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State Farm Bill

What To Do When You Can’t Pay Your State Farm Bill

State Farm is an auto insurance company that’s been in business since 1922. The company currently services 81 million accounts and policies throughout the United States and Canada.

How To Pay The Bill

State Farm offers many convenient bill paying options: automatic payments, online payments, mobile app, walk-in, by phone, or by mail. You can choose to make payments monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, whichever best fits your budget.

Automatic Payments: State Farm will automatically deduct the payment each month from a checking or savings account, or with a Visa or MasterCard. They do not take American Express or Discover cards.

Online payments: Log in to your State Farm account to pay your State Farm Auto Insurance bill online using electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your checking/money market or savings account, Visa, or Mastercard.

Mobile: You can use the browser on your mobile phone to make a payment at, or login to the mobile app for iPhone and Android users, Pocket Agent.

Phone: Call 1-800-440-0998 to make a payment using your checking or savings account, MasterCard or Visa.

Walk-in: Visit your local State Farm office to pay by check, money order, Visa, or MasterCard.

Mail: You can mail a check or money order in the retunr envelope included with your bill. If you don’t have the bill or are enrolled in paperless billing, you can find the payment mailing address for your state at¬†Make the check or money order out to State Farm Insurance and write your policy number on the front.

Pay With Billfloat: is an online service that pays your outstanding bill and allows you 30 days to pay back. They require an account.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Have you ever received your State Farm billing statement or account information and you do not fully understand the fees such as late payment charges or returned check fees? For a complete list of fees, you should visit the State Farm FAQs pricing schedule page. Additional information about your billing statement or account can be provided by a customer service representative by calling 1-877-734-2265 or 1-877-734-8472.

How The Penalty Fees Work

State Farm charges customers a variety of monthly fees. The majority of the fees are assessed based upon the the type of insurance and coverage. The penalty fees include late payment fees, returned check fees and at times a security deposit. The security deposit is dependent upon the credit history of the customer.

  • Late payment – State Farm charge you a late payment fee up to $35 per instance.
  • Returned check fee – In the event your payment is returned by your financial institution, State Farm charges you a fee of $35.
  • Security deposit¬†– The security deposit varies based upon your credit worthiness.

I Can’t Make A Payment

Your auto insurance policy is paid one month in advance. Your insurance policy will not be canceled until that time has run out. State Farm extends an additional 7 day grace period before the policy is canceled.

Will They Work With Me To Pay My Bill?

State Farm gives you 37 days to bring your account current if you pay by any method other than automatic deduction. If your payment is deducted automatically and you contact them before the payment is due, they will cancel the payment and roll it into the next month. This gives you 60 days to make the payment, but both payments will be due at that time.

If you’re a State Farm customer, or have been one in the past, let us know how they handled your billing questions or problems. We would love to hear from you!

13 Comments on “State Farm Bill
  1. Hello, im very upset with yoir insurance agency located on hemstead turnpike levittown ny. I recieved my bill and dues date was jan5, i went into store pay cash 400.11 now i recieve a bill on jan 14th stateting i have another bill due jan 5? This has already passed, this time the amount is 402.11 i called my agent he said bc i so not have my creditcard on file so they will need a secruity deposit, ive have other insurance companies and never in my life i had someone put my credit on file or make me pay a secruity deposit. Im very upset that you guys are billing me twice in two months. They guy at tour hemstead store is wey hard to understand seems nervous and doesnt know what he is talking about. Im very upset never been so upset and angry with this kond of stuff, im hoping this is an error otherwise i will find other insurancein that i have has cheaper before then this scam of secruity deposits, “which he compared to rental secruity deposit. This is the third time i have a prob with you guys playing around and personally dont trust ppl have my credit card in you system and never has any other insurance treat me like shit. Please explain to me what this is other then that guy who has no clue to world sounds like he makes shit up. Thank you

    • I totally agree with this if you have a bad credit score you need a job to pay your bills, your credit score should be private and only accessed by companies you are applying to for credit not for jobs or anythin else.

