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Western Union Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Western Union Bill

Western Union is a third-party payment processor. Some companies offer Western Union online and offline payment services to help customers pay bills on-time. There is a fee associated with Western Union payments and there may be a delay in payment processing, so customers facing past due balances and termination notices should not use Western Union bill pay.

How to Pay the Bill

Western Union accepts payments for auto loans, mortgage loans, utility bills and government bills, among others. There are three convenient payment options.

Pay online: You can pay your Western Union bill online at https://wumt.westernunion.com/WUCOMWEB/staticMid.do?method=load&pagename=osQuickCollectOptions&countryCode=US&languageCode=en. Customers must register for online account access before processing payment. If you pay with a credit card, there may be a cash advance fee associated with the transaction. This fee is not charged by Western Union; it is charged by your credit card company.

Pay in person: In person payments are accepted at various locations across the United States. You may need the Western Union code supplied by your biller before processing payment. More than 10,000 billers currently accept Western Union payments. Western Union offers expedited payment options for an additional fee.

Pay by phone: Phone payments are processed at 1-800-634-3422. You may need the payment code from your biller to process payment by phone. There may be an added cash advance fee charged by your credit card company if payment is made with a credit card.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Western Union offers bill processing services for many online billers, in addition to money transfer services. All money transactions are billed with transaction fees. While Western Union does not list fees on a specific page, you can search for specific fees with the Compare and Price Western Union Services page. Customers can call customer service by phone at 1-800-325-6000.

How Penalty Fees Work

Western Union charges a service fee for payment processing. Credit card companies may also charge service fees or cash advance fees for payments made by credit card. Fees for expedited payments through Western Union bill pay start at $5.

I Can’t Make a Payment

Western Union cannot help customers who cannot pay utility bills. The service is strictly limited to payment processing. If you are having trouble making your utility bill payment, you must contact the customer service department for the biller. Contacting the company as soon as you know you are unable to make a payment could reduce the risk of late payment fees and disconnection.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Many companies have processes in place to work with customers having temporary financial problems. Payment plans, extended due dates and federal assistance is available in many cases. It is best to contact customer service for more information as payment plan options differ. Western Union will process your payment and send the payment to the biller. There could be a delay, so this payment company is not the best option if services are due to be disconnected for non-payment.

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