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LiHEAP Wisconsin

LIHEAP in Wisconsin

LIHEAP is federally funded heating assistance program that funds state programs. In turn, the state provides funds to residents in need, either to pay heating expenses or on a crisis basis. When residents apply for LIHEAP in Wisconsin, you will need to apply on a yearly basis in order to receive funding. You can either contact the local Division of energy services at 1-866-432-8947 or your local utility provider. As of 2010, Wisconsin LIHEAP assisted 225,382 residents.

Wisconsin LIHEAP Assistance

Two resources available to residents that need to apply for Wisconsin LIHEAP assistance is the Wisconsin Division of Energy Services and the Wisconsin Community Action Agencies. Each of the agencies run on a limited yearly budget, so residents should apply for funding as soon as applications are accepted. In order to receive assistance, you will need to submit an application to the Wisconsin Division of Energy Services. Once your application is accepted, the funds can be used to cover your heating expenses or your crisis energy expenses. The approximate funding levels for residents that qualified for Wisconsin LIHEAP assistance were $10 (minimum), $455 (average) and $1,200 (maximum), as of 2011.

Another resource available to customers is utility companies. The companies that offer assistance include:

  • Adams-Columbia Electric Co-Op
  • Alliant
  • Cedarburg Light and Water
  • Chippewa Valley Electric Co-Op
  • Citizens energy
  • Jefferson Utilities
  • Madison Gas and Electric
  • Manitowoc Public Utilities
  • Menasha Utilities
  • New Holstein Utilities
  • New Richmond Utilities
  • Oakdale Electric Co-Op
  • Oconomowoc Utilities
  • Plymouth Utilities
  • Richland Community Co-Op
  • River Falls Municipal Utilities
  • St. Croix Electric
  • Scenic Rivers Energy Co-Op
  • Sun Prairie Water and Light
  • Two Rivers Water and Light
  • Waupun Utilities
  • We Energies
  • Xcel Energy

LIHEAP Application & How to Apply

LIHEAP in Wisconsin allows residents to submit applications throughout the year to cover heating expenses. After you application is accepted, the funds are distributed between October 3 and May 15 each year. Individuals and families requiring crisis assistance are eligible for funds throughout the year.

When applying for LIHEAP assistance in Wisconsin, you can contact the Wisconsin Division of Energy Services as well as your local utility provider. The Division of Energy Services can be reached at 1-866-432-8947.

LIHEAP Eligibility – Am I Eligible?

In the event you apply for LIHEAP assistance in Wisconsin, you are required to meet the minimum guidelines set by the federal government. Your current household income must be at or below the state median income of 60%. The state income guidelines for 2011 were as followed:

Family Size 60% of State Median Income
1 $24,319
2 $31,802
3 $39,285
4 $46,768
5 $54,250
6 $61,733

The median household income for a family of four is approximately $77,946. In the event the size of your family is larger than six people. The guidelines for your family income will need to be adjusted. The qualifying means of measurement for a family of six is approximately 60% of the average state median family income or 132% of the state median income (adjusted). The state median income (adjusted) for 2012 was $46,767. As the family size increases, the income allowance increases by approximately 3%. For example, a family with seven members must earn at or below 135% of the state median income (adjusted) or approximately $62,727.

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  1. I need help paying for my electric bill from we energies who can help? I have limited income and receive Social Security Disability and have COPD Lung Disease that effects my breathing and I’m on oxygen 24 hours a day and need air conditioning in summer due to my Illness. My phone # is 262-422-1373 and i live in Wisconsin and have we energies for my electric and heat and cooling. my son and his girlfriend live with me because the lost there place to live due to being unable to pay rent and other bills because of only having gotten a part time job after collage

  2. I just lost my job and have no current form of income to pay my Alliant Energy Bill. Where can I get help. I live in Beaver Dam Wisconsin.

  3. I’m on disability an my husband’s hours got cut and now our electric has been turned off and I can’t find any one to help. I don’t know what to do. All I’ve done all day today is cry and to top it all of I’mhaving a minor back surgery on Monday. I’m at my wit’s end please help.

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