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WFS Financial Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your WFS Financial Bill

WFS Financial is an alternative auto finance company that works with a short list of automobile dealerships to offer specialized loans to people with less than perfect credit. The APRs range from 8% to 23%, which is a huge range for interest rates. Customers are required to put 25% of the purchase price down on the car before accepting financing from WFS Financial.

We found several negative consumer reports on WFS Financial. Some talk about poor customer service, but most talk about problems having the lien released on the vehicle due to trouble matching VIN numbers on the car to the account. Some people have never received a call back from the company or any resolution about lien release.

How to Pay the Bill

If you need to pay your WFS Financial bill, you need to look at the billing statement for the due date. WFS Financial will charge you a late fee if the payment is not credited by the due date. The customer service department will call your home and they will send letters demanding payment for late amounts due.

Pay online: You may be able to pay your WFS Financial bill online through ChargeSmart or another third-party payment provider. You can pay your WFS Financial bill online by visiting

Pay by mail: Look for a mailing address on your billing statement. This is the address you should use to make your payment by mail. WFS Financial does not list mailing address on the official website.

Pay by phone: You may be able to contact customer service by phone to make a payment, but a phone number is not listed on the WFS Financial website. There is a Contact Us page for customers needing to learn more about the company, including payment options.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

If you have questions about your billing statement, you need to contact the customer service number on your billing statement. We were unable to find any contact information for the company or a FAQs page for customers to refer to with questions. The company does offer a Contact Us page.

How the Penalty Fees Work

We found reports of late payment fees and horrible customer service when customers did not make payments on-time. We also found reference to the fact that WFS Financial may have been taken over by Wachovia Dealer Services which was then taken over by Wells Fargo Dealer Services. You may need to contact Wells Fargo Dealer Services for more information on your loan.

I Can’t Make a Payment

Contact the customer service department for the company currently servicing your loan. We apologize that no information is available at this time on WFS Financial.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

With more than 200 customer complaints registered and two changes of serving companies, we believe customers need to contact Wells Fargo Dealer Services for more information on loans originating with WFS Financial. If you have more information on this company and what happened to the loans originating with this company, let us know below.

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  1. Years ago I had a car financed by you. I paid the car off a long time ago. The car was recently stolen and until then I did not realize that the title still had you listed as a lien holder. The Hartford insurance co. has settled with me. I had called someone at wfs and they mailed a duplicate of the contract to them. They called and said they need the original for their books. I would like a number for someone who could help me with this. I don’t have a record of who I talked to before.

    Thank you…Ron

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