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PNC Auto Loan Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your PNC Auto Loan Bill

PNC is a personal and business bank that offers quick auto loans with low interest rates for qualifying customers. According to the PNC Bank website, customers can apply for an auto loan and receive approval in less than 15 minutes. Once approved, the customers receive a check in the mail and they can choose to shop like a cash customers because they are already approved for the loan. When payments come due, the customer must pay PNC Bank for the auto loan, so your PNC Auto Loan is paid directly to PNC Bank.

We were unable to find a dedicated page for auto loan payments. However, we did find information on online bill pay through PNC Bank.

How to Pay the Bill

If you need immediate credit of your payment, contact customer service for PNC Auto Loan at 1-866-522-2517.

Pay by mail: You must mail your PNC Auto Loan bill to the address printed on your billing statement. If you misplace the billing statement, contact customer service at a local branch or at 1-866-522-2517 for the correct local mailing address.

Pay online: You can pay your PNC Auto Loan bill online at You may have to open a PNC bank account when your auto loan is approved to gain access to your online banking center to make payment. If you don’t have access to online banking, contact customer service for additional information about online bill pay.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

The customer service department is available to answer any questions you may have about your billing statement. Call 1-866-522-2514 to speak with an auto loan representative today. You can also view the PNC Customer Service to learn more about auto loans and online banking.

How the Penalty Fees Work

We did not find a list of penalty fees associated with PNC auto loan accounts. You can expect to be charged a late payment fee and returned payment fee if your payment is late or your payment is returned for insufficient funds, respectively.

I Can’t Make a Payment

You need to visit a local branch of PNC Bank or contact customer service at 1-866-522-2517 to learn about programs the bank may have available for customers in financial crisis. Some banks allow customers to move the due date or skip a payment once during the life of the loan.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Do you have experience with PNC auto loans? Tell us how the bank treated your account when you could not pay the bill on time.

37 Comments on “PNC Auto Loan Bill
  1. PNC bank is amazing when it comes to helping you out with your loan payments. When I was on maternity leave I was out of work for 6 weeks so I could not pay my car payment. PNC offered the option to file an extension on my loan! So that way I could skip a payment whole I was off work with no fees or negative reports to my credit. PNC has helped me very much in my time of need 🙂

  2. do I need to have a PNC account to make online car payments? I have an account with Harris, can I use my debit card from Harris to pay online?

  3. How do I make my PNC car loan payment on line? I’ve been looking for hours on the website & can’t find anywhere to pay my auto loan. Help!!

    • I was wondering the same thing but about 3 weeks after I was approved I got info to set up online payment. Now to track it or to pay double payments I am not too sure

    • Good grief, I have NEVER had such a difficult time to pay a car payment. Last month the took out TWO payments, really had me in a bind. Come on PNC, make it a little easier to log in and pay a bill.
      I have been fighting with this for several month, still cannot log in. I have to make a phone call to make a payment, absolutely ridiculous!!!!!

  4. It took me awhile to find out how to make a car loan payment online and when I did, it took 8 days for it to post to my account and then they charged me a late fee… Unreal. I do a lot of my bills on line and never ever does it take over a week to post…. What a way to make extra money by charging people late fees. Would never ever recommend this bank to anyone!

    • This is ridiculous. Making car payments on for my auto loan with PNC is totally unacceptable. I have to jump through hoops every month. I will start looking for someone else to refinance my loan. Bruce Bryant.

  5. I was getting fed up with having to physically go to the bank to make a payment on my loan and decided to set up online payment and re-occurring payments. What a mistake! I should have stuck with the 20 minute process of getting the money out of one bank and taking it to PNC myself! When you go to PNC’s website to make a payment, you can’t unless you have a checking account with them. There is no way to use a different account or card. When I called to ask them how I do this, I was told to go to CLCINFO. When I went to the website, my account number did not work. That’s because they don’t tell you that your account number must have two extra zeros in it! How in the world are you, as a consumer, supposed to know that!? I mean they ask for the account number, not some made up number. I finally get in and set up then put in that I want auto payments to come out on the due date of the 15th of the month. Well, they changed that to the 13th and they debit my account on the 11th. I have had to cover my overdrawn account three times now. I tried to call PNC to change the payment date. They can’t help me and tell me to go to the site. Well, the site won’t let me on. Finally get to log on and I don’t see how to change the date. There is NO contact number on the site. The rep from PNC dug up a phone number for me and it’s a call center out of the country. I finally get to change the payment date and am informed that if the payment day falls on a Monday, it will be processed (and put in pending, therefore deducted from my account) on that Friday before. Once this loan is done, I am NEVER doing business with PNC again.

  6. My experience with PNC auto loan payments has been so frustrating that I would rather go with a higher interest rate than deal with PNC ever again!

