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Netflix Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Netflix Bill

Netflix offers online movie streaming and DVD rentals. The company recently split up streaming and online programs charging a separate fee for each. Customers can choose to order either streaming and DVD rentals or just one of the services. All DVDs are shipped via mail from the nearest shipping facility. Customers are not required to pay shipping and handling fees, but they are required to pay a monthly membership fee to maintain their Netflix subscription.

How to Pay the Bill

Many customers start a Netflix subscription with a free trial. The free trial lasts from two weeks to one month, depending on the trial details. When signing up for the trial, customers are required to enter a Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover credit card number. Bank debit cards with a credit card logo can be used for Netflix purchases. After the trial is complete, customers will pay the monthly service fee if the service is not cancelled.

Pay by credit card online: You can pay your Netflix bill online at Bills are automatically debited from the card used when the trial is started. Customers can change the method of payment from their online account at any time before the payment date. There is no option for paper billing.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Netflix is a company that offers various online streaming and DVD rental plans. The Help section of the Netflix site allows customers to search for information about billing, streaming and fees. If your question is not answered through this Help section, contact customer service at 1-888-811-1933. Customers can use the service code 888 000 for faster customer service.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Netflix is a pay-as-you-go service. There is no standing contract so customers are not charged penalty fees from Netflix if payments are denied. However, the credit card or bank account terms of service may outline penalty fees assessed for presenting charges without funds. Typical bank fees for insufficient funds transactions range from $10 to $40.

If customers choose the DVD rental plan from Netflix, they are responsible for returning the Netflix DVD when service is discontinued. Netflix will charge $25 per DVD if not returned.

I Can’t Make a Payment

There are no programs available from state or federal agencies to help consumers make Netflix bill payments. Netflix is a luxury service not required to maintain life or health. Thus, if customers can’t pay a Netflix bill the service will be discontinued until payment is made. Upon making payment, the service will be restored and customers will be able to stream and rent movies.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Netflix will not work with you to pay your bill. The company offers inexpensive streaming options if the DVD rental service is too expensive. You must have a Netflix-supported device to stream Netflix. Supported devices include the Playstation 3 and Wii consoles.

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  1. I understand why Netflix only accepts ccards. Checks can be bounced but what about money orders? Why are those not a payment option? Yes it may take a little more time opening up an envelope but you get your payment no matter what. Why, because you have to have the money for your money order. Yes and it may take more time taking those to the bank, but so many more people, who may not have or want to get a card , just to get Netflix, because its awesome, will subscribe and simply pay with a money order. Why is this not an option? You want your business to thrive and do well and grow. Its a simple, small adjustment that will work and more people will stop complaining about stupid thing but more so it will help the business. Why?

    • Agreed. I REALLY want Netflix, but don’t have a credit card. A money order is a guaranteed payment. To not allow people to pay the only way they can is discriminatory. And just plain mean.

    • Because money orders can bounce too. All a person has to do is mail the money order, then go right to the bank and say they lost it. They’ll cancel the money order and voila, bounced money order.

    • I am a few years late with this response but Netflix now has a prepaid card that can be used if someone doesn’t like to use credit cards or just simply doesn’t have one. The price ranges that I have seen for these cards are between $10-$30. Also, to the best of my understanding, there is no activation charge if you decide to use this option. It is actually safer in my opinion, and also very easy to use on Netflix’s website. I hope that this information has helped someone who may not have known about this in the past. Have a great day.

      P.S. The Netflix prepaid card can be purchased at any local retailer in your area such as Wal-Mart or Martin’s/Giant Foods located in the prepaid card section.

  2. Is anyone else having trouble accessing their Netflix account? I am trying to pay my bill and each time I log in to my account a screen pops up that says there is an error. ????

  3. I have been trying to pay my bill but I don’t where to access the bill pay account. Where do I go to get to the payment page?

  4. My bank told me that they were shutting down their computer for a merger update until 2 pm Monday. Will you be able to bill me then or do I have to sigh up for a new account?
    Thank you for you help

  5. i lost my wallet therefore i cancelled my credit card. i understand the services were cut off cuz of nonpayment due to cancelation. no card no service. i get it but you can ask a good client whats up?

    i have new card and tried to imput the new data but your system is not accommodating as if the system never had the experience of change of cards. so what do i do now? i input the new data , no effect, no movies…bummer

    • Hi I have a new card where do I send my imformation too. Also the standard fee is 7.99 for service or movies and tv shows? This was not clear when I signed. I got a one month trail and then what?

  6. netfix i amvery upset concerning my payment.i do pay my bill on time every month.It come out of my bank account. i am writing you because you charge me 16.00 dollars every month.i am not be charge but 7.00 dollars. this have been going on for 4or 5 months. one time you text me a message you did not one movie. a week later you received it. than i wrote you on nov.15/13 . that i sent back color purple and have not received any more movie.i am very disapointed.if i donot hear from you concerning this matter. i will have to cancled my service with you. mrs debra mcmillan 1/9/14 5:53

  7. I do not understand about my bill. my payday is on the fourth of every month. I should have money for my payment. I am getting tired of watching a movie and have to stop for some reason and come back to the movie and it said something is wrong about my payment.Please fix the problem.

