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Nordstrom Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Nordstrom Bill

Like many major retail chains, the department store Nordstrom’s offers a convenient in-store credit card that gives customers access to perks and promotions. In this case, customers can sign up for the Nordstrom’s Fashion Rewards program. The incentive is that you get two rewards points for every net dollar spent on your Nordstrom card in a Nordstrom store. You only receive one point for charges made outside of Nordstrom. Once you hit 2,000 points, you receive a $20 “Nordstrom Note” that functions as a gift certificate good for any purchase. Nordstrom also offers “bonus” promotions where customers get three or even four points for every dollar spent in the store, during a certain time period.

As you buy more with your Nordstrom card, you are eligible to higher levels on their loyalty tier, and better promotions.

  • Level 2: $2,000 in annual net purchases at Nordstrom on your Nordstrom card.
  • Level 3: $10,000 in annual net purchases at Nordstrom on your Nordstrom card.
  • Level 4: $20,000+ in annual net purchases at Nordstrom on your Nordstrom card.

With incentives like that it’s easy to see how you could get carried away shopping and it could be difficult to pay your Nordstrom bill, especially if you’re a fashion fan. The credit card runs through the Nordstrom bank, and is not affiliated with any other major credit card companies. In addition to allowing customers to pay Nordstrom bills online, the department store offers the option to pay a Nordstrom bill on the phone, or to mail a check in to Nordstrom.

How to Pay the Bill

There are a few ways to pay off your credit card bill with Nordstroms:

Pay Online:
You can pay the Nordstrom bill online. To provide their customers with a way to pay their bill, Nordstrom has established an online payment center:

Pay by Mail:

Mail checks to the following address:

Nordstrom credit card payments
P.O. Box 79134
Phoenix, AZ 85062-9134.

Pay by Phone:
Nordstrom Credit Card phone number:1-800-964-1800.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Information on the annual fee, transaction fees and late payment fees are available from the Credit Disclosure Statement. Customer service is available at 1-800-964-1800 for questions about fees not listed on the disclosure page.

How the Penalty Fees Work

A Nordstrom Card carries a penalty APR of 27.90%. This goes into effect when you fail to make your minimum payment two months (60 days) in a row. Your original APR will be restored after you make 6 consecutive monthly payments. This penalty rate applies to any outstanding balance on your Nordstrom card.

Nordstrom credit penalty fees are $25 per missed payment, which is added to your balance.

Nordstrom also charges a $25 returned payment fee for bounced checks or invalid routing numbers. This fee applies even if the payment is later made successfully and on time. The Nordstrom card terms and conditions make it very clear that Nordstrom is not obligated to attempt a second collection, making it your responsibility as a cardholder to do so.

I Can’t Make a Payment

We contacted Nordstrom billing to see how they would help a typical customer who has fallen behind on payments. You can skip their automated phone menu and connect directly with customer service by pressing “0” anytime during the menu. Hold-times were low, and out of two calls, one time we were connected instantly and one time we got an answer in under a minute.

Nordstrom evaluates each account on a case-by-case basis, looking closely at your history with the card. That said they do have several procedures in place to help customers get out of debt:

  • For larger debts over $1000, they will look into setting up a 5-year payment schedule to get your balance to $0. This will involve 2% minimum payments and 6% interest on your balance. Your account is frozen and any rewards points you’ve accumulated are lost.
  • For smaller debts, Nordstrom offers a “Fresh Start Program.” They structure three minimum payments that will bring your balance to $0. Your account remains active, and after 6 payments the penalty APR is removed.
  • In the right case, Nordstrom will offer a settlement. They collect a lump sum lower than your Nordstrom card debt. However, they take settlements very seriously and this option would only be available if you have a solid history with the company, not if you just opened the card and charged $10,000.

Will They Work With Me To Pay My Bill?

Currently, we have no experience working with Nordstrom to pay off credit card debt. If you’ve done it, let us know. Were they helpful? Did they offer you a structured payment plan? Share your experiences and help other consumers get out of Nordstrom debt!

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  1. I, like many have fallen behind for a few years on my credit cards, one I have paid off, one I am currently paying but I’d like to make payment arrangements to pay off my Nordstrom debt, how can I contact Nordstrom bank before they sell my debt to a collection agency? please any help and/or guidance you provide me with will be greatly appreciated. respectfully, maria

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