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Roseville Electric Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Roseville Electric Bill

Roseville Electric is a small electric company serving Roseville, California. The electric company is run by the city of Roseville, not a big corporation like many electric companies servicing the state. Bills are due within 21 days after being sent from the Roseville Electric office. Non-receipt of a bill is not accepted as a reason for non-payment.

How to Pay the Bill

Pay online: You can pay your Roseville Electric bill online via the Online Billpay site located at You must register for the bill pay site before making payment.

Pay by mail: Roseville Electric customers can mail payments to the address on the return envelope. If the envelope is not available, address payments to:

City of Roseville
311 Vernon Street
Roseville, CA 95678

Pay by credit card or debit card: Visa credit cards and debit cards with a Visa logo can make payments by calling 1-916-774-5300. The payment process is automated and open 24 hours a day. Other credit cards are not accepted at this number.

Pay with cash: Cash payments can be made at the 311 Vernon Street address during normal business hours.

Pay with money order: Money order payments can be dropped off at 311 Vernon Street during business hours. After-hours, a drop box is located at the Civic Center for payments.

Pay by personal check: Personal check payments are accepted at the 311 Vernon Street address and drop box located at the Civic Center. Payments by check can also be sent via mail.

Bank payments: Roseville Electric accepts payments from your personal online banking account. There is a three to five day delay from the time payment is scheduled to when Roseville receives payment, so take this into consideration when scheduling payment.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

The City of Roseville offers a Residential Rates list for customers to learn more about state energy surcharges and basic service charges. Detailed information on electric service fees can be offered by customer service at 1-916-774-5300.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Roseville Electric is open about fees charged by the city. The following fees are applicable to accounts held by Roseville Electric.

  • Reconnection (regular office hours): $25
  • Reconnection (off hours): $75
  • Returned Check: $25 per check
  • Pole Cut-Off (inaccessible meter): $30
  • Late Payment Fee: $10

I Can’t Make a Payment

Roseville Electric customers should contact customer service as soon as possible after receiving the bill if they know they are unable to make payment on-time. Customer service can be reached at 1-916-774-5300.

  • Payment arrangements: Roseville Electric provides payment arrangements for customers in financial trouble. The payment arrangement must be started before the due date on the bill. Customers must visit the financial office at the City of Roseville office with a photo identification card to place the unpaid balance on a payment plan. The agreement must be signed in person.
  • LIHEAP home energy assistance program: Customers that meet certain income guidelines may qualify for federal assistance from LIHEAP. For additional information, you can contact your local National Energy Assistance Referral Project (NEAR) at 1-866-674-6327.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill

Did the City of Roseville and Roseville Electric help you make a past due payment or set-up a payment arrangement? We’d love to hear your story, especially since the company requires payment arrangements be established before the bill is late.

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