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What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Sovereign Bill

Sovereign is a bank offering services for personal, business, corporate and government accounts. In addition to traditional banking like checking and savings accounts, customers can receive e-bills and pay bill through Sovereign bill pay.

How to Pay the Bill

Sovereign bill pay offers two options for customers wishing to make payments online. First, the customer can request an e-bill from participating companies. When the e-bill arrives, customers can click the bill details and choose to pay the bill from funds in a checking or savings account. The second option is to add a biller name and address to send bills.

  • Pay online: You can pay your Sovereign bill online at You must have an account with Sovereign bank to pay bills online.
  • Pay via e-bill: From your online account, click the bill pay tab and search for the biller you wish to receive e-bills from in the future. It can take up to two months for electronic bills to be delivered to your Sovereign bank online account. Once the e-bill arrives, you’ll receive email notification. From there, you can choose to pay the e-bill in full or send a portion of the payment. Sovereign bank is not responsible for late charges if the full bill amount is not sent by the due date.
  • Pay via payment address: If your biller does not participate in the e-bill service, you can add the biller with the name, address and your account number. You will then send payments to the biller via check unless the company accepts electronic payments. E-bills and electronic payments are two different services.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Are you curious about bill pay fees and limitations? Sovereign Bank answers many customer questions on the BillPay FAQs page. Not all fee are covered, so contact customer service at 1-877-768-2265 if you have additional questions.

How the Penalty Fees Work

If the money is not available in your account on the day your payment is due to be sent, you will likely receive an insufficient funds penalty from Sovereign bank. The biller may also charge late fees and other penalty fees depending on the services provided. Your service could be interrupted for non-payment. There is no fee for the Sovereign bill pay service.

If you schedule a payment to a biller and the payment is not delivered by the delivery date, Sovereign bank may cover the late penalty fees and other fees associated with the late payment.

I Can’t Make a Payment

If the funds are not available to make a biller payment, the payment will not be made. This could lead to interruption of service and penalty fees. You must contact the biller directly to resolve a past due balance or place your unpaid balance on a payment plan.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Sovereign bank will not work with outside billers, but the customer service department will work with client in regards to Sovereign accounts. If you have unexpected insufficient funds fees, you could be the object of identity theft. It is best to contact customer service at 1-877-768-2265 to speak with customer service.

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