbock Power and Light
  • New Braunfels Utilities
  • Reliant
  • Sam Houston Electric Co-op
  • San Bernard Electric Co-op
  • South Plains Electric Co-op
  • Southwest Public Service
  • Southwestern Electric Power
  • TXU Energy
  • Texas-New Mexico Power
  • United Cooperative Services
  • West Texas Utilities

Texas LIHEAP Assistance

Residents, individuals and families can contact the Texas Department of Housing and Consumer Affairs or Texas Community Action Agencies in order to apply for Texas LIHEAP assistance. Although funding is available throughout the year, individuals and families should apply as early as possible in order to secure funding. A requirement of Texas LIHEAP includes applying and submitting an application with the required information. Failure to provide the appropriate information could void the application and cause delays. If your application is accepted, you can expect to receive approximately $1,200 in heating and/of cooling assistance.

In the event you do not qualify for the maximum amount issued by LIHEAP in Texas, you can contact your utility provider for additional funding. Aside from heating and cooling assistance, utility company offer weatherization tips to reduce energy costs as well as discounted energy rates.

LIHEAP Application & How to Apply

LIHEAP in Texas accepts applications throughout the year for crisis assistance as well as heating assistance. Cooling assistance is only available between March and November. With no set date to turn in applications, Texas LIHEAP provides funding throughout the year, except in the case of cooling expenses.

Individuals and families are provided several ways to apply for Texas LIHEAP assistance. You can contact the Texas Department of Housing and Consumer Affairs or your local supporting utility company. If you have questions or concerns regarding your application, status of your application or approval of your Texas LIHEAP application, contact the Texas Administering Office at 1-877-399-8939.

LIHEAP Eligibility – Am I Eligible?

Eligibility for LIHEAP in Texas is based upon income guidelines set by the federal government. In order to qualify for Texas LIHEAP assistance, individuals and families must meet or be below the 125% of poverty threshold. As of 2011, the poverty guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services were:

Family Size 125% of Poverty
1 $13,613
2 $18,388
3 $23,163
4 $27,938
5 $32,713
6 $37,488
7 $42,263
8 $47,038

In the event you household consists of more than eight members, you will need to add an additional $4,775 for each member of the household at the current 125% of poverty level.

If you or your household falls within the established federal income guidelines, you should contact your utility provider or the Texas Department of Housing and Consumer Affairs regarding LIHEAP in Texas.

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  1. I am having huge problems w/paying my utility bills at this time. I just started receiving Medicare on 1/1/2013, which took the monthly premium out of my Social Security check, which left me very short of money for my TXU bill this month AND next month. Hopefully after that I will be able to maintain. However, I would appreciate any and all help I might receive from your agency. I was just recently approved for food stamps and for the assistance w/my medicare Part B premium. I really need some help at this time for the next few months. Thank you.
    Please send forms to me to complete.

  2. We can’t pay our big electric bill. My wife and I are on Social Security and have conservatership of grandaughter age 12. She is on Medicaid and we have grown unemployed daughter living with us and her 9 year old daughter is on medicaid also. Please help and send us an application or e-mail us one. Thanks Doug Baker.

  3. hi my name is rosanya hamilton i was needing assistance on paying my electirc and waterbill do to the fact that iam on a set income and always have trouble paying it could you plz email me so that i can submit my app over the phone if thats possible thank you

  4. Please send me the necessary papers for applying. I am a disabled senior citizen who is on social security disability. I am a 61 year old black male. My fixed income status should qualify me. Thank You for helping me with this issue in my life…….

  5. Need Assistance with light and Water Bill,SSI not enough to cover everything, Transportation to a from Dr. Appointments, Im on Diaylsis 3-4 times a week grocery shopping is a major problem.


  7. i lost my job and have no income coming in at this time! my electric bill is due 8/19/15. how do i apply to get help? thank you!

  8. I should be moving into my HUD/VASH Sec.8 apartment on Feb. 1st, 2016 and need help with my electricity bills. My annual income is $8,200. Are you able to assist me?

  9. I’m in a bad situation and needing help with utility bills.
    My gas is about to be cut,and I’m pending a disability outcome,please help.

  10. I am desperate for help. I am trying to survive stage 3 breast cancer. I can’t work I have a large hole, about 1/2 my chest I am trying to get to heal. I have to have another year of chemo if this ever heals but I need help with utilities. Electric and Water. Thank you for considering me!

  11. my income tax was taken from me because of student loans and 6 put me really behind on everything so this program would really help me and my 3 girls.

  12. My family is going through a rough episode at this time. I need a little help with paying our electric bill please. I have some of the funds to do so but just need some help with the remaining amount. Any help no matter the size would be appreciated. Just need some help as soon as you can please. Thanks for your time and consideration.

  13. I am raising a 7 year old. With no help from his people.
    With the money from ssdi it is never enough to pay electric.

  14. Hi, I am a disabled senior female on a wvery small widows pension, I just got on medicare in june an this months premium was taken out of my pension, I sold my house in order to save my daughters house which was already to go onthe auction block, she then stole from me whatever little money was left and kicked me out of the house I saved for her, needless to say im renting but just recieved a huge electric bill with a disconnect order, I cannt pay it

  15. I’m in a bad situation and needing help with utility bills. My lights and Gas are due for cut off Today

    I have been off sick also, I am a full time student please help.

  16. I currently live with my mother in law who is disabled & cannot work and I have a 4yr old daughter. I have been out of work for quite awhile, and do not receive any help whatsoever from anyone. I have no idea how I am going to pay this $800 electric bill, which is actually almost $900. It is the weekend now and our water has already been shut off and will not be able to be turned on NO MATTER WHAT until after the weekend.

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