  8. ok so i cant pay for my netflix right now becase my card got lost so i went to go look for it and it wasent anywere i last been so i went to go by another one and they woult let me have it so what do i do i have $10000000 in cash

  9. I already apply for Netflix about two weeks ago, but now I just can’t get the services. It takes me to the scream that says Your account is on hold because od a problem with your account. but I already gave you ALL of my info. and card number.

  10. hi dear netflix you can take the money out wednesday morning after 9 am ok the bank made a mistake ok please netflix i am very sorry

  11. I cannot find a place to update my credit card information on your site.

    My TV screen states reads contact

  12. I live in northern. Ireland. and have tried to make payment. with credit card it won’t accept payment because I have no zip code what do I do?


  14. I gave you my bank acct number for payment each month to be draft out by the 7th of ea month. You have cut me off . I want to know why. In my mine you have all ready receive your payment until next month.

  15. I am not able to get onto Nexflix. It states that I need to contact the payment center concerning my bill. Your company takes their payment out of my banking account every month. So what is the problem.

    Error Code W8106-154

    Thank you

  16. please cancel subscription as from today have emailed last month you still took money not impressed all I get when trying to access site is you are not in this country what a farce will be contacting bank I will certainly not recommend you

  17. My bill is current but my TV still says that my account is on hold. This is day two and I am getting very irritated.

  18. I would like to know how much I owe and I can get billed in the mail.I thought it was in with my CenturyLink bill.I’ll wait for your repy.

  19. I don’t how much my bill is.I thought it was with Century Link bill.Can you do that or send me a monthly statement?My serves has been turned off could have it returned?

  20. I do not understand why I am not receiving Netflix when my payment is still being taken out of my account.

  21. My bill is paid each month, but I am not receiving any movies from you. I have returned all the movies that were delivered to me. Please explain the problem because I do not know what it is!

  22. My credit card is a Target visa account. It was hacked and things were charged to me that I did not buy! I cancelled the card. I need to pay my bill with a new card. My account is current, but when I try to watch netflix, it says I have not paid and it will not let me in. I would prefer to pay by check. I have tried to go in and enter my new information, but your system will not accept it. Can you possibly make things any harder on your customers? Have you heard of customer service? I would even be willing to pay six months in advance by check. My only other option is to change to a company that actually accepts payments by check and believes in making their patrons their first priority, not their last priority!

  23. My grandson signed me up while I was in the hospital(with my permission). He did it on the second but my s/s check doesn’t get put into my account until the third. Please change my billing date to the 3rd.

  24. My credit card showed that they paid my account and yet I get a message that there was a problem with my payment. Please send me a message about why I received this message. Thank you, Kay

  25. I change account number from credit to debit card I would appreciate if you could inform me if payment went through.

  26. would like to update account with new credit(debit) card info.Thanks. Also will the account be due on the day I change or will it remain the same??

  27. trying to pay my bill but can’t. please help me by calling me or e-mailing me so that I can pay with my credit card.

  28. I don’t understand your billing. I have a new card, who do I send my information to or do I cancel this account?

  29. I tried to watch a movie and it says there was a problem with my payment. it comes off my debit card the same day every month and there is money on there. Not sure why there is a problem with my payment. I also am not sure what my username and password is because i have changed my email address since i signed up

  30. I told Netflix to rerun my cc. Evidently they did not do this as I am unable to watch a movies get it fixed or I am going to canc my account.

  31. Netflix stop making people pay to watch Netflix and if that is how you earn money then GUYS IT FEELS LIKE STEELING TO ME SO QUIT IT

  32. I tried to go into Netflix today but I am getting a message saying that thee was an with payment, but, I have my account and everything seems to be fine.
    I have also tried and the message says there is an error
    my husband is ill in bed and that was the reason for netflix

  33. I have gave you all my details including banking but I am getting no Netflix you say theisr a problem with my last payment which is paid by direct debit and I have proof of payment I need you to fix this error please

  34. I was not given a choice for due date have never missed a payment had to get a new Visa card but I am changing banks you cut me off no customer service

  35. I want to know why I was charged over $9 when the monthly payment is 7.99? That’s the reason that I cancled my subscription the first time.

  36. I Have netflix takeing more money out of my checking acct. ONE for 8.65 then 9.73 this is every month .Two times a month see about this ann get this fixs. THANK YOU

  37. My payment was to be $9.00 per month. I tt my Direct Express debit card co. they said Netflix took out $12.95! so..what is going on? this account is mine and no others. Please fix this problem for me asap. Thank you! sue Onisko 903-848-5050

  38. People have been getting into my account and charging movies that I have not rent or bought. How can I correct this problem.

    Barbara Maher

  39. Our recently crashed. We finally got it up and running, but all of our files and programs were wipe out. Now we are unable to log in to our netflix account. Can you please help?

  40. we have been disconnected because you say I haven’t paid my bill. I have tried to contact you but no joy.i beleave that I had one month free.could you please get back to me as I wont to paY MY BILL AND CARRY ON ATHANK YOU

  41. I just called to find out about payment locations. No need, they gave me a 7 day grace period and turned my Netflix back on! Never heard of such a thing.

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