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Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Memphis Light Gas and Water Bill

Memphis Light, Gas and Water is a utility company providing service for residential and business customers in Memphis, Tennessee. The company offers:

  • Online bill payment
  • Online charge analysis
  • Information for residential customers, business customers and contractors
  • Utility assistance

How to Pay Your Bill

Pay online (electronically): You can pay your Memphis Light Gas and Water bill online by visiting

Pay by mail: Payments by mail should be sent to:

Memphis Light, Gas and Water – Accounts Payable
PO Box 388
Memphis, TN 38145

Pay by phone: Customers should call 1-866-315-0277 to make payments by phone. Payment methods accepted include check, savings account, credit card and debit card.

Pay automatically: Automatic payments should be set up from your online account. Payments are deducted from your bank account on the due date each month.

Pay in person: In person payments are available to Memphis Light, Gas and Water customers. Payments are accepted at:

  • TIO Self-Service Kiosks
  • Authorized MLGW Agents
  • MLGW Offices
  • 24-Hour Express Pay Stations

How the Penalty Fees Work

Memphis Light, Gas and Water supplies electric, gas and water services all on one bill. If the customer is late paying a bill, there are late fees assessed for each of these services. The late payment fee is charged as a percentage of the total amount past due. This amount is not revealed on the official website.

  • Gas late fee: Percentage of total amount past due.
  • Electric late fee: Percentage of total amount past due.
  • Water late fee: Percentage of total amount past due.

I Can’t Make a Payment

Extended payment plan: A payment plan is available for customers having trouble meeting utility costs. Customers should call 1-800-544-6549 for more information on payment plans. A payment arrangement can be requested from your online account.

Net due date program: Customers receiving a regular monthly check from retirement or government agency can request a due date extension until after income is received.

Holiday break bill: Customers with a balance more than $399 can request a deferment during the holidays. The deferment lasts from December 15 until January 14 each year. The customer is still responsible for payment after the deferment.

Winter moratorium: Elderly and disabled customers may be eligible for deferment of payment during December, January and February. Customers must contact customer service for more information. Required documents for application include:

  • Proof of age
  • Proof of disability
  • Payment of any past due amount before December 1

Third party notification: Customers can choose to have a copy of past due bills sent to a third party, such as a family member. This family member is not responsible for payment, but they have the option of making payment to stop service cutoff. Another program available through Memphis Light, Gas, and Water is LIHEAP. This program is funded by the federal government and provides heating and cooling assistance to customers that can’t pay your bill. A common question is how to qualify for energy assistance with LIHEAP? You can request information from customer service or the local Department of Social Services. LIHEAP has limited funding, so we recommend you apply for benefits early.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Was Memphis Light, Gas and Water a great company to work with when paying pas due bills? Did they leave you without any options for paying past due bills? Tell us your experiences.

6 Comments on “Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Bill
  1. I live in a (1) bedroom apartment along. I work 8hours a day and ride the city transportation. I can not believe the amount of my utility bill per month. I gone from my apartment on a average day 12 hours. There is no way for my bill to run the amount it has been. My utility bill is more that my rent. This month along I have paid MLG&W so far $300.00 with over $400.00 balance left still. I am making a mininum payment a month of at least $100.00 to $125.00 monthly payment and still have almost a $700.00 bill as of today 9.27.12.. If some one could please look into this matter and let me know what’s really going on with my utility bills. if you need further information please set up me a appointment time to come in and speak to someone regarding this balance. thanks

  2. i live in two bebroom apartment and my bill runs me $75-$100 a month. so you might want is you got to many things running when you are not there.

  3. MLG&W has the worst communication of anyone I have ever been acquainted with! Your statement gives phone numbers that continue to give you phone number after phone number & never receive the correct issue of getting MLG&W’s person to handle their issue! I need someone to cancel our payment with our credit card this month because the payment has already been sent to you. It took my husband and I, 2 hours w/MLG&W to get our billing payment on line with our credit card! We were told it would not be active until next month! Cannot believe a company as large as MLG&W would have this terrible communication for their clients!

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