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National Fuel Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your National Fuel Bill

National Fuel is a gas company serving more than 700,000 people in New York and Pennsylvania. The gas company claims to be customer service oriented, but offers very little additional information on history or background of the business.

How to Pay the Bill

Pay online: Customers can pay your National Fuel bill online by visiting Customers must enroll for an online account before submitting an online payment.

Pay by mail: Mail payments can be sent to:

National Fuel
PO Box 4103
Buffalo, NY 14264

Pay by phone: Payments can be processed by phone only if payment is being made on the day of the call. No future payment dates are processed by customer service. To pay by checking account or savings account, customers call 1-866-999-3277. For debit and credit card payments call 1-866-999-7668.

Pay automatically: Direct debit is the fastest, easiest way of paying your National Fuel bill. Customers can sign up for direct debit from their online account page. Stopping a direct debit payment may require contacting National Fuel in writing.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

The National Fuel Frequently Asked Questions page offers a small amount of information on payment services and online billing, but fees are not discussed. Customers in New York can contact customer service at 1-716-686-6123 for detailed fee information. If you live in Pennsylvania, dial 1-814-871-8200 to access customer service.

How the Penalty Fees Work

National Fuel may charge fees or connection, disconnection and reconnection, in addition to late payment and insufficient funds fees. A deposit may be required to start service or restart service after a disconnection for non-payment.

  • Late payment fee: The late payment fee charged by National Fuel is 1.5% of the total bill owed. We also found reference to a $20 fee, but this may be a separate collection fee.
  • Reconnect fee: The amount of the reconnect fee is not revealed on the National Fuel website.
  • Collection fee: No collection fee is mentioned, but many utility companies charge a fee for collecting payments door-to-door.

I Can’t Make a Payment

Customer service for National Fuel was amazing. Our wait time was just under three minutes and the agent quickly reviewed the three options listed below.

  • Budget plan: The budget plan allows National Fuel to average payments based on use during the previous 12 months. National Fuel will review current use to determine a new budget plan amount regularly.
  • Deferred payment agreement: Customers can call 1-800-365-3234 to arrange for payment deferral. At the time of the call, the customer service agent will likely ask about income and family size. Some households may qualify for payment assistance based on this information.
  • Payment assistance: Payment assistance is available in New York and Pennsylvania. Programs differ by state, but all have certain conditions that must be met to qualify for assistance. Customer service is available at 1-800-365-3234 for information on payment assistance.
  • LIHEAP: As cold weather hits National Fuel customers in Pennsylvania and New York, fuel costs increase. LIHEAP home energy assistance program is available to low-income customers as a one-time payment that is designed to assist with heating and cooling costs. National Fuel recommends customers apply for assistance early do to limited funding for this program.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Did National Fuel work with you to pay your past due gas bill? Let us know how the company treated you and what options you were given.

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  1. My call was dropped twice on today. I need to pay this bill in person due to the due date. Where on Long Island can I do this. My zip code is 11743. Thank you

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