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Nissan Finance Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Nissan Finance Bill

Nissan in an international automobile company based in Japan. The Nissan brand is sold at dealerships throughout the world. When customers want to lease or purchase a vehicle, they typically secure auto financing through Nissan Finance.

The fees associated with Nissan Finance, depend on the type of loan the customer receives. When we spoke to customer service, they were informative and helpful when we inquired about customers that have difficulty paying their Nissan Finance bill. Although there were not many options, Nissan Finance does offer programs to assist customers that are in a financial hardship.

How to Pay the Bill

Pay online: Customers can pay your Nissan Finance online by visiting Customers can pay with a credit card or a debit card. Bill Matrix charges a fee for using this form of online payment.

Automatic payment: Customers can have your Nissan Finance bill deducted automatically each month by signing up for recurring payments. The funds are deducted from your checking or savings account on the established due date.

Pay by mail: You can send payments to the address on your Nissan Finance bill or:

P.O. Box 660360
Dallas, TX 75266

Pay by phone: Customers can pay your Nissan Finance bill over the phone by calling 1-800-606-6613. Acceptable payment methods include checking account, savings account and electronic check.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Not every finance company discloses all of the applicable charges and fees that you see on your monthly billing statement or account. If you want to better understand the charges, you should visist the Nissan Finance FAQs. As an added resource, we suggest you contact customer service at 1-800-465-6622.

How the Penalty Fees Work

When we spoke the Nissan Finance customer service representative, they informed us of the fees associated with car loans. They could not give us exact amounts because each customer loans differ depending on the rate and length of the loan. They did provide us with a list of common that factors that incur fees.

  • Late monthly payments
  • Excessive mileage if the customer leases
  • Excessive wear and tear if the customer leases the vehicle
  • Early termination
  • Vehicle return
  • Security deposit

I Can’t Make a Payment

When we spoke to the customer service representative, they informed us that there are limited options for customers that could not pay their bill.

  • Payment arrangements – The customer must call customer service at 1-800-456-6622 and set-up a payment arrangement.
  • Servicemembers Civil Relief Act – We were informed of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act for active Military personnel. This program allows active Military personnel to terminate their Nissan Finance in the event they are deployed outside of the continental United States.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Did Nissan Finance provide you with options when you could not pay your bill? When we spoke to customer service, they were helpful. We want to hear from customers just like you. Leave us a message below.

26 Comments on “Nissan Finance Bill
  1. Trying to pay 1/2 of my overdue amount – but website will not accept the payment.

    I do not have a telephone for calling purposes, so tell me what I need to do to pay 1/2 of my overdue amount via the online payment center.

  2. What a terrible company with punitive late reporting methods. I will never buy a Nissan again….I will tell everyone in my life never to purchase from this horrible company. Don’t believe me? Look online and read reviews!

  3. Please I’m waiting for conformation on my request
    For hardship
    Can you please email me or ring me on the phone numbers I have provided

  4. Help!!!! My husband has ALS and can not work. I have been trying to pay my payment every month but have accumulated a lot of late fees. Please I need help. I can’t lose my car it’s our only transportation …

  5. I would like to skip Novembers payment im having a very hard time with my bills can I do this if so please send me the paper work and let me know on my email thank u to whom this concerns


  7. I want paper billing but can’t get through to agent for live talk. I paid 1st new Rogue payment 9/15 and haven’t recd Oct billing paper work. This is poor customer service
    Live agent phone on “too busy with web site aid ” all morning 10/14/15

  8. I have been trying to contact the Nissan customer relations for the past 2 days and I have been using up all my minutes, have been cut off 4 times. Trying to get an extention on my loan for this month. Is there another phone number to call?

  9. I called before my bill was due to see if Nissan can work with me. They said there was nothing they can do. Very upset. It’s not like I am dodging them. What can I do now? I am having a temporary set back for a couple months and it’s not like I don’t want to pay them.

  10. Its been really difficult and a hassle to make monthly car payments. Im late almost every month due to complications on how to make payments thru online…. someone effing help me…

  11. I need to skip Feb Payment Please. I am in a major financial crisis this month Please help Carlene Hanlon 0010258688300001

  12. I want to know how much my payoff for my loan is!
    Where do I send payment. How my Hair!
    Went to car dealer where I bought my car and they could not get into your computer site today!

  13. I lost my job and I am a Pastor and have a disable son. I know I own a few months is there any way I can get help so I wont lose my car.
    I use my car for my son’s appointment and to help the people the church. I can start paying in February.

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