  2. Sorry to hear about your situation. This is rlaely unfortunate, but I’ve seen it happen many times. The truth is that insurance companies use all sorts of data about people all the time. For example when underwriting insurance policies.What State Farm and others have learned is that there is a statistical correlation between good credit and other things they think are important. This may or may not be true, but that’s what they think.Also, it’s legal to use our credit reports for all sorts of things, including getting a job. Now personally I think it’s unfair. People with bad credit ratings probably need the jobs worse than anybody, but can’t get them. Using a number makes it easy for them, and they don’t want to spend the time and money to ask about your situation and see that you are rlaely a great person and would make an excellent employee.Like I said, it’s unfair, but it’s legal. And they have these policies that they don’t break. Insurance companies are big bureaucracies almost like the government. So you can look for a different type of job or work to get your credit score up. But that’s the subject of a different post.

  3. Hi, my name is Alexandra wilkins I got into a accident sometime last year and hit my neighbors car, saying that the woman had state farm insurance,i owe money on her insurance. I ended up loosing my house and getting off track in my life I am now in a program and need to pay of my payments so I can move forward I am now in a program how do I find the information I need to start making payments

  4. This is a lot of BS. State Farm just canceled my auto insurance for no valid reason other than I have a fool for an agent. My ins was due on Dec 2, I could not pay it because I did not get paid until Dec 24. I contacted my agent about it & was told I had a 30 day grace period. I paid my monthly Dec premium and my Jan premium on Dec 24 they received it on Dec 29, I have a receipt for it. They then sent me another bill & told me my Feb premium was due on Jan 22 not Feb 2 as agreed on. They did not receive my payment because I don’t get paid until Jan 26 so the cancelled my insurance without any notice. I am going with Geico they are $30 a month cheaper a month than State Farm and much much better coverage. I had been insured with State Farm auto for a 1/2 century – 49 years & 2 months!

  5. Paying my LOAN payment online is a nightmare! All it will pull up is my insurance policies. I don’t need my insurance policies but to pay my loan. I was told to put in but no loan payment option. I’m tired of paying the $10 fee to pay by phone. Please help!!! Thank you.

  6. I just got a State Farm car insurance policy in July, I paid on time every month and than all of sudden I got a check in the mail. With a refund if almost $500. Apparently I didn’t have car insurance that whole time I was just laying them for an imaginary policy that I had proof I had gotten. So I went to go get it AGAIN last month and they tried to say I had to give them 500 and something dollars as a down payment which I was like um that makes no sense, and I just gave them the check to pay for it, and they accepted only that (pretty sure they just wanted the check bc last time just in July my down payment was in the 200s) I haven’t gotten a bill yet or proof of insurance card and just realized today my insurance NORMALLY IS due today, but I don’t even the money TODAY to pay it, nor do I have a bill to pay it with. I’m tired if State Farm. My mother in law is calling out agent bc she’s the one that set it all up while I was at work bc I couldn’t do it since I work, she’s supposed to call the agent and figure out what’s going on, but I’m going to be pissed if I still don’t have a policy, and either way I can’t pay my bill today even though I I think my new due date is at the end of the month, idk. I’m getting tired of state farm though that’s for sure. Even if I am late and it’s die today, they should be fine bc I just gave them almost $500 wh it is like 4 months of payments, right? I’m tired of them doing w.e. They want

  7. its Saturday 7/30 2016. 24/7 customer service is non existing. I call three different numbers and they were all automated.

  8. I had an awful experience with your company when my one year contract ended (about six months ago) i was told I needed to pay money to close my contract strings up, so I did thinking it was going to be over with since I didn’t want you guys to be my insurance company anymore and my agent in missoula Montana renewed it against my wishes making me have another contract with you guys not to my knowledge and continued to bill me though I told them to cancel it, which they never did like i wanted. He said that I needed to pay 35 dollars to end my account with you but he instead started a new contract not known by me. If this is how you guys make your money by screwing over a single mother of two then I don’t know who would want to go through your company. I can’t even get car insurance now because I don’t know how much I need to pay you guys to get out of this and your agent in missoula never worked with me mister Riley McGiboney, which is a huge reason I don’t want to be affiliated with your company he didn’t communicate with me and had lied to try to get more money which just hurts me and my children now. I just want out of this and be able to drive legally again and take care of my kids. I personally wish I never went through your company if I knew this is what your company would do to me in the beginning I would’ve never gone through your company.

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