  7. I am having the same problem as everyone else. I can’t find anything on how to set up payments to an auto loan online. I have tried to call PNC twice now. I had to hang up after 15 minutes on hold the first time. Today tried again and have been on hold for 13 minutes. Hung up again. I am using up cell phone minutes unnecessarily. I do not like how this bank doesn’t help customers. It shouldn’t be such a problem in finding where I can set up online auto payments. However, in reading some posts here maybe it would be for the best not to.

    • If you have your bank app on your phone your bank can store the info needed so you can just enter the amount to pay and press send payment. It’s so easy and definitely worth looking into.

  8. Just spoke to a pnc representative. The only way to pay online is the clcinfo site. Otherwise you need to obtain a bank account but then you get charged a monthly maintenance fee. You can pay over phone but then you get charged $10. You can send in automatic withdrawals if you mail them a request and check – wow no fee for that! (Note my sarcasm!). They have online payments for home mortgages but not auto loans. Seems pretty ridiculous to me. Hope this info helps someone out!

  9. I have a bank account at another bank and pay my PNC auto loan autonatically thru their bill pay service. Its a whole lot easier that way.

  10. I can’t believe these crooks are still in business and not UNDER the jail. Going to re-fi with my credit union Monday morning.

  11. Don’t try and call customer service to talk about your loan VERY RUDE!!!U will immediately b shoved on a promotional offer line even if u choose no don’t want the reward I pushed no don’t want a free cruise no don’t want a Walmart gift card the representative said not many people get this I said look I know their are strings attached and I’m going to pass on all promotional offers he says well then hang up and call back so I do next I get a woman saying tell me your name so I can look up promotional offers i said I’m not interested just want to speak with someone about my loan she hangs up on me this is ridiculous worst customer service they will never let u talk to anyone about your loan(the reason u are calling) so stupid

  12. Wow, I wish I had read all these posts BEFORE I got an auto loan with them. I read bad things about Ally which is why I didn’t want to go through them. PNC had the check ready and when I SPECIFICALLY asked if you can make your payment online WITHOUT a PNC account, they said yes. LIARS!! I too, have just tried to find out how to pay online and get access to my loan. Yes, I can make payments through my checking bank account, but I want ACCESS to my loan so I can see payments posted, paydown amount, etc. For a bank as big as PNC, that is ridiculous they don’t have that feature. I may have to refinance…get with it PNC!

  13. those people from PNC Bank are thieves. I brought a car from them 5 years already, I kept asking how much that I have left, the agent told me that the paper is blurry, she can’t read it while I know with that technology is well advance in US, now i can’t pay my bill online. i really don’t know what to do with those thieves. it will be better that i refinance my car with another bank because this one…….wow this is ridiculous.

  14. They have changed the third payment website three times since I have had this loan…unbelievable that they try to force you to open an account with them to make a payment…and a 20 minute customer service hold time is absurd. Not to mention no payment book, no monthly statements, nor any notice when they are going to switch third party vendors…

  15. Called a week ago and talked to a gentleman there explaining that I had become employed. I asked if if there was any way of getting a couple of months of differing my car payment. I was told he would send me the proper forms to fill out I’m still waiting over a week. My car payment is coming up and I don’t have the money.Can someone please help me?

  16. I have an auto loan with PNC Bank. They’re trying to strong arm me into opening a bank account just to get online access to my auto loan. Which I would reluctantly do, were it not for the threat of monthly fees on the empty, unused account. I eventually resigned myself to snail mailing a check along with a receipt I had to tear out of a paper that they snail mailed to me. Sorry, I thought this was the 21st century.

  17. I also think it’s pretty ridiculous that you can’t make online payments through their website without an account and am also hesitant to open an account because of the fees incurred if you don’t use the account. My wife was fine with taking the payment to the local branch, but then we moved because of my work and now we don’t have a PNC bank near us. Customer service rep was nice and told us about the CLC website. She also mentioned having to add the two extra zeros, which is pretty absurd, too. Would never have guessed that. She also let us make a payment over the phone without the $10 fee because of the move. On the CLC site, had trouble confirming my identity because of the addresses with the move, but luckily made another payment on the phone with no $10 fee. Too much trouble with the CLC site, so I just make the payments through my bank’s bill pay option and call PNC to make sure the payment went through a couple days later. A pain in the butt, but I’ll be refinancing soon with my credit union.

  18. What the heck! I took over my mother’s bills and pay all her bills online. I have nothing but trouble with her PNC auto loan payment online. I cannot even get to the right website to make the payment!

  19. Don’t open an account with PNC if you have an auto loan with them. They will draft your account without permission and take the payment if you get close to being 30 days late. No call, no email, no letter to let you know when they are doing it. Will never have another loan with PNC ever!!

    THE WORST….. OF THE WORST…… OF THE WORST …WORST….WORST…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. For the love of God what does it take to make a auto loan payment from this bank! Every month there’s issues! They told me starting this month we could pay them on but where? Very patient woman about to lose it !


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