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NelNet Bill

What To Do When You Can’t Pay Your Nelnet Bill

National Education Loan Network, otherwise known as NelNet is a student loan owner and servicer. If you are having trouble paying off your student loans every month, there are several options you have available to work with so your accounts can remain in good standing and help improve your credit rating.

How To Pay The Bill

Nelnet offers multiple ways to pay your bill, to make it easy for customers. You can pay your bill online with an automatic recurring payment or with a one-time payment, through your bank’s online bill pay website, by phone, or y mail.

Pay online: For Nelnet bill pay online through KwikPay: visit: to setup automatic recurring payments from your bank account.

One-time payments: For Nelnet bill pay using Nelnet Pay or EDPay for one-time payments visit to make a one-time payment from your bank account. If you have NelNet loans and Department of Education loans, these will have to be paid separately, so you will have to repeat the process twice.

Automated telephone system: Call 1.888.486.4722. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but there is a $6.00 for each payment made with the system.

Online bill pay service: Log-in to your account and navigate to the necessary bill payment screen. Use the following information to complete the payment: NelNet as the payee, your account number (without using the letters D, E, or J) and your payment address. You can find the payment address on your statement.

Pay by mail: send payments the address on your payment coupon, with the envelope included with your statement. The address for payments varies, so if you have lost your payment coupon, please contact customer service to ensure you get the correct payment mailing address. To overnight your payment, send it to:

Attn: Loan Accounting Inventory Control
121 S. 13th Street
Lincoln, NE68508
P.O. Box 740283
Atlanta, GA 30374-0283

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Have you seen unfamiliar charges such as late payment fees, collection fees or interest charges on your NelNet billing statement or account? For a detailed explanation of your billing statement or account, we suggest you visit the NelNet FAQs. You have the ability to speak with a customer service representative at 1-888-486-4722 if the FAQs do not provide enough information.

How The Penalty Fees Work

There are penalties for late payments, payments less than the minimum amount due (if less than minimum amount due is total paid before due date), and charges if the bank returns your payment. You may also have to pay more interest overall for having missed payments because interest continues to accumulate for the entire term of the loan.

I Can’t Make A Payment

If you cannot make a payment, visit your online account to learn more about the various repayment plans and options including forbearance and deferment. If you need more information, speak to a customer service representative. Do not avoid speaking to the lender, as this will create negative affects on your credit report.

Will They Work With Me To Pay My Bill?

Yes, Nelnet will work with you. If you have experience with this company, please share it with our readers below.

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  1. How do I change accounts to make payments? I want to discontinue automatic payment from one account to another.

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