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MetroPCS Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your MetroPCS Bill

MetroPCS is a cell phone company offering various rate plans for unlimited calling, text message and smartphone service. There are no contracts to sign when choosing MetroPCS, but the customer must purchase a phone outright before starting service. Rate plans available include:

  • $40 Unlimited – Unlimited local, nationwide long distance, domestic text and web browsing.
  • $45 Unlimited – All $40 Unlimited features with unlimited international calling.
  • $50 Unlimited – All $40 and $45 Unlimited features with unlimited email and instant messaging.
  • $60 Unlimited Blackberry – Unlimited features from the $50 Unlimited plan for Blackberry phones.
  • $40 4G – All $40 Unlimited features on 4G with 100 MB streaming.
  • $50 4G – All $40 4G features with 1GB streaming.
  • $60 4G – All $50 4G features with unlimited streaming.

How to Pay the Bill

You can pay your MetroPCS cell phone bill with an activated MetroPCS account.

The online payment address is:

Other payment options include:

Paying with eWallet: Set-up your eWallet account from your MetroPCS account page and enter payment information. Make a one-time payment or setup recurring payments.

Paying with BillFloat: Apply for payment from BillFloat. If approved, BillFloat will pay your bill now and you have 30 days to pay BillFloat back.

Paying by Phone: Call MetroPCS bill pay customer service 1-888-8metro8 or dial *99 from your cell phone.

Paying inStore: Pay in person at any MetroPCS store during regular business hours or use the DropBox for payment 24 hours a day.

Paying by Mail: Mail payments to

MetroPCS Wireless, Inc.
PO Box 5119
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119

Pay by VC Pay: Android and Blackberry users can download the VC Pay application for one-time payments.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account.

If you have questions about certain fees on your statement such as state tax, USF fee, WNP fee, account reactivation, or text talk fees, then check out the Customer Service FAQ. You can reach customer service at 1-888-863-8768

How the Penalty Fees Work

MetroPCS does not charge penalty fees because the service is billed in advance. There are no contracts, but service will be immediately interrupted if payment is not made on the listed due date. To restart service:

  • Contact customer service.
  • Pay outstanding balance.
  • Wait a brief period for reactivation.

I Can’t Make a Payment

MetroPCS does not utilize payment plans or staggered payments to resolve outstanding bills because all accounts are paid in advance. If a consumer has trouble paying a bill before the due date, BillFloat is available. To utilize BillFloat:

  • Apply for service from your MetroPCS account page.
  • Select the BillFloat payment option.
  • Repay BillFloat within 30 days of using the service.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Let us know about your MetroPCS experience. We’d like to hear from real customers dealing with the MetroPCS bill pay services.

86 Comments on “MetroPCS Bill
  1. I have spent an hour trying to pay my bill online and it is impossible. I try and cannot even enter my expiration date as there was no box to put it into. No matter where I tried to enter it, it would not go. When I tried something else, it took me out of that area imediatly and could not find my way back.
    Your old way of paying the bill was so easy an idiot could do it. this one is horrid.

  2. we just tried to pay our metro pcs bill and what an ordeal, it took over an hour. started with the online bill pay and it wanted a 8 digit code that we never received so, we called customer service as well as store we bought it from and they didn’t know it either but they could take payment for 3 dollars. so i told c.s. what i felt and hung up. the short of story is after several attemps we called the automated bill pay service and had to pay 2 dollars to pay our bill…………this is a great example of why metro pcs will never be a major player in the mobile phone service….honestly its not worth it because yea its 50 bucks …well 52 buck……..but what good is a phone with no service even if you were standing beside the tower it drops calls ….junck nothing but junck

    • I agree. The same thing happened to me. I tried to pay my bill online and it won’t go through. I go in the store they charge 3 dollars to pay. I call the phone number. The guy over the phone would not give me a supervisor or waive the fee. He kept saying it was my card. I used the same card to turn around and pay my electric bill. He was rude and poor customer service. We should not be charged to pay our phone bill.

  3. I’m unable to pay my bill on line. When i enter the phone# & click on continue it takes me to a webpage to order phones. I tried to register but when sending the information it stays idle on a blank page & does not give a webpage to enter information required to register.

  4. I tried pay my bill about 2 days ,and paid now I still can not use my phone,Metro sent the text to me about my balance bill is $0.0 but still can’t use,I called to the customer service,they can’t help….it is stupid and I hate and I want to quit Metro pcs.

    • I couldnt pay thru text nor online keeps saying my card isnt accepted. (nothing wrong with card) for the last 5 months I have had to pay 3 dollars to pay my bill. I think they are doing it on purpose to make more $$$$. I AM going to report them.

