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NTS Communications Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your NTS Communications Bill

NTS Communications is a cable company serving customers in and around Lubbock, Texas. The company provides voice, Internet and bundles for both residential and commercial customers. Customers can register for online account access to view bills and make payments. If you’re behind on your bill, contact the customer service department for more information on payment plans and extended due dates.

How to Pay the Bill

NTS Communications is setup to allow customers to pay bills online and by mail. Mail payments take longer to process than online payments, so customers should choose online payments when the due date is right around the corner. Contact customer service for other payment options.

Pay online: You can pay your NTS Communications bill online after registering for account access. You must contact the customer care department at 1-800-658-2150 to register. After registering, you can log in at https://ecare.ntscom.com/.

Pay by mail: Mail payments should be sent using the envelope provided with your bill. If you no longer have the billing envelope, send your personal check or money order payment to the processing department. Cash should not be sent through the mail.

PO Box 10730
Lubbock, TX 79408-3730

Pay by phone: You may be able to pay your bill by phone at 1-800-658-2150. The customer support team may also have information on in person payments not listed on the NTS Communications website.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

You can reach the customer care department at 1-800-658-2150 for more information on billed charges and service fees. Some of the fees, including the universal service fee and municipal charge are explained on the Bill Charge Definitions page.

How the Penalty Fees Work

There are no explanations of penalty fees for NTS Communciations. The company lists all fees charged on a regular basis, but nothing is listed for returned payment fees, late payment fees and the like. Customers should contact the service department for more information on these fees at 1-800-658-2150.

I Can’t Make a Payment

If you fail to pay your NTS Communications bill on-time, you could lose service with the company. NTS Communications notes that failure to pay telephone bills will result in loss of local phone service. Phone service is considered crucial for health, so this service may be protected by local and state programs. For more information on local and state programs to help you pay your telephone bill, contact NTS Communications at 1-800-658-2150 or contact your local Department of Human Services. There are no programs available to help pay your cable or Internet bill.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Tell us your story of NTS Communications and a past due bill. Help others learn more about this company and billing practices.

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  1. I need a code and invoice Id to pay bill online my internet isn’t working and they said there is some problem with my acct!? I thought I had paid the past due balance?

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