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Sunoco Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Sunoco Bill

Sunoco is widely recognized as a fuel card, but the company offers more than gas. Sunoco offers several varieties of credit card, including a rewards card that gives customers five cents off per gallon of gas. Other available credit cards include SunTrak Fleet, Sunoco Corporate and Sunoco Universal. Customers must apply for the Sunoco card and meet credit standards before being issued the card.

How to Pay the Bill

Sunoco offers only a few options for making a credit card payment.

Pay online: You can pay your Sunoco bill online through a Citibank website. Citibank controls the monetary backing for Sunoco credit cards. Customers must visit to make a payment. Customers must register for an account to access online bills and bill pay. If an account is inactive for 18 months, registration expires and customers must re-register for access.

Pay by phone (Sunoco MasterCard): Call 1-877-645-2017 to make payment by phone.

Pay by phone (Sunoco Rewards): Call 1-866-622-3574 to make payment by phone.

Pay by phone (Sunoco Gas Card): Call 1-888-409-8882 to make payment by phone.

Pay by phone (Sunoco Platinum MasterCard): Call 1-877-645-2017 to make payment by phone.

Pay by phone (Sunoco Corporate): Call 1-800-935-3387 to make payment by phone.

Pay by phone (Sunoco Fleet): Call 1-800-950-6124 to make payment by phone.

Pay by phone (Sunoco Universal): Call 1-866-747-4430 to make payment by phone.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

The Sunoco credit card is funded by Citicards. Citicards offers a FAQs section answering questions about applications, account fees and account benefits. Detailed questions about fees can be answered by a customer service representative at 1-866-635-7981.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Penalty fees for Sunoco credit and gas cards vary widely based on the type of card the customer holds. Fleet and corporate cards tend to be more flexible than the Universal and Rewards card aimed at retail consumers. Penalty fees for the Sunoco Rewards card are:

  • Late payment fee: Up to $35
  • Returned payment fee: Up to $35
  • Transaction fee (cash advance): $5 or 5% of the advance
  • Minimum interest charge: $2.99
  • APR: 23.00% for purchases and 24.99% for cash advances

I Can’t Make a Payment

There are no payment programs listed on the Sunoco website for customers having financial difficulty making payments. Credit card companies do not typically offer payment plans, but they will work with customers to resolve a past due balance in most cases. Customers need to contact the customer service number listed above for the card they currently carry. It is best to ask customer service about moving the payment due date or stopping late and finance charges temporarily until payment can be made in full.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

We’d love to hear how Sunoco worked with you to make a credit card past due balance disappear. Credit card companies have a reputation of being brutal on the consumer. Is Sunoco one of those companies?

7 Comments on “Sunoco Bill
  1. hi im trying to pay my bill I keep calling no one is answering tried a few numbers it says plesse hold for a representative. I left my card at home im at work ubtil 6 and I dont want a late fee I have my bank info amd my credit card info. please do not charge me a fee I keep calling and no answer its not my fault. amy caccamise

  2. You are a bunch idiots, I tried to sign on and pay my bill as normal, but you want to pay games. So, I just took out two new Speedway cards. And I will mail your payment. I spend over $10,000 a year on my company cars,
    and only one person uses your Sunoco card. but that is going to change.
    To make an EFT payment is the best, but, you want mess around and use that
    time to try and upgrade you services. I just wanted to pay a bill.
    President of Excalibur Corp.

  3. I also find your website and phone pay laborious and filled with redundancy. As you are an American company and American products I would love to use your products exclusively, but some times the hassle to use your system is just not worth the trouble.

  4. I have been paying my bills through Quicken/PNC Bank for 20 years. All of a sudden the past 3 PNC Bank checks have been returned to me undeliverable. Payment centers have always been Des Moines or Tulsa. Now I have no idea where to send 3 checks.

  5. I don’t know what is wrong with your web site, tried to pay my bill, it keeps telling me wrong account. Finally had to call this is ridiculous and time consuming.

  6. I have tried to pay my bill on line like I always do, for a week now your system erased my account and I’m not able to pay online it says this system of pay is no longer available. I sent my payment by mail only to get it back as not deliverable, I finally got through phone service and payed my bill, believe me this will never happen again cancell my cards I am not using Sunoco again. Thank you

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