  5. I’m so frustrated by the updated metro site. Trying to pay my bill for the last hour now and still have yet to succeed. Wtf metro? Also I’ve been getting txts and calls from telemarketers now.why?here’s an idea, change your web site back!

  6. Finally got to where I can pay my bill and now it’s saying your metro authorization site is down!you guys are really disappointing me.

  7. Guess I just got’sta face it, METRO PCS SUCKS the big one. Complicated to pay my bill on-line. Waiting/trying to pay for over an hour.

  8. Well everyone is upgradingbut metro is down grading.For the past two days i having trying to pay my bill with no sucess.i even called. now they turn off my phone aand i still have 1/2 day left. The web is also off very often.I shall file a complaint with FCC line servives

  9. I believe this whole online-bill pay is a joke. I’ve tried off and on for the entire day (4-18-12) to make a payment online. I tried by cellphone online access and also with my own computer and either way, Metro PCS system wouldn’t allow the payment to be processed. I believe that Metro forces us into the different bill pay sites becuase they MUST get a cut somewhere! This should be a simple thing to do, but since we cann’t we have to go into an office if we want to avoil interruption in service…you see…”Got ya”!

  10. I have never been treated with such disrespect,ignorance and just plain old lack of common courtesy.Then I have been in the last 48 hours with what Metro PCS calls customer service.With what should of been a few minute procedure to pay my bill, turned into a which I was being intentionally sent to menus i did not request.Told I did not no answers that I was not asked,Put on hold for techs and disconnected over an over. Had customer support start programming an then an disconnect from me with no further instructions.was given half a new number then again disconnect.Listened to a computer say several times, mmmmm, I can,t seem to locate that number,And after hours of automated say .I did not understand your request, and calling the call metro number on the my metro page only to hear they tried to route my call they could not ,To call my carrier??? That is this number. Getting aggitated now I try to take a break an try again ,I need to pay my bill,Knowing at midnight That I most likely would be suspended ,where did my 611 go? it disappeared for hours ,But amazingly reappeared at 10pm to remind me to pay my bill, press*99 to pay I do press , and nothing , what is going on??? I know I,m going to get the run around untill midnight and my phone will be suspended.So with the thought of not saying goodnight to my little one I persits and push this and what can i help you with.. Yes I finally get a live person feeling relief because now the time is 11:50. But before I can even get a word out, I,M SORRY ,we are updating computers are down ,please call back in a half hour,I try and stress but my phone will be suspended by then. So I said but you already know that don,t you?From 1pm on April 30,2012 till midnight I was being treated like an idiot. till the suspension. I again tried at 10 am on may 1,2012.. with similar results as yesterday.. But after telling me I,m sorry we can,t help you.But would you like to take care of your bill at this time ,so with a new number a phone that won,t allow programing ,with not one strait answer from oh ten or more automated systems ,maybe 4 live assistants. My phone before suspension was worse than ever with settings missing locks?? and I hear but i can take care of your bill? and I would like an answer .

  11. MetroPCS sucks terrible horrible customer service.

    For over a week I argued, begged and pleaded at every level, 6 store reps, 6 online reps. In my opinion all of them incompetent and many rude. Autopay account deleted and recreate at least 4 times. Everyone keeps saying the same thing just go in and update to account info. The account was even verified by a Corporate Center supervisor. Phone service has been shut off twice. Even after the store manager at the corporate Center assured me that it ad been restored.

    Then I found the emails for coroprate HQ. Two emails to three execs and the problem was fixed in two hours. You do the math. Corporate email, fax number, phone number and my complaint letter is at SwensonStudio MetroPCS.htm

  12. Metro sucks! Its the worst gold digging company! 1 day Im told I can pay $10 to get a 30 day extension cause I am in the hospital worried about my kids while waiting to see if I need a liver transplant and now I try to call metro and they say they will not speak to me unless I pay! Go to hell metro owners! Every1 needs to look into “Simple Mobile”. No contract, low fees and great reception! Never had issues til I got metro POS. NO MORE GAMES W/ THIS UNGRATEFUL COMPANY. Then you wait forever to have it turned on when you pay!

  13. METRO (PCS)stands for piece of you know what! i have tried to pay my phone bill on my laptop. finally get to the screen to enter my account info and they are having technical difficulties. switched to my tablet. still have the same problem. wont even try it on my metro phone because that never works. this company sucks!, i guess they dont care about my biz, i am checking out other plans without contract. metro sucks!!! the grass is not greener on the metro side. dont leave your phone company thinking this is better. check other carriers before you get metro.
    im so irritated right now.

