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Santander Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Santander Bill

Santander is one of the largest auto finance companies in the United States. Based in Dallas, Texas, Santander left its roots in the sealing of vehicles to focus on the financing of vehicles. Santander is owned by the publically owned company Banco Santander, considered as one of the safest banks in the world.

How to Pay the Bill

Pay online: Customers can pay your Santander bill online by visiting

Pay by phone: Customers can pay your Santander bill over the phone by calling 1-888-222-4227. Acceptable methods of payment include checking and savings accounts. Santander charges a $10.95 convenience fee for payments received by phone.

Payment stations: Customers can pay your Santander bill at authorized pay stations such as MoneyGram and Western Union.

  • MoneyGram – Customers will need the four-digit receive code, 1554, their account number, the company name and the city and state. The convenience fee ranges from $9.95 to $10.40.
  • Western Union – Customers can pay your Santander bill by visiting your local Western Union or calling 1-800-325-6000. You will need the city code, Pitstop, state code and your account information. Acceptable methods of payment include cash, credit cards and debit cards. A convenience fee is assessed to each payment.

Pay by mail: Customers can mail your Santander payment to:

Santander Consumer USA
1010 W. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75247

Automatic deduction: Customers can have your Santander bill automatically deducted from your checking or savings account on a monthly basis. You will need to complete an authorization form and return to:

Santander Consumer USA Inc.
P.O. Box 961245
Fort Worth, TX 76161-1245

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Several of the fees charged by Santander, including, monthly interest charges, overdraft fees and late payment fees are not detailed on your billing statement or account. We suggest you visit the Santander FAQs for a detailed descriptions of fees. If you have additional questions or concerns, you can contact customer service at 1-800-325-6000.

How the Penalty Fees Work

The fees Santander charges include late payment fees and interest on your account. The fees incur when Santander receives your payment past the initial due date established in your contract.

  • Interest – The interest on your Santander account is calculated by the balance multiplied by the interest rate listed on your contract, divided by one calendar year.
  • Late payment – Santander offers a 10 day grace period for payment. Payments received after this date are assessed a late payment. The late payment depends on the state laws.

I Can’t Make a Payment

Santander did not provide many options for customers that can’t pay your bill, but did offer a solution. When we spoke to customer service, they explained that customers should call customer service at 1-888-222-4227. The customer service representative will work with you regarding payment options.

  • Extended payment date – Santander allows customers to extend the date of their payment as long as their account is in good standing. Customers can use this service once within a 12 month period. Payment date changes are permanent.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Did Santander go above and beyond your expectations? Did they offer assistance when you can’t pay your bill? Share your experience and leave us a comment below.

16 Comments on “Santander Bill

  2. I have been trying for years to Pay online I put all my details in then press submit then nothing happens. This is the only online payment service this happen on. Can you tell me whats wrong???

  3. I can’t get on your website to pay my payment for a few days now, I’m sure I will get a late charge in a few more days if its not paid

  4. I cannot get onto the website to pay my auto loan online. It searches then a box comes up and says reload, so I click that and it says the same thing. I would like to pay my bill online, but it is not working.

  5. The above website has stoped me from loging in. I tried to reset my password, then after creating a new password, it worked one time, it now then won’t log me in again. Whats going on, the web site needs fixing.

  6. I never had a problem paying my bill ,and the costumer service is great. Also don’t have any problem login in to my account so far so good.

  7. i made another bill using my debit card and they over charged my account and then i tried to pay santander and found the over payment and contacted
    my bank and i was assured i would be credited in 2-3 days which will be the 27th and then i will be able to pay my car note i am so disappointed because i so wanted to strengthen my credit not weaken it i am a 57 year old MS patient unable to walk and i have a senior high schooler and we need our transportation and im budgeting a $733 monthly budget along with my child’s part time job and when i read about the grace period o 10 days i calmed down some thank God for you all doing that i will be on time next month BET

  8. They have. Gone above and beyond to help us they have been understanding and willing to do whatever they can to keep me in my truck great company

  9. I have my payment automatically deducted from my bank account in Colorado. I suddenly moved (within a few weeks) to a new state for a new job and now I am having issues trying to get my auto pay switched to a new account where my new job is located. The website will not allow me to add/manage my payment information. HOW FRUSTRATING! Now I will have overdraft fees because Santander Consumer USA customer service has been completely unsuccessful at helping me to switch over my information to ensure they are paid from the correct banking account. I will file a report and complaint to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). I will also send them a bill for my overdraft fee due to their website and their customer service being unable to help me to resolve this issue. Which I am sure they will not compensate me for and I am fairly sure that I will not receive a response regarding my complaint.

  10. Is it possible to access Santander USA Consumer from outside of the US? I desperately need to pay my car load, but I am unable to access the site.

  11. I am a new customer and was trying to set up an online payment banking. When I put in my account number it said my account was disable. I have yet to receive any statement and my due date is coming up soon. I don’t want to have to pay my bill at the last minuet and then it would look like my bill is late. This would be my second payment with Santander. I had to go through the place where I purchased my car from in order to make the first payment.

  12. We are currently 3 payments behind. We have been past due before but only 1 payment. Santander is a high risk lender kind enough to extend credit to people with bad credit. They have always worked with us plus the truck is scheduled to be paid off in December 2018. I hope their past generousity will be offered again. Fingers crossed !!!

  13. I was told by Santander that interest is charged to my account during the 10-day grace period. Why do they call it a grace period if interest is charged. Does that mean that I pay the original 30 days of interest per month plus an additional 10 days if it is paid on the last day of the grace period. Does that mean that I pay 40 days of interest each month?I was told that my final payment is 11/18 and yet I still owe $5600 and that is probably due to this 10 days of interest throughout the loan. What does the California Attorney General or the CFPB have to say about this lending practice?

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