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LIHEAP in Utah

LIHEAP, low-income home energy assistance program, is a service funded by the federal government that provides funds to states and in-turn to residents of Utah that meet strict income guidelines. LIHEAP in Utah is financial-based, so not every resident will qualify for assistance nor receive assistance. The applications for LIHEAP in Utah are accepted throughout the year with funds distributed during select months. Several counties in Utah distribute LIHEAP assistance payments throughout the year, including, Washington, Davis, Morgan and Weber County. Aside from Utah LIHEAP, you local utility company could potentially supplement your assistance. The companies that provide assistance include Questar and Rocky Mountain Power. As of 2011, Vermont LIHEAP has provided assistance to 46,938 residents.

Utah LIHEAP Assistance

The two main sources of Utah LIHEAP assistance include the Utah Division of Housing and Community Development and Utah Community Action Agencies. As a resident of Utah, you are required to apply for services. The state will not simply offer assistance based upon your income level. Individuals and families will need to apply for services and turn in the application with all pertinent information in order to be considered for Utah LIHEAP assistance. Upon approval, the Utah Department of Housing and Community Development of your local utility company receive the Utah LIHEAP funding. As of 2011, the Utah LIHEAP benefits distributed were $360 (average) and $625 (maximum).

Contact your utility provider regarding Utah LIHEAP services. Utility companies tend to offer supplemental and alternative programs to residents that do not qualify for the maximum benefit amounts.

LIHEAP Application & How to Apply

Individuals and families have the ability to apply for LIHEAP in Utah throughout the year, although assistance is only available during select months. The funding is distributed between November 1 and April 30. Several counties in Utah offer heating assistance through LIHEAP year-round. The counties include Washington, Morgan, Weber and Davis County. If you or your family is in a crisis situation, you may receive LIHEAP assistance year-round.

When applying for Utah LIHEAP assistance, contact the Utah Division of Housing and Community Development at 1-877-488-3233 for information regarding application requirements and income guidelines. You can also contact your local utility provider for additional information regarding LIHEAP in Utah.

LIHEAP Eligibility – Am I Eligible?

In order to become eligible for LIHEAP in Utah, residents must meet federal income guidelines. As of 2011, individuals or families must be at or below 150% of the poverty level. The federal poverty level set by the Department of Health and Human Services is as follows:

Family Size 150% of Poverty
1 $16,355
2 $22,065
3 $27,795
4 $33,525
5 $39,255
6 $44,985
7 $50,715
8 $56,445

For each additional member above the threshold of eight, you will add $5,730. This amount is based upon a family living at or below 150% of the federal poverty level.

Families and individuals that meet these federal income guidelines should contact the Utah Division of Housing and Community Development, your utility provider or a Utah Community Action Agency in order to benefit from LIHEAP in Utah.

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