  14. Ok! Everybody I waited to pay my bill a day late and forgot to pay it before lunch and it gets turned off. So I go to McDonalds to free wifi it back on to find I cant find or.get to express pay which is always free of extra charges when you pay by credit card. It askin me if I was signed up on metrocard and I dont want to do that and never had done needed that before. Im also pissed that everytime i buy their phones the price drops dramitacally a month ortwo after i bought it. LG MOTION was $149 and now $50 after rebate. Im sick of this service, i always looking to be hopeful that t-mobile merge in march will increase their coverage

  15. Ok! I pay my bill before it was do and my phone got turned off, I call customer service and send me to the main store and they cant do nothing for me and I cant get no answer form customer service on the phone.

  16. Trying to pay my bill for 48 hours online by phone etc.. what a joke these guys suck going to the store tomorrow try to pay in person a holes wont even take my $ 1st month with them if I had not payed big bucks for the phone I would cancel now!! metro sucks big time!

  17. I just watned to pay my bill unfortuntly I cuod nt beacuse one full page advertisment come on realy I am very upset of this service

  18. I can’t believe metro I paid my bill the first of the month now they telling me they don’t have a record of my phone number its not in the system my phone doesent work and they said I have to go to a metro store the thing is I’m in a different state and I’m.. without a phone and my money wtf metro I always paid my bill every month now I can’t get service because u guys can’t find my account somebody please help me.

  19. Metro sucks – I have tried to make a payment for 2 days on line and the site will not let me, so I guess Metro making more money making customers come into the centers and paying $3. I’m changing phone service!

    • Exactly. Carolyn you are right. They try to make some more money from us by giving those trouble. Metro PCS going to loose its customer very soon if they don’t fixed that problem. Me either going to change my service if they don’t fixed that problem and let us pay online instead of going to store for payment.

  20. all of the automated payment systems suck!what a joke..make it difficult to…this company will dissolve within a year…you heard it here first

  21. ur not Metro because if u were we the customer woulding be complaining that u suck big time..thanks to T-mobile who now runs the store..thing got real bad..they are just giving us the run around with the bs …I think it time to get the gov-ment to look into T-mobile .because they suck before and they shore suck big time now..Metro u suck for selling to T-mobile..

  22. I just made a payment online just fine. I didn’t even have to log in. I’m not sure why everyone has experienced so many difficulties…

  23. Last month, i paid my bill online.
    This month i forgot to pay in time because i didn t receive their texting. I just remember that i didn t pay because everything is off, i can t text and call. I tried to catch up to pay my bill but it doesn t working. They said “we,re unable to load your account information at this time. Please try again later.” But it was only 6 pm, and now it’s 9 pm. Later when? What am i supposing to do? I was waiting an important calling. I just want to pay my bill

  24. I have never had an issue paying my bill online or over the phone. I love metro, they are always helpful when i have a question! I have been with metro for about 11 years and i love it!

  25. Why do i pay for 5 lines & dont get the service i pay for. Oh yeah i have to power down my Pos phone all the time it is always saying emergancy calls only with full singal or have to send text message over & over till it goes through end up with voicemails people calling me cant get through. I spend a $160 a month to get no service people get T-Mobile or track phone if you dont want a contract metro is a joke

  26. I followed the instructions to set up a 30 day bill float. I cannot find even the option in order to request it. I need help please. My phone is the only working one in the house and I have a disabled mother in law, and I need contact with her nurses and doctors,

  27. Can’t pay on line. now it is going to cost more to have them do it for me. put the web sight back this way sucks for me .

  28. ive tred to pay my bill online website takes my phone number and never returns haven’t ad any troble in the past usually punch in number asks if I want to not sign in so just pay 2 months in advance been trying to pay online for several days very inconvient frustrating

  29. They’ve got the game down. All of the above is true, sad to say I thought it was just me. I’ve been trying for 2 days, and doing everything right, but the system as well as their so-called c.s. is rude, and makes sure that you understand that you are the problem, not following the prompts correctly, and that’s their story, and they always stick to it. The phones are garbage, and No, with this lack of service, they won’t last long, and too many of us will be exceedingly happy. Infact, there’s another service that is on the horizon with the same offers, so I’m switching. Just one more that will help in putting them out of business. They’re just money hungry, and could care less about those who are paying for their lifestyle.

  30. This service suck i try to pay and i can’t call customer service you get rude reps. Then i pay with credit card the money is taken but show no record of them taking it wtf tgis sound very suspect. New service indeed. Ask fr extension till they figure it out i was told no. Wow first time for everything

  31. I haven’t try to make any online payments yet but when I do I hope it’s not that difficult like the others are saying.

  32. I have been a loyal customer for many years i recieve my pention the last business day of the month and my payment day is today can something be done to help me ? i need my service it’s important to me,please help.

