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What To Do When You Can’t Pay Your Lowe’s Bill

As one of the major suppliers of building supplies, Lowe’s offers everything individuals or contractors need to do small home improvement projects or build a house from the ground up, including Lowe’s credit cards to finance the projects. Lowe’s 1750 hardware stores are scattered throughout the United States as well as in Canada and Mexico. They also offer online shopping at Lowe’s.com.

As a part of their service to customers, Lowe’s offers a couple of options for credit cards, which are easily found on a tab on the main page. The credit offers include:

  • Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card
  • Lowe’s Project Card
  • Lowe’s Business Credit

Of interest in this article are the consumer lines of credit. The consumer credit card offers exclusive financing offers, a wide range of available credit lines, low monthly payments, and no annual fee. Lowe’s credit card also has online account management and payment options and offers either a 5 % discount off of purchase online or in the store, or special six month no interest financing. The offers must be chosen at time of purchase and cannot be combined.

The Lowe’s Project Card is specifically designed to finance home projects and offers generous credit lines for large projects. It begins with no interest during each six-month purchase period, and fixed monthly payments for four to 10 years after purchase has been completed. Because this is designed to finance large projects, this form of Lowe’s credit requires a minimum $1,000 first purchase.

How To Pay The Bill

Pay Online:
Lowe’s offers a convenient method to pay your Lowe’s bill online by logging on here: https://credit.lowes.com/LowesMarketing/marketing/LowesLogin.jsp

Pay by Phone

You can pay your Lowe’s bill by phone over this number: 1-800-444-1408.

Pay by Mail

You can pay your Lowe’s bill by mail by sending a check to:

Lowe’s Billing
PO Box 530914
Atlanta, GA 30352-0914

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

The Terms and Conditions page details information on late payment fees and transaction fees. Contact 1-800-444-1408 to reach customer service.

How The Penalty Fees Work

Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card has an APR of 24.99% They offer 26 days to pay off your balance without incurring interest.

Late fees vary depending on the balance, ranging from $20 – $39.

Lowe’s Project Card offers six months no interest, but after that six-month purchase period ends, they charge an APR of 7.99% to 17.99% . It was not clear what determined which rate will be applied.

I Can’t Make A Payment

Lowe’s billing information did not provide any information on how they would respond to customer’s struggling to make payments. However, we found numerous reports of customers having difficulties with Lowe’s credit card payments, even when they were keeping up with payments. Lowe’s was not properly crediting payments and several customers had collections agents contacting them. This would indicate that Lowe’s is not helpful when it comes to customer’s struggling with payments.

Will They Work With Me To Pay My Bill

We are actively pursuing information on how Lowe’s helps customers who struggle to pay their bills. If you have had an experience, whether good or bad in working with Lowe’s credit card, please email us and let us know!

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  1. I am having troubles receiving my Lowe’s bill. I am sure a payment is due but have not received any bill in the mail.

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