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My Auto Loan Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your My Auto Loan Bill

My Auto Loan is a Horizon Digital Finance Company. There is an official website where loan holders can log in to make a payment and learn more about their account and auto loans offered by the auto finance company. My Auto Loan offers new auto loans, used auto loans and refinance auto loans.

How to Pay the Bill

Customers who apply for a My Auto Loan loan will receive Log In information to access their account. You can pay your bill and learn more about your loan through your online account.

Pay online: Use the Log In information you supplied when applying for your auto loan to log in to your My Auto Loan account at You can pay your My Auto Loan payment online.

Pay by mail: When you were approved for your My Auto Loan, you should have started receiving monthly statements or a payment booklet with coupons to send in with your payment. Use the address on your billing statement to mail your payment. There is no mailing address listed on the My Auto Loan website.

Pay by phone: You can call 1-866-625-2668 for more information about paying your loan payment by phone. The My Auto Loan website does not expressly state payments can be made at this phone number, but it is the dedicated phone number for loan applicants.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

There are times when your billing statement for your auto loan is confusing. There is nothing wrong with contacting customer service about your billing statement so you can better understand the money you’re expected to pay. Contact customer service at 1-866-625-2668. You can view a general set of FAQs and contact customer service by email, if desired.

How the Penalty Fees Work

If you look at your auto loan paperwork, you’ll notice penalty fees listed for late payments, returned payments and other penalties. These are charged to your account if you don’t pay your bill on time or if your payment is returned for non-sufficient funds. There is no complete list of fees on the My Auto Loan website.

I Can’t Make a Payment

If you’re unable to pay your auto loan bill with My Auto Loan by the due date, contact the customer service department for alternative payment options. These may include skipping a payment or moving the due date of your bill. If you don’t contact customer service, your bill will simply increase significantly until the financing company repossesses the vehicle.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

What is your experience with My Auto Loan? Does the company have in-house programs to work with financially strapped loan holders?

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  1. need a loan to pay 2 vehicle off and signature loan and bills on my credit report the amount I need is 6,600 if u can help me out I can make a payment of a mount of 250.00 a month if u can help me out

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