  33. I sent Metro PCS a check and accidentally put one price where you write the number and another where I write it out. The bank paid out the lower amount and still they (Metro) are not crediting it. I tried calling the 888 number and it hung up on me when I wanted to talk to someone saying that I needed to decide what I wanted to do and to call them back when I knew. So now I am online trying to straighten this up to no avail!! I am so tempted to switch providers!

  34. I cannot afford to pay my phone bill I do not have no money I need help can you guys please help me pay my phone bill I really need help you my Buick 240$140

  35. I cannot afford to pay my phone bill I do not have no money I need help can you guys please help me pay my phone bill I really need help you my Buick $140

  36. Ok Im trying to figger out why my bill is double the amount its supposed to be ($40) A mounth. now iv not been able to pay but was not noticed fied about a charge in the last two mounth about it going up if i dont pay. thats sound like a contract phone and i belive that was the hole metro Pcs deal. Someone please help.

  37. I’m extremely tired of having to jump through hoops and pay extra fees every time I try to pay my bill, for my no contract phone! Are you kidding me?!

  38. I paid my MetroPSC bill on APRIL 30,2014 AS I HAD TO MAIL IT, BECAUSE I AM IN THE HOSPITAL. ISENT $55.00 DOLLARS TO clear STREAM, Illinois. THE BANK, woodforest, showed my check number 120 had been cashed. I HAVE CALLED metro six times and get different answers and in the meantime, I HAVE NO PHONE SERVICE. FUTHERMORE, I AM A SPEECH PATHOLOGIST AND I CAN’T UNDERSTAND THE AGENTS. PLEASE CHECK INTO THIS SITUATION FOR ME AS I NEED MY PHONE. THANKYOU.

  39. Trying to get help with an extention or something to pay bill found this website and was excited to read about billfloat ….. called metropcs and they dont even do it. They give you til the following day to pay and if u still cant pay then thry may or may not help you. Errr

  40. I am having a problem paying My bill. Every thing has changed. today it has taken me for well over an hour and have not yet paid.
    What is going on, never had so much trouble!


  41. So I’ve been trying to pay my phone bill online, and it continuously says “Payment made through credit/debit card was unsuccessful”. I know my card works because I don’t really use it unless I absolutely have too, and I absolutely have too currently. My guess is there’s something wrong with the website, and I’m hoping someone can fix it.

  42. Apparently metro pcs is under some type of repair… even the website cannot be acessed… wtf… they better have it fixed like soon! I need the phone right now! Damn… this is nuts… never seen nothing like this … unreliable…

  43. It will not let me pay my bill on the app or on the website with my visa card. This is the 4th month that this has happend and I have been going to the store to pay for the bill please someone help me

  44. Hi paid my boyfriends metro phone bill twice with my debit card on jan 27, 2017 online service by question is will the credit be added towards feb payment automatically?..or I still have to call it again to get my credit..I appreciate an answer to my question .thank u

  45. I tried to pay my bill online and I keep getting a message saying that my zip code is incorrect. I tried calling, they dropped me. one recording said I had $400.00 credit (highly unlikely) and then each time I called or emailed there was a problem and hang up. the last time I tried on the phone. before they hung up on me, the message said and just so you know, your bill is up to date. This seems to be a BOOTLEG COMPANY. I GOTTA DO BETTER!!!!

  46. I made a $40 payment with a debit card and they tried to take another $445 out of my account. Fortunately my bank stopped it, but it was really unethical and criminal. Interestingly, I just lost my free (used) phone, and want to cancel. They tell me I have to go into a store. I hate those salespeople.

  47. It seems that metroPSC options to pay on line or over the phone are just BLAB BLAH BLAH. Metro has become extremely disrespectful with customers as many people here assess. I was able to pay on line for many months, since I have been a customer of this company for 4 years. Now, however, it seems that all Metro cares about is to protect its vendors that charge $3.00 for the payment. I never her of a company that charges the customer for paying in person. That is just greedy! On top of disrespectful and cruel. Why cruel? Because not everyone has means of transportation to go to the closer Metro vendor. I am an elderly person who lives several miles far from the next city with Metro stores and DON’T DRIVE. In the United States there many towns, even cities, without public transportation. It is ridiculous and expensive to be forced to pay a taxi to go to a Metro place to pay and being charged $3.00. I feel like suing this company!

  48. most of metro customers are loyal to metro but metro is running his customers when come for them to pay their bill the old way of paying your bill was fast and easy metro lets get back paying our bills that way before its to late

  49. Its good to know that metro pcs is a reliable help to those who need their cell phone to keep in touch with their love ones during this crisis upon our country. Their generosity to extended the service for their customers is very helpful. Thanks metro pcs

  50. My phone is off due to late fee, today is December 29th, I will be getting my disability benefits on December 31st,is there anything I can have my phone turned back on and as I said I will pay my bill first thing Friday morning

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